The silent majority in Canada

In the final days of the 2016 American Presidential election, Michael Moore gave a speech, telling his audience, Donald Trump will win the election. He talked about Joe Blow, Steve Blow and every other blow will walk up to the voting booth and blow up the system that has hurt them for the past few decades. They were throwing a human Molotov cocktail into the mainstream media and political elites world that would bring their world down, and help the average everyday American. Michael Moore saw the silent majority who wanted a hand grenade to destroy everything that was keeping them down – he was right, to his dismay. There were a silent majority that wanted to put America first. Today, in Ontario, we have a similar legacy. A legacy that has been dragging our province down, the liberal legacy. I could go on about hydro prices, making protests around abortion clinics illegal, putting my province into massive debt and so many things, but I don’t want to.

We all know the reasons why Wynne needs to go. In my first story after the leadership debate, I was worried about something. According to a City News story, 44.7 percent of Millennials who watched the debate said they wanted to vote for the Liberals. Doug Ford only had 17.8 percent of their votes. That’s a significant hurdle when I thought about it. How do you convince an entire generation to change their minds, when they don’t seem to want to see the other side. Then I learned something on the Agenda with Steve Paikin. Erin Kelly, the president of Advanced Symbolics inc who designed an AI named Poli that goes out and survey’s the online world to predict how people will vote in the coming elections. Poli was accurate enough to predict President’s Trump’s victory in the 2016 election, as well as the Brexit outcome. That should give you pause, because it is an accurate measure of tracking politics, kind of like a modern day Harry Seldon, viewing patterns in behaviour to predict what will happen during specific events or time periods. Poli is saying that the Millennial vote is going to Doug Ford, which surprised Steve Paikin.

So, how could the polls that were taken just after the City News debate be so wrong, that young people are supporting Kathleen Wynne and so few would be willing to back Doug Ford? My first thought, having watched City News for the longest time now, it’s social justice on steroids news. Anything with a social justice cause in it, they were covering it. They’ve even had Chanty “Big Red” Binks on a broadcast once. . .

So, that’s number one reason. The people watching are more likely going to be Big Red, and they’ve already made up their minds that Ford is an evil scumbag that doesn’t deserve people’s votes. Hence, why some people who were watching the debate wondered how Doug Ford got so many votes in the CityNews polls. They’ve got a considerable bias because CityNews is very left winged.

Second, let’s talk about what Erin spoke about in her interview. People will lie to pollsters. In the American Election, you didn’t want to say you were a Trump supporter, because of all the backlash it caused. So people stayed silent and waited for the voting day to ensure they got the president they wanted. We might have a millennial vote who wishes to remain anonymous, who will vote for the change they want. When they look at Wynne and Horwath, they only see the same party, one just slightly more left-winged than the other, and see left-winged politics turning sour all the time. They know that left-leaning governments are arresting and convicting people of ‘hate crimes’ for putting a joke on the Internet. So, they want to change the status quo, because they know the status quo has become a form of tyranny. It’s time for Ontario residents of all ages to throw our human Molotov Cocktail and destroy the bullshit that is happening across the globe. We can think globally, destroying these authoritarians all across the world, and act locally by voting for the best person to bring down these elites.

When I heard Erin say that young people have chosen change over bribes, oops I mean social programs, I was delighted. They want to raise a little hell.

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