Trolly’s thoughts on the Ontario Election

It’s an exciting time to fight for a better world in Ontario. After 15 years of Liberal ‘leadership’ the only achievements the residents of Ontario can point to is extremely high electricity prices on a province who is uses much less electricity than they did in the 1990s, while adding billions of dollars of debt to be paid back in 2028, making free speech illegal by making protests around abortion clinics criminal offences to the tune of upto a year in jail and $10,000 fine, a sex-ed curriculum that would have children in grade 8 talk about ‘gender identity’ and up to a $70 billion of debt in over the next three years without any plan to bring the budget into balance. Since Kathleen’s Wynne’s approval rating hit all new lows because of all the bullshit she and the previous liberal governments have put Ontario though, she thought she could bribe her way out of things. First, it was a $14/h minimum wage, with the ‘promise’ of a $15/h minimum wage increase next year, while trying to create a ‘class’ war against business owners and their employees (which didn’t materialise). Then it was free prescriptions for people under the age of 25, and all kinds of other spending spree things like free dental care up to a whopping $700 if you are married with kids, and free childcare spots for children 2.5 years of age to 4 years old.

We have a premier who doesn’t know how to run the province and is hoping to bribe everybody to vote for her. While I appreciated the $14/h minimum wage at my last job at first, working there became unbearable. They pushed us to do overtime consistently to keep up with the massive orders they were getting, all for the customer to pay their employees $14/h hour, and for my previous workplace to pay us $14/h hour as well. When I talked about minimum wage increases before, I thought, you only need to ramp up production to pay for it, more people will be buying. I never thought that could mean for the people working at different places. Now I know better – another incredible thing for the right to mention, sometimes minimum wage increases are harmful to workers, as employers overwork them to be able to maintain profits.

Wynne’s approval numbers have not gone up, as she hoped they would. She wished she could ‘convince’ to give her one more try, but it hasn’t materialised. She probably was excited when Patrick Brown was ousted as leader, as two women accused him of sexual misconduct, a story the media hasn’t checked up on since Patrick Brown is no longer in the picture. When I learned about this one, I was reminded about a meme, great minds discuss about ideas, average minds discuss about events, and small minds discuss people. I might falter between this once and a while, Kathleen Wynne seems to have never even heard of it.

I loved going through the YouTube commercials. I wonder if Kathleen Wynne is shitting bricks right now because the voting ratio of them is at least 3:1 downvote. The liberal propaganda machine is not working this time. Let’s debunk the bullshit in this commercial, shall we!

First, Doug Ford will keep the $14/h minimum wage and include tax cuts for those workers, if he can afford it with Kathleen Wynne’s spending spree.

His only change to abortion would be to require minors to consult their parents first, and I agree with this in practice. Children aren’t adults, they don’t have fully developed brains and may panic way more than is needed. An Adult could already confirm that the child would go in for an abortion, or they could reassure that the family can cope, and more importantly maybe even talk to the parents of the young man who is involved and create the best situation. Afterall, it is biblical that if a young man and a young woman who are not married that this happens to create a family of their own. Depending on the ages involved, the two families could work with each other for a few years before the young couple gets married. God forbid we actually follow the bible on these things. But that isn’t a progressive enough solution, because a woman should not be forced to have children she doesn’t want – even a 15 year old who isn’t a woman yet.

He’s even going to get rid of the sex-ed curriculum that teaches kids about smoking and tobacco in grade 4 (yes it does go to page 224) and alcohol is grade 5 (page 224) and drugs in grade 6 (page 225). We need to have someone who will say, this stuff is way out of line. We need not teach our kids these kinds of things, way before they are old enough. I had enough of education on smoking and tobacco when I was a child when I saw my mom go nuts every single month because she ran out of cigarettes. Most kids know enough that smoking is bad for your health. Afterall, smoking rates amongst Canadians are falling; they’re down to 18 percent and Ontario even less than that. (17.4%). The numbers are going down in Canada way before you put this ‘education’ up, so I have no idea why you came up with this bullshit. Kids should not be learning what smoking is, because they already know and they already see the commercials of people with those voice modulators.

Kathleen Wynne has wholly mismanaged my province, and it’s Doug Ford’s turn. I hope he can clean up this ideological and fiscal mess as Donald Trump has done for the US. Millions of jobs, potentially uniting Korea, the possibility of a real Nobel peace prize (unlike Obama’s, who peacefully bombed millions in drone attacks). Donald Trump, Doug Ford and other conservative leaders (I’m talking to you Maxime Bernier and Andrew Scheer) can help us take back our countries from the bullshit leftist leaders have done to our nations and provinces.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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