Introduction to Arrays

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Array Definition –

This is the final introduction to coding video I am creating, Introduction to Arrays. Arrays are databases that contain data inside of them. In game design, this could be used to generate random opponents in random places, defined by an array of enemies that can appear on the map, and another array with spawning locations for those random enemies. With a function, you could randomize which enemy is going to spawn in which place because Arrays are numbered.

Since this is my last episode for coding, I’ll cover the rest of the lessons from SwiftPlaygrounds through solutions videos while talking about some basics on how this would apply to Game Development, but many of their lessons are strictly SwiftPlaygrounds lessons which allow you to gain some more experience in coding. My first such lesson will be on the Array puzzles next week.

Starting in February, I’m going to start to work on lessons on 3d modelling using Blender for art lessons. I’ve already see how I am going to accomplish this, I’ll teach you all how to make the Solar System and a little spaceship flying through it. SpaceForce FTW! I will create a little animation through Blender over the next three months to show you how to do all of this.

Thanks for supporting my channel over the past three months and Making Games Great Again!


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