This week in Make Gaming Great Again Dec. 16th, 2019

This week was pretty amazing. First, I signed up for Exclusively Games forums, which @TheQuartering has worked hard to create. A place where it’s just about games and nothing more. If you’re into #gaming, you might want to join up to his forum. I’ve been going there every night before bed to converse with people and it’s been awesome. It’s filled with great people.

I hope my thoughts and ideas will lead to a game development segment for the forum, so all of us game developers can sit down and help each other with any problems, teaching the basics and encouraging each other, and critiquing all of our work to make it the best as possible, everything I am envisioning for Make Gaming Great Again productions. It definitely seems like a possibility.

I would like to thank all of my supporters of my channel. All the subscribers, all the upvotes, all the sharing and comments on my content helps keep my channel going. Remember, all of my subscribers and supporters will get all kinds of sneak peaks to game GamerGate Trolls, including a free preview version of just before my game comes out. All you need to do is sub to my channel and follow my work.

Together, we can band together and fight against political correct vigilantes who shove their morals down our throats, just like people in Canada demanded that the CBC put Baby It’s Cold Outside back on their playlists for the holidays. We can fight and make a better world, and my aim is to do just that – make video games and help others make video games themselves, to create a better world. Yes, video games make the world better because they help entertain people and make them happy!

Thanks for supporting me and subscribing to my channel.

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