This week in Making Games Great Again – February 3rd, 2019

Wow, just one more day and I start my next batch of lessons in game design. The month was a huge one for me. From about 1400 views on BitChute to well over 2500 views – that’s over 1100 views in a month. If I keep those stats, I will be well over 13k by this year’s end – hopefully more – with all the cool stuff I am going to teach you over this year.

Thanks for all the support guys, and don’t forget to remind this post and give me a thumbs up. The more support I get, the better my work will become, that’s for sure. Anybody who supports my channel will definitely get all kinds of sneak previews of game footage and even game testing my game when it is almost done. And this helps me get my Game Development channel out there, so people don’t have to spend 40k, like I did, to become a game developer by taking animation or game development in college or university.

Looking at my work load, I expect I can get lots of work done on my game in the next few months, after I sat down and planned out my weeks until May. I will have many components made for the game, including a 3d Trolly, Trollette and Vaggy. I’ve never had Trolly done in 3d yet. He’s only been 2d drawing for the longest time – since 2015. . . I guess his first official birthday will be sometime in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

But my main focus will always be teaching game development – which brings me to the next bunch of episodes that will focus on 3d and animation. I will be teaching Blender, so you might want to go to the linked website at the bottom of this text and download it today, while you are reading this. I will be teaching how to create the Solar System, and a little spaceship that will travel around in it, so we can learn all the capabilities of Blender with just learning the basics.

While you are going through my tutorials on making the solar system, which will teach you all the basics, going through Blender Guru’s beginner tutorial’s playlist will give you twice as much practice, and it will allow you to learn laterally as well – because you’re making donuts with his series, and the solar system with mine. Lateral learning is important, I was able to create most of my tutorials by learning from his tutorials. I add a couple of other parts to my tutorials go above and beyond his beginner tutorials, and only towards the end.

I’ll also be teaching the principles of animation, which I am also linking at the bottom of this text. It will give you the basic definitions of each principle, and I will go more in depth in each lesson to provide some real context and examples of these principles. These are vitally important in creating awesome video games. The more exaggerated and expressive the movement, the better it actually reads as reality, so this is a vitally important lessons, whether you decide on 2d or 3d gaming!

I’m also making going to go through a new coding game with everybody called Virtual Coder – Sumerian, which I am linking below. The more practice we can get for all these tasks the better you will get. Again, this is that lateral learning stuff – if you’ve gone through SwiftPlaygrounds and through this game, than you have twice as much practice by applying ideas and concepts.

Now, following the @thequartering here on Minds and YouTube, I know there is a bit of a discussion on the new Epic Games store, and I don’t want to get involved in Internet Drama at all, but his stance can be pretty negative. As a aspiring game developer, my games will be on Epic Games store – simply because I hope to make a little money on it. I don’t expect millions, so every penny I can save will be passed onto my customers, and used to pay my rent, bills and groceries.

I know they don’t have user reviews by default, but you can opt-in, which is probably a click somewhere – so I will always have user reviews. I invite people to critique me if it helps me improve my work. Besides, I get to be the alpha who gets to make fun of the betas on the store, who hide behind opt-outs!

Hopefully, my thoughts can help him see that he shouldn’t pass judgement so quickly on the Epic store or the developers who choose to use it, being as cynical as he is.

Thanks for supporting me and making games great again!

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