The Culture War

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William Shatner defending Baby It’s Cold Outside –

CBC puts Baby It’s Cold Outside back on holiday playlists –

How Trudeau’s fairness agenda became an attack on doctors, farmers and entrepreneurs –

Top 3% of earners pay the majority of the taxes –

Macron scraps fuel tax rise in face of gilets jaunes protests –

PewDiePie’s ties to white supremacy spell serious trouble for the future of YouTube

Crowdfunding site Patreon is purging far-right figures

While there are defeats lately, I believe this is because our movement is actually winning. With victories like the CBC putting Baby It’s Cold Outside back on holiday playlists because common people were pissed about that, to the victories that yellow vests are having in France right now, we are winning and there is nothing these censorious politically correct vigilantes can do anymore.

I really believe much of what is going on is a scorched Earth response to all of our victories, from Brexit to Trump, to most Canadian Premieres rejecting Truedau’s carbon tax, to the protests in France and other places, and the revealing of the truth against lots of Marxist lies. We only need to stay strong and not get wearied in well doing. Be strong and of good courage.

We will see yellow vests going to all these places, protesting the harsh treatment and the silencing of different voices by YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Patreon, demanding for better treatment and winning huge cultural victories over all of these vigilantes who demand we follow their morals to perfection or we are kicked out of society.


Baby It’s Cold Outside

With sensitive snowflakes being completely triggered by an innocent romantic song because of the #MeToo movement, I’m embedding this song for the entire Christmas Season.

Make Gaming Great Again Productions is all about fighting censorship. This song should not be thrown into the digital book buring bonfire.

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Facebook Thinks I’m a Russian Bot

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Facebook is creating an ‘independent body’ to review controversial content

With Facebook ramping up action against controversial content on their platform, they are becoming oppressive themselves. My account was locked within 36 hours of naming a page GamerGate Trolls, Parody RPG. It was locked a second time last night after I shared an album for one of my main characters, Trolly McPatriarchy with the Indie Game Devs group.

As Smiling Mountain in Jade Empire said –

Facebook is going too far with their measures to protect their user base from ‘controversial content’. I can understand if I was putting forth videos to promote violence against people, you’d be well within your rights of locking my account, but naming your content after controversial things shouldn’t result in locking a account for security reasons.

We need to fight Zuckerberg over this egregious and draconian efforts to quell offensive content off his platform.

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