MGGA – Virtual Coder 3 – While Loops – S2L8

Full Video –

Virtual Coder – Sumerian –

Introduction to Conditionals –

Introduction to Logical Operators –

Introduction to While Loops –

We’re at the final Virtual Coder lesson for this semester. The game was too short for me not to do this, but it is good needed practice. In this lesson we go over the three linked videos – conditionals, logical operators, and while loops, as well as review the solutions of levels 9, 10 and 11 in Virtual Coder.

Starting next week, I’m going to go onto other coding things with you using SwiftPlaygrounds and Codea, which will give you some more review of coding, and actually see good coding in action.

I’m including the coding for the little The Pill Vs The Cube video, so you can start getting references on how to code and animate in a gaming engine, which Codea is (a primitive one).

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