​Kanye West, John Sheridan, and Minbari War Syndrome

In season 4 of Babylon 5, there was an episode called the Illusion of Truth. In it, ISN (think CNN but on a galactic scale) sends Dan Randal to Babylon 5 to discredit John Sheridan, the leader of Babylon 5. For those not familiar with the TV show, Babylon 5 succeeded from the Earth Alliance, under martial law with complete control from President Clark, after Clark sent the order to bomb civilian targets. John Sheridan and allies he made with alien governments saved Babylon 5 from Clark’s rule. Babylon 5 was a thorn in Clark’s side, and he needed the people at home to feel comfortable that he was doing the right thing and that John Sheridan was somehow mentally ill. So Dan Randal shows up, all cloak and dagger like, interviews John Sheridan and Delenn(Sheridan’s love interest) and gets all kinds of footage. Later, when he is back on Earth, Randal spins a narrative that John Sheridan is suffering from Minbari War Syndrome, and he is trying to create human hybrids. When I recently watched the episode with my Fiancé, we commented on how everything out of the left-aligned media uses the same M/O as Dan Randal. President Trump is mentally ill. Yes, I’m linking an article from the New York Times, saying President Trump has a mental illness.

While J. Michael Stravinsky doesn’t see the obvious parallels, because he is not a ‘Trump supporter’, I do. But isn’t just Donald Trump the media does this too. Anybody following him must have mental Illness as well. Enter in Kanye West. He says that he likes they way Candace Owens thinks, a known Trump Supporter. Of course, leftist twitter goes on a rampage. How can any ‘black person’ like a Trump Supporting Uncle Tom? Then, Chance the Rapper said –

The Democrats were losing the narrative. And what do we see? TMZ interviews Kanye West and makes him look bad because there’s a black person who is walking out on the ‘group think’ leftist mentality. Like Kaley Cuoco apologising for saying she is not a feminist after thousands of twitter feminists ‘educated’ her, the fanatics on the left must deal with Kayne similarly. It’s simple, that’s how the left always wins. They demand 100% submission to their ideas, like good little fanatics. Having forgotten the most important rule mentioned in Babylon 5, never forget the first rule of the fanatic, when you become obsessed by the enemy, you become the enemy. Feminists and the race baiters on the left are their own worst enemies because they have become obsessed with their enemies and any resemblance of common sense has left them.

Now, we see a parallel between Kanye West and John Sheridan. I don’t know how many times I have heard a TV anchor or a TV talk show host saying that Kanye West needs help. Like John Sheridan and Minbari War syndrome. The obvious comparison was so easily seen, Helen Keller could see it.

Yeah, that is right, Kanye needs help, and he must be on drugs or something, for all the things he is saying. He must also be upset that President Obama told him off for the Taylor Swift thing. It’s nothing new, the left media deals with everybody who disagrees with them by demonising them. #GamerGate, who are mostly left-leaning hobbyists who wanted to ensure gaming journalism is transparent and ethical, are a bunch of misogynist monsters who hate women, according to the left’s media empire. Gamers know the deal, the media is corrupt, and we need to stand vigilant against any unethical bullshit.

That Loni person, who is saying Kanye must be on drugs and is under psychosis can go to hell. Kanye is probably not mentally ill. Kanye is having his character assassinated like the media branded gamers as sexist monsters during #GamerGate, and John Sheridan had his reputation destroyed by ISN, claiming he had Minbari War Syndrome. It is so evident to anybody who is remotely familiar with these nasty dealings.


Afterall, CNN did threaten to dox a simple redditor shitposter for making a wrestling gif that showed Trump kicking CNN’s ass. To me, the perpetually offended squad are the night watch, looking out for anybody who is the slightest out of line of progressive thought. You could be a white girl wearing a traditional Chinese gown for prom, being guilty of cultural appropriation, or you may be Taylor Swift needing to be re-educated by Lena Dunham because saying you are not a feminist is problematic.

The left treats it’s own when they dare question ‘progressive’ ideology by ‘educating them’ into submission again. The evidence that ‘progressivism’ is a new religion is everywhere. You can’t go online without seeing something about Feminism or see a scandal involving the perpetually offended politically correct squad.

Hell, Matt Groening is even telling them off now. He’s right; people love to pretend they are offended, and that there is ‘lines you can’t go past’. Well, fuck the lines. I don’t care. If the left gets this triggered that they assassinate the character of Kanye West, for not thinking like the rest of you, then you have nothing worth following.

There’s a libertarian saying, if your idea is so good you need to push it on others by force than it is a bad idea. If the left is going batshit crazy because a famous black rapper dares to say he’s a conservative and likes how Candace Owens thinks, then you have to deal with it. If his ideas were so bad, why have many conservatives rallied behind his free speech?

The left needs to change. It can’t be the squad that can only function when they tell people to ‘check their privilege and be quiet’. If you have to force us not to speak to push your thoughts on us, your ideas suck, and you need to come up with better ideas.

Thanks for reading.

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