Making Games Great Again Dec. 9th, 2017

Just 16 days away from Christmas. Thank you to all 193 subscribers here on Minds for supporting me. Whether you’re just a lurker, or a bot, or an actual supporter, you keep me going in this. Trust me, by 10:40 on Saturday Night, I am ready for the day of rest I take the next day. There’s always something when you are creating a video game.

This week, I’ve got my work stations ready to learn Blender, and re-immerse myself with Zbrush and the Unreal Engine. I’ll be using this week to start to research how to use Blender more, doing some standard stuff like making a spaceship. I’ll be recording my own videos on modelling with Blender soon enough.

It’s so important that we start to think about upping our game. This week had some pretty negative news. First, it was Milo Yiannopolous, then it was Gavin McGinnes, then it was Sargon getting banned from Patreon. While people like Anita Sarkeesian and her ilk are probably dancing in victory, let us see this as an opportunity instead of a defeat.

In Babylon 5, President Clark was able to capture John Sheridan. But Susan Ivanova refused to leave the fight against Clarke unfinished. She took command of the fleet and went forward. They may think they are winning a victory over their enemies, but I will not check my privilege and be quiet.

I will continue to work on GamerGate Trolls. I will continue to work undaunted by the Goliaths I see before me. I don’t care if Facebook locks my account every single time I advertise my fan page to a game development group. To paraphrase David, who are they to defy the armies of the just!

I invite you to take that step and learn how to make video games by using my videos. I am mostly finished the basic lessons on my YouTube and BitChute channels. Together, we can stand up to these cry bullies who would force an entire nations radio stations from playing Baby It’s Cold Outside because it represents ‘Rape Culture’. If you’re not interested in making video games, sharing and up voting this post helps me kick their asses. Subscribing to me is even better! We can continue to fight and win if we choose, or we can hide behind our rocks. I will not stop fighting.

Don’t be discouraged, but be strong and of good courage. We will win!

Thanks for reading this post and Making Games Great Again.

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