MGGA – Principles of Animation – Anticipation – S2L6

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Principles of Animation

While video games have an amazing way to create a sense of anticipation in their users, with programmable things that will get a player’s attention to some kind of detail, again in indie games this is something that is clearly lacking.

What makes something humorous and entertaining, not only giving your player the heads up on something, but getting characters to act properly, preparing for an act, acting it out, and then the termination of the act – like winding back, conjuring a ball of fire in your hands, and then lobbing it at the enemies. When you animate powers in your game, always think about that. Think of Street Fighter, with the Hadouken – winding back and then throwing the ball of energy, or the Shepard, you’re working too hard renegade trigger – it is possible to show these kinds of events and animations in video games.

Even the power attack, that the character jumps in the air – he will probably squat down first in preparation, and then jump up in the air – the action, and terminate the action as he slams his fists on the ground.

Or Trollette, looking to the left and right – the preparation of the act – stretching her legs out – the act, and then closing them again and winking at Trolly.

Thanks for making games great again.

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