Trudeau government pushing “far right” and jihadi threats as equal concerns

Yeah, being a nationalist, being worried about social cohesion and exposing media corruption makes people a ‘terrorist’.

Turn Right at Toronto

The Canadian government is now trying to invent a problem to detract from Trudeau’s gross incompetence as a leader and the consequent potentially serious issue to public safety. Trudeau embraces Islamic supremacists and Khalistani terrorists, has a disturbing Islamic entryist problem in his government, welcomes Islamic State fighters as “foreign travellers,” and has freely and indiscriminately welcomed in illegal migrants — now up to 400 illegals a day could be entering Canada.

While CSIS and the RCMP are focused heavily on thwarting attacks inspired by ISIS and Al Qaeda, some are calling on them to place more emphasis on other threats, such as the racist, anti-immigrant far right…..CSIS also took issue with calling right-wing extremism “a growing concern in Canada,” saying that was a “subjective statement” and asking, “What is your facting for this?”….Public Safety officials nonetheless kept the line.

“Right wing extremism” is not a current threat to public…

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