MGGA – The Differences Between YouTube and BitChute

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If you are an aspiring game developer, and you hope to get more awareness of your game as soon as possible, starting early counts. When your game is only in planning stages, and this is your first baby, get it out there.

The video platform is an important part of this. I am sharing my experience of using BitChute vs using YouTube. The differences are quiet stark, with BitChute having almost 4 times more views than YouTube at this point.

BitChute has several ways for people to find your videos, which makes it much easier to get subscribers and people to view your video, which is what marketing is all about.


This week in Making Games Great Again – Jan. 27th, 2019

Since last Friday/Saturday, I’ve had one really wild ride. The MAGA kid, working on the newest episodes for Make Gaming Great Again, the world on GamerGate Trolls. I’ve had a really busy week, my first week back from vacation. Well, I got what I wanted to get done – the first three Blender lessons recorded, and a bunch of other lessons all scripted out. I’m changing my format a bit – adding a Syllabus to each lesson – telling you what we are going to learn today. Some of them are simple, and others – like Blender, are going to be really complex.

Some of the Blender videos are going to be over an hour long, but you will gets lots of practice in making something amazing when we build the solar system together.

If you didn’t realize that we all live on a planet represented by that little orange dot, well now you do. Life is too short and the planet is too small to do anything but do our best to help each other.

Here’s a render of the planet – not perfect, because it just uses materials, and the moon needs to be behind the planet as well, not in front of it.

I’m putting all of these lessons together so people don’t have to spend 40k on an education to get into animation or get into game development. Every single time you share this post, or one of my posts, you are going to help someone who is thinking about game development save money by not going to college. I want kids, like the MAGA kids, to know about my work and produce video games, with conservative messages in them – fighting off socialism and the authoritarian left. That way, the hacks that use to work at Buzzfeed are responding to us, running for their safe spaces, instead of always responding to them.

We need to take back our culture, and culture is defined by the media is consumes. We need to create a more balanced media, in movies, TV shows, games, video games, books and anything that educates and entertains.

You can help me do that by reminding this post today on your social media account, commenting and up voting it. And the people who consistently help me, and sending me wires on Minds, I will make sure you get all kinds of perks – including streaming the game on Minds through the gathering P2P streaming feature that is in beta right now!

On my game front, I’ve almost got the main villain all drawn up. I’m not going to give away who the character is right now, that’s going to be the big twist in the game. Over the next couple of months, I will be working on character after character – drawing full character sheets and fleshing out the character information – but I expect I will be able to start working on 3d characters fairly soon – I should have all the Blender lessons recorded within the next couple of weeks, which means I will focus on GamerGate Trolls characters by following other blender tutorials that I will put up before the next semester.

I’m more than half way through with the world section – writing that is. After that, I am going to do some concept art on the areas. You’re going to just love how I am going to do the Corrupt News Websites area – you will definitely just burst out laughing!

I can definitely see a story brewing up in my mind – how the game will work, the visuals involved. It’s going to be hilarious.

Thanks for supporting my channel and making games great again!

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Blender Update

I’ve started to record the tutorials for Blender, which I will be unveiling in Feb. We’re going to create the Solar System from scratch in Blender, and there’s a great deal of work.

Here’s two screen shots – one is just the pure screen shot – and the orange dot is Earth.

This screen shot is a meme, to remind us how small we really are. Our planet is too small, and life too short for all this hate in it. When thousands of people can hate a kid with a Maga hat with a smirk to the levels I saw last weekend, there’s something deeply wrong, because we all live on this tiny planet – represented by this tiny orange dot!

The person is Carl Sagan, who has passed away, so I put him back, because he says practically the exact same message of peace while he narrated the launch of the Voyager probe, and I ghosted him in as best as I could with a Star Wars feel to him!

The MAGA Kids Event

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This weekend had one of the most outrageous events that I have ever witness. Some kid, who is only ‘guilty’ of wearing a MAGA hat and nervously smiling while someone beat a drum in his face, was the target of such a hateful mob of media pundits, celebrities and hateful, vengeful people.

If goodness is all about forgiveness and charity, these people have no high road, and have taken the worst road possible.

Those kids need to know there are people who stand behind them – who live a life of forgiveness and charity. We should not let them feel alone, but that we stand behind them with the truth!

Make Gaming Great Again, Jan. 20th, 2019

Man, this week of vacation was absolutely needed. I feel completely refreshed and ready for the next phase starting February.

I will be doing 34 episodes over Feb, March and April – 10 episodes for Blender, 12 episodes for the Principles of Animation, 11 episodes for the new coding App I found, that I shared around, and the introduction video. We’re are going all out for #gamedevelopment starting Feb. 4th.

Over the next couple of weeks, I have a lot of Prep Work – I want to get through all 11 levels of the #coding program, and most of the #Blender Episodes worked out and done, and some refresher course on the Principles of #animation.

