What does the original suspect of the Jazmine Barnes case have with the suspect in the Stormy Daniels case?

While I want to keep this website purely for game development, I simply have to share this to every one of you.

The top picture was the picture I saw used by The Young Turks in their videos, where they were race baiting about how white people hate black people and how horrible black people have it in America. I initially dismissed looking into this, because I immediately saw that it was some hack job of the picture of ‘suspect’ involved int he Stormy Daniels case, the one she accuses Trump having hired to threaten her.

I wish I hadn’t. I decided to look into the pictures tonight, and I started to see so many similarities, but slight differences. The signature that ‘Lois’ did on April in the original Stormy Daniels ‘suspect’ is similar but different in the Jazmine Barnes signature. I’m having an former RCMP officer who looked into check fraud cases look at the signatures to see if it is the same person at different times.

Another tell-tale is the drawing. It’s the exact same style, while at the same time, slight differences. This is something that happens with artists all the time, they draw the same character and there is slight differences, even if they sketch over the character.

Right now, we now the Jazmine Barnes case ‘suspect’ drawing is completely fake.

Here’s the real criminals. There is no way ‘Lois’ ever interviewed anybody in regards to the victims in the Jazmine Barnes case. This is verifiably proven.

What does this mean?

The Stormy Daniels case, where she accuses Trump of hiring someone to threaten her that look which looks almost exactly like the person ‘Lois’ drew as the person who murdered Jazmine Barnes.

Either someone is trying to shitpost like I have never seen before, or the Stormy Daniels accusations are fake as well.

As soon as my contact gets back to me on the probability of the signature is from the same person, than we can assume the Stormy Daniels accusations are probably false.


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