Introducing Trolly McPatriarchy

As an ordinary dude, Trolly just loved playing video games and watching videos on YouTube, because he worked hard every single day and he needed some rest and relaxation. He had a pretty ordinary life as a smart ass on the Internet, shitposting his way though almost everything.

He does have some enemies from his past, people who hate his guts because he went a bit too far.

Personality – Trolly is really smart. He comes up with solutions very quickly and implements them as soon as he has something figured out. This makes him a natural smart ass, because people just can’t follow along his logic and reasoning as fast as his is, something that completely amuses him as he points out how stupid they are.

Usually, Trolly is very confident, but when things don’t go his way, he get’s extremely pissed off. He also get’s pissed when people don’t listen to what he has to say, because he has lots of gold nuggets of knowledge and wisdom, so he loses his temper once and a while.

Trolly is also very fair minded with people though. He lives a live and let live philosophy, but political correctness is starting to piss him off because they don’t have the same fair minded attitudes as he has.


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