Trolly’s thoughts on Liberalism and being a liberalist

Hi gang. I just found out about this today, so sorry for not talking about it right away. I just found out about the Liberalism video from Sargon, which he produced early this year. I was kinda in agreement with what he is saying. Every single day, I see all kinds of shit pushed down our throat by social justice, who demands a certain kind of behaviour, who is constantly trying to get us to ‘check our privilege’. They collectivize us as a whole and they always make us the enemy, especially if we are white, cis gendered heterosexual male. If you are all of these, you are evil incarnate and you must bow down to all social justice causes to ensure you ‘enrich’ other people of other groups.

When I started to evaluate #GamerGate, and I watched Anita Sarkeesian, I always leaned to personal freedom. Everybody should be able to enjoy life in the way they wanted. So I wasn’t against Anita Sarkeesian, until I started watching her videos. No matter what, she was never happy at what others were doing – she wouldn’t budge and ‘everything was sexist, racist, and homophobic’ and she had to point it all out. I could sense there was never an end goal, and that she would be battling until the end of time, against the ‘patriarchy’ and ‘white supremacy’. To quote someone from Twitter. For someone like Sarkeesian, the fight is the goal.

Circle-Vision 360 (@BrentFFF)

2018-01-11, 6:23 AM

@gogreen18 For these “SJW” types, there is no redemption. No amount of growth, change, learning, or apologizing will ever be enough. Because for them, the fight IS the goal. I consider them to be in a total separate category than advocates, activists, etc.

So, I have stood against Anita because I know she is no good for society. It was Blaise Pascal, famous mathematician and Christian philosopher, who commented on power, justice and tyranny that made me think of a bunch of people that I was like – God help us all if they ever had the power to enact their justice. Pascal was against giving people power when they are out for justice – exactly like Sarkeesian. I wouldn’t want her to have the power to ever enact the kind of ‘equality’ she wants – I don’t think the world could survive it. It is far better to teach people with power how to be just so they can create a system where they give equal opportunities to everybody, than to give someone who wants justice the power to enact it.

Which brings me to the Liberalism and Liberalist thing. Everybody here knows that I am a moderate leaning right-winged person. I believe in nationalism, and I believe in freedom for everybody. I also believe in meritocracy, self-agency, and I believe in self-discipline. And when I look at the principles of Liberalism, it is everything that I believe in. Individual rights, democracy, economic freedom, freedom of speech, meritocracy, blind justice, and secularism (I would change this to freedom of belief/religion) is very important part of what I believe. We should have freedom to explore these ideas and our lives all on our own without society, government or organizations pushing something that may be harmful to our selves.

So. . .

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2 thoughts on “Trolly’s thoughts on Liberalism and being a liberalist

  1. When not looking at things through the “new” US lens of discussion, liberalism and conservatism have the same roots. Edmund Burke could be labeled the father of modern conservative thought at the same time as being called a liberal.

    Liberalism is about questioning if you believe in individualism and a limited state at its core. Liberalism wants to ensure the state does not get in the way of things like free religion or free speech. Conservatism usually has a larger focus on traditionalism and hierarchy than liberalism does. They are not mutually exclusive.

    People like Anita Sarkeesian shit on both of these philosophies. She is much more into critical theory, which seems to make up modern progressivism.


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