Only 1% of Illegal Border-Crossers have been Removed from Canada

Wow, just wow.

Only 1 percent of the people coming over illegally are deported. I heard it was 50/50, but only 1 percent.

Turn Right at Toronto

The failures of the Federal government when it comes to the southern border are now becoming explicitly clear.

In a recent report by the Globe and Mail Transport Minister Marc Garneau was quoted as saying “We estimate that a bit more than 90 per cent of irregular migrants do not meet our criteria (to claim asylum) and that they must leave.”

Marc’s quote roughly means that 90% of the people crossing are genuinely not refugees passing through the border, but instead are people who qualify as potential immigrants and are attempting to bypass the current legal methods of coming to Canada.

Given this high rate of non-refugees, you’d assume more people would be deported. In reality, this does not occur. In the same Globe and Mail article, Canada Border Services Agency stated that a total of 243 irregular migrants have been removed since April 2017.

That  is equal to roughly 1%…

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