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Turn Right at Toronto

I voted not thanks to Sir John A MacDonald or any of the original Canadian politicians, but because of the suffragettes. Thank you, suffragettes of 100 years ago

I have good news and bad news: good first, two of the three main provincial leaders are women! Leaders!

Here’s the bad news: Kathleeen Wynne is the leader of the pedophile party. Andrea Horwath is the leader of the nazi party.

So I had no choice but to vote for a man. THE man. Doug Ford. But if you think about it, he’s the only solution for the rapefugee crisis facing womenkind (and no I won’t say peoplekind or refugee, since these aren’t legit refugees).

If we turn Ontario, the most populous province conservative, it may be the only way to take down our current prime minister, the most misogynistic prime minister in Canadian history. There are conservative female politicians that I…

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PSA: Anita Sarkeesian is still a fraud 


Just wow!

Suitably Bored

Anita Sarkeesian is raising funds to open a Feminist Frequency Discord Channel $25 000, let that sink in for a moment. They are literally raising funds for something that is free for everyone and takes less than 5 minutes to setup. And if they reach $35 000 they will have a “Virtual Visit” aka Skype Call with you and your class, the idea that people would still give her money is mind-blowing. There is absolutely nothing substantial that they could offer for $25 000, other than validation for their crazy followers who just want to hear their own thoughts repeated back at them…

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Spencer Fernando’s Collection of #radicalndp Quotes

The NDP will not win.

Turn Right at Toronto

The Ontario NDP’s mask of moderation has slipped, revealing the extreme fringe views that are the core of that party.

Kaminker opposes Remembrance Day:

“I just wear my peace button on my jacket as always and wait for the collective brainwashing to blow over. When our masters give the signal, everyone can take off the fake poppy — made with prison labour — and create a bit more landfill. And another annual ritual of war glorification comes to a close.”

She questioned whether Veterans are Heroes:

“refers to veterans as “heroes” in quotation marks and asks is “every ‘hero’ honoured, every flag waved, every resounding exhortation about the troops ‘protecting our way of life,’ is a conscious act, and a political one.”

She said she supported a “War on Christmas.”

And she’s a Marxist:

She wrote about “Marxism 2011 program notes” from a conference she described as a “weekend of…

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Why the Environment should be a minor issue in Ontario

People can’t turn on a TV without seeing David Suzuki’s commercials, asking Millennials to tell their parents that we need to protect the environment, with media outlets saying we need to pay carbon taxes to ensure we do protect the planet. Afterall, humanity is a plague on the Earth, and we need to be more mindful of our impact. I’ve always thought, it can’t be as bad as people who are pushing this narrative. It’s important to get our facts straight when we tackle these issues. Today, I was reminded about the ‘carbongeddon’ again, in an article from the Globe and Mail, because Ontario has the second highest carbon usage in Canada. So, I want to go through the numbers with the world, to bring context that the article so clearly lacked.

From – Ontario election guide: What you need to know before you vote

Background: Ontario emits more greenhouse gases than any province except oil-producing Alberta, and under Ms. Wynne’s government, the province took major steps to change that. In 2015, the province committed to a cap-and-trade system with Quebec and California and vowed to cut emissions to 37 per cent below 1990 levels by 2030. Months later, the newly elected Trudeau government signed on to ambitious reduction targets at the Paris climate conference, but getting provincial premiers to sign on to a national carbon-pricing plan was difficult: Saskatchewan, in particular, was strongly opposed to new taxes on carbon. After years of political deadlock, the federal government announced a national framework last year and legislation this past January, essentially vowing that any province without its suitable carbon-pricing scheme would have one imposed on it in 2019.

Let’s talk about this region to region, shall we?

The Atlantic provinces have about 2.3 million people living in them, and they produce 43.5 megatonnes of Carbon Dioxide every single year. Every million people in the Atlantic provinces produces about 18 megatonnes of carbon per year. In Ontario, every million people produce about 11 megatonnes of carbon per year, which is about 60 percent of what they use.

Let’s compare Saskatchewan and Manitoba, now. They produce 97.2 million tonnes of carbon every single year, for 2.43 million population, or precisely 40 megatonnes per million people. In comparison, Ontario produces about 28 percent of what those two provinces produce per million people.

