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Once upon a time, there was a pink haired liberal snowflake who had a dream. His dream was to ensure leftist parties all over the planet could use Facebook to manipulate elections to ensure mean conservative parties who disagreed with the homosexual lifestyle couldn’t cramp his style. Who cares if conservatives accept people like Milo Yiannopoulos, he had to ensure those homophobic conservatives couldn’t obtain power. So he went out to create a business and a system that would allow leftists to manipulate elections. And then Steve Bannon and John Bolton found out about this system and hired Cambridge Analytica to help with different primaries. And then Donald Trump was elected and Chris Wylie, the pink haired snowflake, went public that his company may have helped Trump, Brexit and other ‘far-right’ movements.

From Cambridge Analytica, AggregateIQ and the Facebook scandal: A guide to who’s accused of what

Canadian data analyst Chris Wylie has worked for or co-founded several firms whose clients included major players in the 2016 U.S. election, the Brexit referendum and Canadian politics. Then, Mr Wylie became a whistle-blower alleging impropriety in how some of those companies handled data gathered from Facebook.

Yes, here we have it. You can tell why Chris is so upset that Cambridge Analytica has helped ‘right-winged’ political movements. He started his company to help leftists, and the fact they were used to help the conservatives he doesn’t like is why he is doing this. It is so transparent. He is such a weasel, if only leftists were using this system, you know Chris wouldn’t yap his pink haired head off about what his company was doing, right. Had the remainers used his system and won, he would say nothing. Same if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency instead of Trump. So we have a guy who is only doing this because he doesn’t like the causes his company has helped.

Mr Wylie, the 28-year-old British Columbian who helped found Cambridge Analytica, has portrayed himself as an unlikely accomplice to the conservative schemes of Mr Bannon and the Mercers. A gay vegan of liberal persuasion, he got interested in data’s potential to explain or predict elections when he was a student in London who worked for the Liberal Democrat party, according to the Observer’s profile of him. A party connection introduced Mr Wylie to SCL, whose founder, Mr Nix, gave him total freedom to pursue his ideas. But Mr Wylie’s relationship with his employers soured as they got deeper into U.S. conservative politics: “Rules don’t matter for them,” he told the Times. “For them, this is a war, and it’s all fair. They want to fight a culture war in America.”

This is the biggest thing for me. He only left a company he created to help manipulate elections when the elections it was manipulating were helping those he didn’t want to help. Like I said, a liberal homosexual vegan didn’t want to help Trump or Brexit, so he left when ‘those mean conservatives’ were using his system to help ‘righteous liberals’. And now he is ‘whistleblowing’ what is going on on Facebook and his old company. Guess what Chris, for those who read into this, you made your bed, lie in it. You are not some hero, but a spoiled little millennial snowflake who is butthurt over the people your company helped. You wouldn’t have said anything if people like Stephane Dion, Justin Trudeau, or Hillary Clinton used your system and won, you wouldn’t have done or said anything because that is why you created your company for. You wanted to manipulate the elections in the way you wanted, not in the way that may have happened.

Mr Wylie’s interest in politics and fighting injustice began at a young age, The Globe and Mail’s Patrick White reports. Growing up in Victoria, the six-year-old Mr Wylie was attacked at elementary school by a fellow student, leading to a court battle and a settlement of $290,000. The young Mr Wylie got involved in Victoria city hall, became a Liberal Party supporter and, in 2008, he went to work for a Liberal MP who knew his parents, Keith Martin. At 17, he worked for the federal Liberals under then-leader Stéphane Dion. A Liberal staffer told The Globe that he pressed the party to microtarget voters using data, but like the Liberal Democrats, they ignored him.

So, we have him at the age of 17, wanting to use data to manipulate elections, but people ignored him. He’s okay with manipulating elections for liberals, but not when conservatives use his methods to help their agendas. This is what I call Liberal hypocrisy. It’s okay, in Chris’ mind, to manipulate elections for liberals but not for conservatives. I am of the mind to say, it is wrong for both sides to use data to manipulate elections.

