MGGA – Earth to Captain Kirk, Save us from Political Correctness

Source – William Shatner battles with fans over defense of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

If you didn’t know how regressive Canada is right now, last week both the major radio station networks in Canada, representing 90% of the radio stations in Canada, decided that Baby It’s Cold Outside was Bill Cosby’s favourite holiday rape song, which was played during one of Brett Kavanugh’s Christmas high school rape parties attended by Julie Swetnick, so they pulled the song off the air because it celebrated ‘date rape’, because a young man kept on trying to overcome a young girl’s rejection of his advances.

Most of Canada, including my normie Aunt and Brother, was angry that this fun and romantic Christmas song, which was a prequel or sequel of Winter Wonderland and Let it Snow, was taken off the air and one of us must have gotten one of Captain Kirk’s communicators when he was on Earth in the 1990s during Star Trek 4(jking), so we sent him a message about it and He went straight to Twitter.

This was just enough pressure to push the CBC to understand, you don’t censor and ban a complete song off of 90% of the radio stations in a country because a few people are offended by it because they have warped imaginations. Everybody who thinks it is a harmless, fun and romantic song shouldn’t be punished because someone who Feminism has stolen the fun out of their soul thinks it describes date rape. I hope this is the first major pushback victory in the war against political correctness in our world and we continue to just have fun and enjoy life, because it is too short to see rapists in every song and under ever rock and around every corner.

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