Introduction to Female Drawing

Full video –

Resources –

Tutorials –

Draw Anime Bodies –

Draw a Simple Anime Girl –

MGGA – Anime Girl

MGGA – Anime Girl 3 angles

MGGA – Introduction to Procreate

MGGA – Introduction to Humanoid Drawing

Apps –

Procreate for iPad – ($13.99 cnd but it’s worth it)

If Procreate is too Expensive – Autodesk SketchBook for iPad –

Virtual Human Body for iOS –

There are some similarities between drawing men and drawing women. First, the basic rules that similar between men and women. Both men and women are about 7 heads tall, and their shoulders and chests are 2.5-3 heads wide. That’s where the similarities end, women’s waists are narrower being 2 heads wide, and the hips of the woman is as wide as their shoulders, so women are more curvy than a man.

In this lesson, we have four tutorials from drawing hub, two that I saved before the tutorials got updated, and two updated tutorials. So if you want to spend time drawing each tutorial 10 times each, you can get all kinds of practice on it.

I always recommend a pencil tool in painting programs to draw before you go onto pen tools, because the pen tool needs to be very precise to look right, where a pencil tool can be drawn over to make look right, a pen tool looks messy if you do that.

After you get enough practice on both the male drawing and the female drawing, take a try at using the pen tool in your drawings. It can be frustrating at first, but after time will get better at it.

Thanks for watching and making gaming great again.


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