​Trolly News Update – Nov. 8th, 2017 – A review of Trump, year 1!

I remembered this time last year. I honestly told my Fiancé, Trump will not win tonight, and the US will get four years of Hillary Clinton, cementing every reason why she would only be a one-term president. She had no merit to be president and was riding the wave of identity politics, expecting women to vote for her for the only reason that she was a woman. With all the positive press that everybody was giving her and Hillary seemed untouchable. Even she thought she was going to win; she never bothered to make a concession speech. While Trump worked his ass off, connecting with his supporters by making three times more stops than Hillary, Hillary thought she had it in the bag. There were so many controversies that brought her down, the Uranium One deal, Benghazi, the 33,000 emails she deleted, and the foreign donations that the Clinton Foundation received. Still, I expected Hillary Clinton, despite all her corruption, would win. But as the polls came in, I started to smile. Despite all the odds, the establishment candidate lost, and Trump won. I’m not saying I like everything he does, because I don’t, but he has done some great things for America as well. So, let’s talk Trump this morning.

1. Trump did what he said he would do. He said he would look at Islamic Immigration in the US.

No matter how you feel about this, Islam is not compatible with the west. Around 7 percent of Muslims sometimes or often think an act of terrorism is sometimes or often justified. It was the bowl of skittles. If you Knew one in every 14 of those little suckers may be poisoned, would you take a handful?

But it’s not all.

Trump is doing all he can to help America, and I agree with it. Sometimes diversity can be a source of strength through the sharing of our cultures, and sometimes it will only bring pain and suffering, as we see with Islamic Immigration.

2. He is going to limit immigration, to raise up the wages of people already in the US.

A merit-based immigration system makes perfect sense. If you don’t have any standard, like Canada has immigration standards and a merit-based system, and you bring over a million low-skilled workers, you get problems with wages. Trump wants to create a system that the best and the brightest comes into the US, and that will force the salaries to go up, not down, and that will be a net benefit for the American Worker, including poor black families getting the jobs that would go to those unskilled labour.

3. He’s building the wall

It was such a viral chant, Build the wall, Build the wall, Build the wall. When millions of undocumented people come into the US illegally, that is a problem. 

Building a fence will force human traffickers to make different decisions. No matter what, illegal and mass immigration endangers both the people coming into the country and your citizens. That is a simple truth. Especially since human traffickers are scum and will exploit people for their purposes. Trump’s wall will help out big time.

4. He got America out of the Paris Accord

Oh no, we’re facing the climate apocalypse. 

If America is anything like Ontario, the average American is probably using 25 percent less energy now than they did in the 1990s. Technology gets better and uses less power on a continual basis, plus people making personal sacrifices – like me, I only take cold showers. Why anybody is in this Paris agreement is beyond me. Let the free market create the technology we need to fight climate change.

5. He Triggers special snowflakes

Trump has shown the absolute despicable behaviour of many Millennials. As a culture, we need to put millennials in their place, because they are disrupting everything with their vitriol against their opponents. https://trollyshitpost.com/2017/10/31/trollys-halloween-shitpost-2017/ I hate how these individuals keep on moving the goal posts on what is ‘sexist, racist, and homophobic’ because it changes on a continual basis. Heck, to be ‘racially and culturally sensitive’ in Toronto, they were forbidding parents from dressing their kids up as Cow Boys on Halloween in the schools. Cowboys, you heard me right. Anything that shatters that wall is a good thing.

6. Trump has created more Jobs and strengthened the economy

As a Canadian, I laugh when Trudeau takes credit for the job growth in Canada. Since the US is experiencing a GDP growth of 3-4 percent for every month since he took office, Trump policies have influenced a million job growth. If the US is enjoying so much growth under Trump, is it a wonder that Canada is experiencing growth as well because they are our biggest trading partner.

1. There are some things I do not like. Like the total ban on Transgendered people in the military.

I’m not saying I like everything Trump as done. I don’t think there should be a complete ban on Transgendered people in the military, only a combat ban. Let them serve their country in operations. Transgendered people in the military have a much higher risk of becoming suicidal and mental health issue rate than their counterparts. Ninety percent of Transgendered people in the military come out with debilitating mental health issues, compared to around 25 percent of people who are not transgendered. It is probably saving thousands of Transgendered lives that he banned them. Baizuo’s will probably not care though, wanting ‘diversity’ even it ends up killing the transgendered people.

2. Mike Pompeo, Trump’s CIA lead pick, wants Edward Snowden dead for treason.

Edward Snowden was one of the instrumental people that helped Trump get elected. It would only be a decent to give him a pardon, and a big thank you to Edward Snowden for getting me elected. But he chooses Pompeo, who wants Snowden brought to the US under treason charges, to face trial, and then to be executed. Democracy needs whistleblowers to survive because we understand what is happening behind the scenes. Every anonymous source that ensures the fungus of corruption sees the light of day so that we can cleanse it properly. Edward gave us the knowledge to recognise Washington and Hillary’s crimes, so he helped elect Trump.

Congratulations Mr President. It’s been a remarkable one-year roller coaster ride. I hope you keep triggering the Media and the special snowflakes for another seven more years.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day.

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