Andrea Horwath a change for the worse in Ontario

While most of the of the media coverage in Ontario for the provincial election centres on Doug Ford, the front-runner, and Kathleen Wynne, a politician who has been described as the living dead by pundits, I have found very little regarding Andrea Horwath, which I find interesting. Most people don’t understand this is a three-party race, and ignoring Horwath can provide her with the opportunity to convince left-leaning people to vote strategically, voting for her government, because it is ‘change for the better’. Today, I’m going to go over their platform and dissect it for my fellow conservatives.

The first platform piece I want to comment on is the NDP’s ideas regarding mental health and addictions. Andrea Horwath must be channelling the little conservative in her because she says she wants to make one ministry that will focus on mental health and addiction issues in Ontario. Instead of 11 departments mismanaging this significant portfolio, almost everybody, in my estimation, is affected by mental health and addictions issues, whether it is directly or through a loved one. I can’t help applaud her, because she found an inefficiency that Doug Ford can use to save money for Ontario taxpayers. Can you imagine all the government waste on Mental Health when that many ministries are involved in it? How many millions are being misspent because the left hand doesn’t know what right hand is doing? I really recommend that Doug Ford steal this idea, because it is fantastic.

The prominent promise on the NDP website is repurchasing Hydro One to lower hydro prices, a quaint fairy tale. First, it would cost the Ontario Tax Payer $10s Billion. Ontario is already in debt due to Hydro One, thanks to Wynne’s attempt to lower prices, to the price tag of $39.4 billion. That means Ontario residents can expect their Hydro Bills to go up to an estimated $215/m by 2028, which is about double what I pay right now. What we pay right now is double what people spent in the 1990s, lol. And you’d figure we’re using twice as much in energy this year, compared to 1990s for those high prices. We’re using 25% less now than in the 1990s, so we’re not paying twice the amount, we’re paying 250 percent more than in the 1990s. But we need to protect the environment, amirite guys? So, how can Andrea Horwath do what she plans, repurchasing Hydro One to lower prices, when increasing the debt of Hydro One will only raise prices down the road?

I asked Andrea that on twitter, but she and her staff have not responded. Way to go, respect for the media. I guess she doesn’t respect freedom of the press.

Of course, there is her very socialist efforts of bringing universal pharmacare and dental coverage for all Canadians. In this effort, Andrea’s NDP will make 125 essential drugs covered for all Ontario residents, and she will expand that to universal pharmacare at a later date. Well, this sounds good, let me tell you the reality. As a person who has never been covered by anything but my Fiancee’s dental and drug coverage through ODSP, this isn’t talking about much. There are lists of approved drugs that she can get, and procedures we can get. For instance, the birth control that ODSP passed her for sent her hormones into such unbalance, she was having her period every other week. Yes, every other week. I guess that will ensure she doesn’t get pregnant! The one she finds works well for her costs us out of pocket by the total of $83 every three months. I’d expect that the people under the 125 system will probably also find this won’t help them as much as the NDP is saying.

But to universally cover all drugs, it would cost Ontario over $7 billion ($2.5 in the medicines not already included, and $4.7 billion for the drugs being covered by the province already). According to the NDP, full coverage would be just under 7 percent of the yearly budget, while the severely limited coverage would be only $475 million, a ‘band-aid’ fix which is why it is better for the free market to find a better solution than the one she is advising. I’ve stated before; most people don’t know that they can go to Ontario Works and ask them for help, if they are working, but cannot afford coverage. Ontario works would put them on their system, until such day they get coverage from work, because they don’t want people to quit their jobs to get coverage. Problem solved, I guess. This also includes dental as well, so the ‘uninsured’ people in Ontario should learn how the system works and use it to get the best supports available to them.

Looking at the rest of her proposals, it seems she wants to send Ontario up shits creek without a paddle. Converting student loans into grants instead – with the over 800,000 Ontario students, and the average OSAP loan being around $9,000 for individuals, that is $7.2 billion per year. Yes, you heard me right, $7.2 billion or more, because I’m sure there are plenty of people who are in relationships who get OSAP loans as well – and couples get more money, especially if there are children involved. So we could see a $10 billion price tag on this, and who pays for that, you guessed it, the Ontario taxpayer. Nothing is free. And what if everybody wanted to go to post-secondary school, wouldn’t that make it even more of a burden.

Horwath’s dedication to socialism is almost commendable. At least she lays it all out of the table. She wants to help all of Ontario, but in the game of negotiation, you might want to start with these proposals, but inevitably reality must set in. Nobody would want to spend the $10s of billions of dollars for each one of her recommendations when each program will eventually cost the taxpayers billions when fully implemented. Where is Andrea Horwath going to raise this money for these initiatives?

Andrea’s solution, being the little socialist she is, tax the rich. It’s funny; she states the reason why she’s putting up the universal pharmacare and dental care stuff is jobs giving benefits are getting hard to come by in today’s Ontario. Part of that is forcing companies to pay a $14/h minimum wage and not giving them tax breaks to pay for that wage. It isn’t like paying people more will lead to more taxes anyway, so give a little room for the top to give the bottom more. Oh, btw, if you thought I’m advocating taxing the poor more, I am not – if you are paying people $3 thousand more per year (average increase) than you are going to get more in taxes. The best way to help the little guy is to give tax breaks to the rich.

While I never really discuss the NDP here in Ontario, because they are an outlier, they’re more of a problem in BC and other places, Horwath was either first or second in the leadership polls after the first debate. The leftist media is really behind her. She might just sneak in to win the election by allowing Doug Ford and Kathleen Wynne to duke it out while she stays visible and offering her ‘change for the better’ platform which will harm Ontario in the long run.

I’m putting this out to centralist liberals. Andrea Horwath is not going to help Ontario. Her well-meaning platform promises would cripple Ontario’s economy and put us in several billion dollars more in debt, and she would tax the top 1 percent more to ‘enact’ things, making it harder to operate a business in Ontario. When I think of the ongoing promises, like universal pharmacare (about $7 billion), Universal Dental Care (lets match pharmacare – $7 billion), and the $10 billion for post-secondary schools in grants per year, it would cost a minimum $24 billion/year. To pay for that, you can’t just tax the rich and corporations just one or two percent, it is more like 10 percent, and then how are they going to pay for the $15/h minimum wage in 2019, which Horwath will implement? It’s ludicrous, so I invite you to come over to vote for Doug Ford.

Wynne ruined Ontario, and voting Andrea Horwath is even worst. She’s change alright, change for the worse.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Thanks for reading and have an excellent day guys.

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