This week in Make Gaming Great Again, April 7th, 2019

This week’s progress was minimal. I got sick pretty badly on Wednesday Morning. I’m amazed I actually got the Cutscene video out this week. My head was swimming while I recorded it.

For all you weekend GameDevs, here’s my newest tutorials, enjoy –

Video Tutorials – – Let’s Rotate the Planets Around the Sun – S2L25 – Let’s Add Sound Effects to Our Cutscene – S2L26 – Principles of Animation – Timing – S2L27

Because of my illness, I decided watching NetFlix was a better idea than working on Trolly this week. With that being said, I did have some progress this week. All writing for Game Design Manual for GamerGate Trolls is done for this pass of work. Yay!

And I got some drawings done for Anonymous done as well. It felt good.

Onto just drawing for the rest of the month, and probably some more drawings in May.

For the next phase, I can see having lessons on Blender and character creation, Xcode for iOS game programming, and the Unreal Engine for level design and game development. It’ll probably be 30+ videos again. Yay. That block will start in June.

I will probably do some prep work videos as well – showing how to create the kinds of task lists for your video game – yay. I guess I need to start creating that task list next month as prep work for GameGate Trolls.

Thanks for the support. I surpassed 10k views on BitChute this week, thanks to everybody who is supporting me.


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