This week in Make Gaming Great Again Dec. 23rd, 2018

It’s almost the end of the year, and everything is almost done for both Make Gaming Great Again basic videos, I only have three more videos for Art and 1 for Coding – creating Arrays, so expect those videos out this week and next week, one on Monday and a second on Friday for the next little while. GamerGate Trolls pre-work is almost done. I only need to get the rest of Vagnita Suckeesian (thanks for the suggestion @shcode) and one last character, the hooded figure. Just to let people know, GamerGate Trolls will be a trilogy.

For all you loyal subscribers, who are commenting, up voting and reminding my content, thank you so much. I will be offering all kinds of different things for you, including a free demo version of my game before I make it. When I have levels created, I will also give you free access to test it and provide any kind of feedback you want. I want to make sure, unlike companies like EA and Blizzard, my customers, all of you, are valued.

On the free speech front, I recognize how much people are looking at the shitty practices of PayPal and other services are. I’m wondering if going after them with a lawsuit would work. I know they are huge, but if we can take our David stands, we can defeat this giant, exposing their shitty bullshit to the world.

Let’s not forget we can do this, we can fight back. We can make a difference. If we decide that we’ve had enough of the bullying and abuse of big tech, then we can defeat them like the Yellow Vests are changing our countries.

Happy Holidays everybody!

Thanks for reading and Making Games Great Again!

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