This article says that Ontario is the biggest offender when it comes to Carbon, only falling short of Alberta, which is entirely unfair. They produce 262.9 megatonnes of carbon dioxide with 4.3 million people, which is 61.1 megatonnes per million people. Ontario, in comparison, would be 18 percent of what Alberta produces.

Ontario is one of the three strongest provinces in the reductions of Carbon Dioxide. Quebec is the best province, producing only 9.17 megatonnes per million people, Ontario being 11.33 megatonnes per million people, and BC being 12.41 megatonnes per million people.

We’re doing fantastic. In every way, Ontario finds new and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint. But both Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau wants to raise our already high energy rates in high gasoline prices and high hydro prices with a Carbon Tax. IMO because of the math, I think Ontario shouldn’t be forced to implement a Carbon Tax at all; we’re doing our part. Put the Carbon Tax on the Atlantic provinces and the Prairie provinces, but not on Ontario, or Quebec and BC.

With that, who has put forth an idea that best fits my opinion and the Math.

  • Liberals: In April, the Liberals announced $1.7-billion over three years to give Ontarians rebates and programs to retrofit their homes for energy efficiency.
  • NDP: An NDP government would use at least 25 per cent of the cap-and-trade system’s revenue to help northern, rural and low-income Ontarians adapt to a lower-carbon lifestyle, and use $50-million to a home-efficiency retrofit program.
  • PCs: Mr. Ford wants to repeal cap-and-trade and oppose the federally mandated minimum price on emissions.

I love this, Kathleen Wynne would spend Tax Payer’s money to reduce electricity and carbon footprint. But Ontario already uses 25% less electricity now than we did in the 1990s, and we produce about 10% less carbon dioxide than we in the 1990s, at least according to Environment Canada. With how much far we are ahead, shouldn’t we get a break?

The NDP says it would use less money to help retrofit homes than the Liberals, because how much is $50 million when you compare it to millions of households. Oh, I can buy a cocking gun to reduce heating costs in the winter!

Doug Ford is the only person I can think of that is talking my language. Ontario is doing its part as of right now. So we shouldn’t be punished more for being one of the best provinces in Canada for both electricity use and carbon dioxide production.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Thanks for reading and have an excellent day guys.

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Making Canada Great Again

Recently, I’ve been really evaluating my life, as any INTJ usually does. Is how I am living my life work? I’ve been thinking, meditating and praying about this lately, and I’ve decided there are many things that I need to change in my life right now. One, I never felt like I was making a difference in the world with the job I was working at. Yes, packaging meat and shipping it off does help people, but when you are not using your God given gifts to help people, you feel like you’re not doing what you can.

So, I kept on thinking about what I am good at. On a daily basis, I’m reading news, evaluating and analyzing it, and I share it as memes or blogs with the entire world. That’s pretty much my life, and I love doing it and I’m good at it as well.

I wanted to think about how to gain enough exposure that I can make a real difference in Canada, my home country. It started with Turn Right Toronto One of the things I started to think about is joining an online community. While there are some fantastic online communities for right-winged individuals, like the New Right Network, these communities are not Canadian centric.

So, I decided I needed to create something, and make my voice known. I may love my anonymity, being Trolly McPatriarchy, but it’s time to take a bold step forward, and while I love blogging, I want to reach a larger audience, so I’ve decided to create a new YouTube Channel, and Make Canada Great Again.


You can follow me on Twitter at Make Canada Great Again.

I’m going to build up a network for the silent majority in Canada, who don’t want the leftist policies divide Canada more and more. Yes, I am still going to work on Trolly stuff, and my book, but It’s time for me to come out from the shadows and fight for Canada.

Desperately Creating A Fake Scandal Because Doug Ford Has A Big Lead Among Immigrants — International Free Press

Just like #gamergate weren’t people concerned about video game journalism, they’re a bunch of ‘misogynist’ monsters out for blood against women and minorities, so too they tried this with Trump and now Doug Ford.

Predictable, and we won’t listen to people crying wolf anymore.

Turn Right at Toronto

Ford Nation is made up of people from every possible background. So the desperate elites are trying to manufacture a fake image of Ford to deceive the people and take that support away.

During a northern debate, Doug Ford made a comment that 99% of people agree with: It’s the job of the government to ensure that people currently living in communities get jobs as the top priority.