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What does the original suspect of the Jazmine Barnes case have with the suspect in the Stormy Daniels case?

While I want to keep this website purely for game development, I simply have to share this to every one of you.

The top picture was the picture I saw used by The Young Turks in their videos, where they were race baiting about how white people hate black people and how horrible black people have it in America. I initially dismissed looking into this, because I immediately saw that it was some hack job of the picture of ‘suspect’ involved int he Stormy Daniels case, the one she accuses Trump having hired to threaten her.

I wish I hadn’t. I decided to look into the pictures tonight, and I started to see so many similarities, but slight differences. The signature that ‘Lois’ did on April in the original Stormy Daniels ‘suspect’ is similar but different in the Jazmine Barnes signature. I’m having an former RCMP officer who looked into check fraud cases look at the signatures to see if it is the same person at different times.

Another tell-tale is the drawing. It’s the exact same style, while at the same time, slight differences. This is something that happens with artists all the time, they draw the same character and there is slight differences, even if they sketch over the character.

Right now, we now the Jazmine Barnes case ‘suspect’ drawing is completely fake.

Here’s the real criminals. There is no way ‘Lois’ ever interviewed anybody in regards to the victims in the Jazmine Barnes case. This is verifiably proven.

What does this mean?

The Stormy Daniels case, where she accuses Trump of hiring someone to threaten her that look which looks almost exactly like the person ‘Lois’ drew as the person who murdered Jazmine Barnes.

Either someone is trying to shitpost like I have never seen before, or the Stormy Daniels accusations are fake as well.

As soon as my contact gets back to me on the probability of the signature is from the same person, than we can assume the Stormy Daniels accusations are probably false.

This week in Make Gaming Great Again, January 6th, 2019

Happy New Year guys! We’ve made it, it’s 2019 now.

I’ve been invited to a couple of streams on YouTube, one this Monday and another couple that are tentative right now, one with someone following me on Twitter another person from The New Right Network. I will let you know all the details as I get them. I’ve been thinking about some things about the movement lately. and some of it is good and bad.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about how things are going within all the anti-leftist/sjw/’progressive’ movement, especially when I see videos where one YouTuber is calling out another in the movement as a Cuck. Sure, when Cognative Thought showed a Jeff Holiday being stupid on a live stream with Kevin Logan, he wasn’t wrong, but when I think of the movement, OMG. It kinda reminds me of the feeding frenzy. People became very popular fighting the regressive left during GamerGate, but they were sharks eating up all the popularity they could get, going after bedroom feminists to the queen Anita Sarkeesian. But all those fish are gone, so what can they do anymore – feed off each other.

I was a blogger about a year ago, doing my best to be just like @Sargon_of_Akkad and @DaveCullen. I was trying to feed with them. And I realized something. If you stand directly behind someone, doing the exact same thing as they are doing, you’re always under their shadow. Sargon got hundreds of thousands of people subscribing to him. I got a few thousand reads to my blogs every month.

This is why I changed, for people who have told me, stop gaming, stop doing this – your movement will not grow unless the people in it grow. When I think about the game development channel I started on BitChute, I went from about 250 views in month 1, and then 750 in month 2, and over 1400 views by Jan 1st, and now over 1600 views right now. Each month, I see growth, because people are hungry to do something new and better. What I am offering is not for the feint of heart, because it’s very gratifying to go for the juglar right away, to have the blood hit the water, but it is always better to seek long term than short term. Every kid in an experiment where a pyschologist tested if they would eat a cookie or not before they came back by promising a second cookie if they didn’t eat a cookie did better than the kids who ate the cookie in exit interviews 10 years later. Waiting is always better – wait for the second cookie and that’s when you succeed, and our movement will succeed.

It’s time to start branching out, taking parallel but different routes will create such a movement that they will not know how to deal with it. If we start invading book stores with dozens of authors, and animated shorts on YouTube and streaming services, video games in different stores, and gaming websites that don’t care how woke something is, and movies on NetFlix, and new mobile operating systems for mobile devices, they will have lost.

I’ve finished my ‘first semester’ of game development – 24 videos. All the introduction vidoes, where I talk about important concepts to perform the first step in the creative process, turning an idea into a concept. You can learn how to create your own concept for a video game. Not just that 10 word pitch that you’d give, but a fully fleshed out video game concept on paper that you can give an in depth pitch to a video game company, along with the skills you can develop to start looking for work in the video game industry. The more we invade regressive controlled media, the more we can start to turn things back to normal.

The skills I will be teaching in the ‘second semester’ another 22 videos – 10 on working with Blender, and 12 on the principle of animation, I will allow many of you to be able to decide, do I want to make a video game or an animated series – all from the comfort of your home, free of charge.

Remember, we can overcome, but it is a fight that will last for years.

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