Make Gaming Great Again, Dec. 30th, 2018

Wow, it’s almost the end of the year. What a year of both hope on the horizon and utter disappointment. We have our work ahead of us, to ensure the hope we see in the future with all the endeavours that are going on.

I recently heard that a YouTube lawyer is going to write an official FTC complaint against Patreon and PayPal for attacking Subscribe Star. I’m really excited to see the process. Though it could take months before things can happen, this could change things around for all of us. I wish him all the luck. He says he wants his subscribers, which I am sure, he has much more of, to help him out because this is going to take a community effort. I can’t overstate how important this is to our cause. The elites want us bowing down to them, licking their boots for some scraps from their table. We need to fight back to ensure the playing field is even.

Speaking of this licking of the boots mentality, Blizzard has yet again proven why I need to teach game development and make a video game development company myself. Blizzard is setting up to Ban Players who are too ‘toxic’ on twitch, despite the fact their fans may have spent $1000s on their games over the past 20 years, they are treating their customers like a bunch of entitled scumbags. The levels of bullshit I am seeing is beyond amazing. When I create GamerGate Trolls and put it out on the market, I’ll be happy with just the $10 you pay for it.

It goes to show that we do need gaming companies and websites that just don’t go down the rabbit hole of shoving politics down our throats, but treat gamers with respect. It’s those gamers who do give us a job! Which is why I am a proud supporter of Exclusively Games. It’s time to push politics out of the media we love.

As I stated last week, I will be slowing down my work a little bit. I’m going to finish up my last two videos on art this week, finishing up the drawing a character from scratch videos, and the video on how to do caricatures.

Also, this week, I’m going to finish up using the Blender Tutorials and I’ll be releasing the renders after each part. After this, I’m going to look into teaching all of you how to use Blender, which is an open source and free 3d software, by helping all of you create the Solar System and creating a small spaceship, and making an animation of the space ship going throughout the solar system with President Trump talking about the Space Force.

I’ll also try to create a trailer for GamerGate Trolls, which I am aiming to have finished in June 1st, before the Canadian Federal Election, because PM JT is going to be in it, being an idiot as usual.

So, here’s to the New Year. Thanks for all the support to Make Gaming Great Again.

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