But one thing came to my mind about this. While I don’t know how many people may have died for attempting to whistleblow Hillary Clinton, from Seth Rich to many others, Chris Wylie is the first and only named ‘whistleblower’ against Trump. Guess what, he’s still alive.

And Chris is even angry about what Facebook has done, those evil people allowed me to collect data, which is what I wanted to do in the first place to help leftists win elections.

Speaking at a London journalism event on March 20, Mr Wylie accused Facebook of ignoring him too when, after he left Cambridge Analytica in 2014, he tried to raise concerns with the California company about the harvested data. Facebook deleted him from the platform and associated sites, and he says Facebook is more concerned with blaming him than with fixing their own privacy issues:

The kind of psychological profile of Chris Wylie is so interesting. He definitely seems unstable. He’s okay developing these systems if they help his agenda, but once his ideological opponents start using his systems, he gets all butthurt and angry. And while I agree with the initial idea that Facebook is bad, and their commitment to our privacy is outrageous. We know the meme – don’t we. Facebook sells our information to corporations and government for their own profit, and Wikileaks gives us information on corporations and government for free, while Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are seen as ‘heroes’ Wikileaks and Julian Assange is seen as evil criminals in the media.

I’m glad #DeleteFacebook is trending now. I deleted facebook a while back when they were forcing me to dox myself to use their service. I hate facebook, and I would rather be on and instead. I’m glad advertisers are pulling out of Facebook. I hope those advertisers pulling out keeps Zuckerberg awake at night. Three-quarters of Canadians are modifying how they use Facebookthey must have found out that they are dumb fucks for trusting Him.

And so we’re all looking at how our elections may have been manipulated by Cambridge Analytica, and nobody questions that they may have influenced the elections for Brexit and Trump. Cambridge Analytica has been ‘bad boys’ for a while now, but in a story, you probably didn’t read about this, CA tried to manipulate different African elections with limited success. The study into these manipulations said that most people were going to vote one way or another, and their influence had an almost negligible effect.

From Cambridge Analytica, AggregateIQ failed to undermine African democracy

In Nigeria, Mr Wylie alleged that Cambridge Analytica and AggregateIQ had distributed anti-Muslim videos on social media in 2015 to help the then-president Goodluck Jonathan and his ruling party in their efforts to defeat opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari. But the tactics were a dismal failure. Despite the huge resources it enjoyed from incumbency, the ruling party was badly beaten by Mr Buhari’s party, which defeated Mr Jonathan by a comfortable majority of 54 percent to 45 percent.

One reason for the failure of Cambridge Analytica’s tactics in 2015 was a simple reality that both sides did it. Both of the major parties used “inflammatory language and hate speech,” according to a post-election report by the European Union’s election monitoring mission. Both sides used negative tactics, religious and ethnic appeals, escalating accusations and fierce personal attacks, the report said.

Wow, if you took the country out of the picture, the country of Nigeria, and look at the negative tactics are used, wouldn’t you say that election was the same in Canada, or Brexit, or in the US, etc, etc, etc. Are these tactics constantly used, and wouldn’t they have the same effects here as well in Nigeria? Of course, the elections and the manipulations would have little effect on the election is our countries as well. Or do you think we’re less intelligent than people who still live in huts? It’s almost as if people in all countries have already made their decision and they will vote for their enlightened self-interest.

Having read about all of this, I don’t like how Steve Bannon and others used these services, but as with all things, the seed of the idea is what we need to evaluate. Chris Wylie wanted to create a system that used Data from Facebook to manipulate elections. He wanted to use that system to help Leftists in elections over conservative people. When his company and the parent company started to work with conservatives, he started to ‘whistle blow’ about Facebook and his company, and now adds Trump in the controversy of his creation of a system and company to manipulate elections. This is all about Chris Wylie being a jerk, and we shouldn’t honour him as a hero.

Thank God it has hurt Facebook, and I will never look back on deleting it.

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys.

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