It’s basic economic common-sense: If there is high joblessness in a certain area, bringing in many more people to do jobs that don’t exist will just increase unemployment, leaving everybody worse off.

And yet, that total common sense answer is being skewed by the desperate and pathetic fool elites, in an attempt to make Doug Ford seem anti-immigrant.

So why are they making up lies?

Because Doug Ford has a big lead among immigrants.

According to a Macleans-Pollara poll“Ford’s party…

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Trolly’s View of the World Update

How Intersectional Feminist Fanatics are destroying Western Culture

Just before Christmas of 2017, I had decided to write a book on my thoughts on how progressivism and the new left agenda is destroying western culture, and what we need to do to start fighting against the onslaught of their ideology. So far, I’ve written four chapters, though one is just in a draft right now, I will be re-writing it soon.

Introduction- How I sacrificed my arm for a Canada I no longer believe in.

I sacrificed my arm at a job to pay taxes for people to say, check your privilege and be quiet, you’re a white heterosexual man, you’re not allowed to have a say because the rewritten history says you are guilty of butchering people, people I would have helped at the time. It’s time for conservatives all across the globe to take back the dialogue and refuse to be talked down to, just like Maxime Bernier showed us. I have always encouraged the women in my life, so I am not a sexist. I have always respected everybody as an individual, no matter the race or sexuality, so I am neither racist or homophobic. I know some real transgendered people have gender dysphoria, so I am not transphobic. But I am bullshitphobia to Canada that Trudeau is creating, and I am not going to check my privilege and be quiet anymore.

Chapter 2 – The Mainstream Media

Hollywood is a dinosaur that can’t even come up with its ideas anymore. It’s lost and dying and we need to allow it to die. It’s corrupt to the core, because when you put billions into the hands of ‘the very few’ all kinds of corrupt and power grabbing happens, and our society no longer needs that. Let the independents reign now. With the power of individuals empowering other individuals, we can create all kinds of new content that nobody has ever thought of before. We can make it happen on tiny, small, and large scales. With social media and the Internet, anybody can cover the news with their phone, write a book on a tablet and publish it through iBooks and Amazon, create TV shows and Movies with some time, patience and education. It’s all possible now; we can replace the mainstream media with the power of newer technology. We don’t need any more gatekeepers, Hollywood’s time has passed, give the power back to the people!

Chapter 4 – Political Correctness, Fakes News and Censorship

On August 27th, 2014 the world changed. You may or may not know what is significant about this day, because there was no terrorist attack like 9/11. There was no mass shooting. But the world changed. For the past two weeks prior, starting on August 11th, 2014, massive amounts of gaming enthusiasts were fighting for media transparency in video game journalism. Throughout the experience, gaming journalists, and eventually the mainstream media, would say that these ‘straight white male gamers’ were ‘misogynist pieces of shit’, trying to shame gamers into a corner. But it sparked something these media outlets could have never guessed. Battle-hardened Internet nerds started to see what I saw in the early 2000s, the media lies and manipulates the truth. The Media covers up some stories, and spins others to ensure things happened in a certain way. As a Canadian, studying journalism, most of the Canadian Newspapers were more than willing to tell Canadians the truth, though for the strict bias to make Canadians annoyed with America, that there was no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, according to many UN inspectors. In the US there was no such coverage, all pointing to President George W. Bush talking tough and getting ready to invade Iraq. Despite the huge polls against him, President Bush invaded Iraq, and I became disillusioned in the media. By 2008, I figure if people weren’t figuring out all media was trying to manipulate us emotionally, from Canadians making fun of ‘stupid Americans’, to Americans going to war on false pretences, than I’d let the world burn. I know many Americans, and they are all intelligent people, so I will not accept people saying they are stupid anymore. The real 1% wants us to fight amongst themselves, to point the finger at ‘Americans’, ‘Anti-feminists’, ‘feminists’, ‘Islamists’, ‘Christian’, ‘Athiest’, etc, etc, etc.So far, I’ve got all the books I want to read in order to write my book, and I am reworking the men’s rights topic to include feminism and censorship and what’s wrong with feminism.I will continue to inform update my blog as I make progress. This week, I should have the books I need to read about Feminism and Men’s rights to start the chapter.

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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