MGGA – Introduction to Algorithms

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Algorithms are one of most misunderstood concepts in the world. If you listen to the news, Algorithms are going to create the great robotic uprising, and you can’t go onto a conservative online space and not hear about Facebook, Twitter and Google altering their algorithms to silence conservative thought. Algorithms are to blame, or are they.

Algorithms are just tools, and they’re simply digital solutions to problems. Whether you want to make sure a character has a key before you let them enter a room, or you create level up scripts, or power scripts, or any other coding, anytime you solve a problem with coding you have just created an algorithm. Sure, Facebook, Twitter, and Google are using algorithms in very biased ways to silence conservative voices but the problem is not algorithms but the people who create them.

Today, I talk about how all the lessons we’ve taken so far have been teaching you how to create your own algorithms to solve issues in SwiftPlaygrounds, and that this concept applies to game development as well, especially level design, which I briefly touched upon in the Game World Page.

Thanks for watching and making games great again.


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