Working with Blender Now

For the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve been working to learn Blender through an awesome YouTube channel – Blender Guru. Andrew is an excellent teacher, and takes just enough time to educate you on what to do in Blender to ensure you do all the right things.

I’ve gone through 5 of his videos now, one to introduce 3d work, which I could have skipped because I’ve taken animation before, using Autodesk SoftImage. They killed the software, and Blender is free, so I would rather not go into massive amounts of debt to create a video game.

The next four episodes of his show have been very fun to follow, and I can see how I am going to teach you all Blender to create some awesome effects when I create the solar system. He’s not teaching that, he’s teaching something completely different – making a still life of a plate of donuts on a table. I’m going to show you how to create a space ship and the solar system.

A radioactive donut, using a material that will allow me to show you how to make the Sun.

Just a normal chocolate donut.

The original donut without any materials on it.

A flaming monkey skull.

I can see, from how easy it was to use particles in SoftImage 6.5 compared to future versions they came out with, Autodesk planned on killing it. Blender was very easy to use to create that fire effect on the monkey head. It really reminded me of SoftImage 6.5 – a couple of clicks and a few slider bars and you could do some amazing stuff with it.

I definitely recommend Blender as the 3d tool we use to create everything we need for our games.


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