Blender Update

I’ve started to record the tutorials for Blender, which I will be unveiling in Feb. We’re going to create the Solar System from scratch in Blender, and there’s a great deal of work.

Here’s two screen shots – one is just the pure screen shot – and the orange dot is Earth.

This screen shot is a meme, to remind us how small we really are. Our planet is too small, and life too short for all this hate in it. When thousands of people can hate a kid with a Maga hat with a smirk to the levels I saw last weekend, there’s something deeply wrong, because we all live on this tiny planet – represented by this tiny orange dot!

The person is Carl Sagan, who has passed away, so I put him back, because he says practically the exact same message of peace while he narrated the launch of the Voyager probe, and I ghosted him in as best as I could with a Star Wars feel to him!


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