​Trollette’s story

When I initially thought of #GamerGate Trolls, the trolls were the enemies, and the forces of equality were the heroes. But when I started to realise how messed the ideology of Sarkeesian and her ilk was, I decided to repurpose the idea of the Trolls and make them heroes. With that, every good hero has a good woman behind them, egging them onto more and more heroic feats.

So, I created Trollette as the stay at home troll who took care of her and Trolly’s cave off of Rapey Lake in the original #GamerGate Trolls comics. I also had Trollette save Trolly in the ‘second’ issue of a storyline because Trolly got way over his head. In the new story, she plays a different role, but no less crucial in Trolly’s evolution into the hero the Internet needs.

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