DISTURBING: The Trudeau Government Has Made It Easier For Sex Offenders To Work Around Children & The Elderly

From 95% to 38%

Wow, just wow.

It seems the left wants to protect pedophiles!

Turn Right at Toronto

Over and over again, the Trudeau Liberals change the system to help those who have broken the law, while punishing law-abiding Canadians.

There is growing outrage over changes the Trudeau Liberals made to the vulnerable sector check program, changes which have made it easier for sex offenders to work around children and the elderly.

For certain jobs, such as working at daycares or nursing homes, individuals need a vulnerable sector check, to see if they have been convicted of a sexual offence for which they received a record suspension. The record suspension doesn’t erase the record, but it makes it much harder for people to discover.

When those checks are done by police, the police that conduct the check only know if a suspended offence came up, but they don’t know what the offence is. So, they must send it to the office of the Public Safety Minister, and the…

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