This Week in Making Gaming Great Again Feb. 24th, 2019

What a Birthday week I had. Everything worked out like clockwork in my life, including my channel. I’m over 4000 views on my channel. When I sat down, thinking about what my targets for views, I didn’t expect the sheer amount of support I would get, I was hoping for 5k views by May. If I keep going, I should have that by the first two weeks of March, if not sooner. Thank you guys! While I’m talking about that – feel free to come over to my channel teaching game development – BitChute –

This week, I went through –

Blender Tutorial 2 – Blender Solar System placement –

How to Make Focal points in Blender –

Virtual Coder 3 – While Loops –

And the Principles of Animation 3 – Staging/Framing

Development on my game has been going, slowly but surely. I have one of the main character’s face done – Trolly McPatrairchy, pictured below. The cross is an eye target, and yes, it does make the eyes move wherever I put it. I’ve got the sketches for Based Stickman done, and most of the writing is done for the characters. Within the next couple of weeks, I’ll be just drawing concepts for the game, instead of always being in the GDM so much, and it looks like 3 weeks to model a character, and I’d expect a week for texturing and 1 week for rigging the character. After that, I’ll make a Trolly trailer.

Trolly front facing

Don’t forget to share this post with others. It gets my work out there.

I know this link is off topic, but if you want a real laugh today – – this guy is giving women advice on how to be women, and it’s just as funny as it sounds. And his name, I thought it was our favourite politician, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for a moment, but now, some guy who is just as stupid as her.

Here’s to another amazing week in Make Gaming Great Again!

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