MGGA – Drawing a Character From Scratch Part 3 of 3

Full Video –

Apps –

Procreate for iPad – ($13.99 cnd but it’s worth it)

If Procreate is too Expensive – Autodesk SketchBook for iPad –

Virtual Human Body for iOS –

Drawing a human body can take practice, and sometimes you don’t have it right. No worries though, with digital art, it is only a few clicks of a mouse or a flick of your stylus to erase what you find wrong and redo it.

Remember, the face ratio is 50/50/50 – halfway down the face is the eye line, halfway down that is the nose line, and halfway down that is the mouth line. Once you have your face all proportioned, the body falls right down from the face.

At 2 head lengths, a woman’s breasts are seated. The chest starts at about 1.25 heads down, and goes to 2.5 heads down and is 2 heads wide, including the shoulders. The hips are 2.25 heads wide and start at 3 heads down and go down to the 4th head down.

Arms are about 2.5 heads tall, and start at the top portion of the chest. Legs start half way down the Hips, at about 3.5 heads down, and go down to the full 7 heads tall character height.

After you have that skeleton in, feel free to draw in a sketch of the character to get everything looking natural and then ink the character in a add the proper colouring.

So ends our lessons on drawing a character from scratch. From here you should be able to draw any character you want out of your head. Just keep on practicing. Have patience, you’re not going to be perfect. In fact Vincent Van Gogh would destroy 90% of his paintings before he had one he was proud of, so if it takes you 9 tries before you get a character right, don’t worry.

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