​Trolly’s hot topic – What the fuck UK

It all started about a couple of weeks ago. First Brittney Pettibone, a right-leaning online journalist, and Martin Sellner, the founder of https://generation-identity.com Generation Identity and her romantic partner, were stopped at the border and detained by UK policemen. The UK authorities prevented them from Interviewing Tommy Robinson, a well know and controversial online journalist who has strong condemnation for mass Islamic Immigration. News of the two detainment caused a buzz on the Internet, producing memes in support of Brittney and Martin. Included in the talk was Lauren Southern, who was also coming to the UK the next day. She started streaming on periscope, wondering what was going to happen her the next day when she arrived there.

Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern)

2018-03-10, 12:04 PM

Pettibone and Sellner banned from UK pscp.tv/w/bXQHqTFETEtC…

When Lauren arrived, the real shitstorm happened. Not only was she detained, she was held under the terrorism act, yes, the Terrorism Act in the UK. Can you imagine the sheer fear you would be in when a government considers you a terrorist because of your Christian conservative, traditional beliefs? It’s hilarious because there was a recent scandal in Ontario that said that being Christian meant you are privileged. Privileged enough to be detained on terrorism charges apparently.

Sometimes, when I hear about this kind of shit, I have a heavy heart. Seeing people I admire, having the courage to face the consequences of a non-crime, all because they are ‘thought criminals’. Nobody should face jail time for their political and personal beliefs unless it brings physical harm to people. But the sheer amount of support for Lauren, Brittney and Martin from all across the globe was inspiring to watch. We all fought for them. I think the best meme I saw was this.

Yeah, our governments would sooner police us, saying we cause the terrorist acts because our words agitate Isis warriors who come into our countries, so we are guilty of the violence they cause. https://www.minds.com/blog/view/713737603240697856 What a legacy for Saffie Rose Roussos, an 8-year old who was butchered by an Isis trained suicide bomber.

I don’t like the game our governments are playing. We’re inviting thousands into Canada that may not share our decency and culture, and millions pour into Europe every single day. All in the name of feelings, don’t you feel for those children and families suffering in the Islamic world, you must be a monster, you racist bastard. And when people start fighting this trend of silencing, they face being called terrorists, because they won’t stand to see our culture destroyed by morons like Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, and Emmanuel Macron.

I wish I only had this to write about today, but the UK is the centre point of another controversy now. If you think, oh, they are just doing it to right-winged conservatives, that’s okay. I can’t conceive of someone who is less conservative than Count Dankula. He’s a wild and crazy comedian, and he’s one of the best commentators on YouTube. I can’t think of a video he has created that was hilarious.

I enjoy his humorous style, and it’s funny to watch him taking the piss out of regressive idiots. He laid down the truth and was one of most entertaining guys you could ever meet.

Now, because of his Nazi pug video, where he gets his dog all excited when he says, do you want to gas the Jews, he is facing jail time. Watch the video; it’s hilarious. It’s also restricted on YouTube now, so you might not find it except my blog. Too bad, restricted doesn’t mean you can’t link it, eat it YouTube.

But this is the state of free speech in the UK. If you have right winged views, expect to be banned from the UK. If you do a joke video about gassing the Jews with your pug, you’re a racist nazi hate criminal.

There is fight back though. This war will continue, and we must keep on using our voices. They all want us to check our privilege and be quiet, but we won’t! Lauren, Brittney and Martin are suing the UK for banning them from visiting.

We need to fight this restriction of our freedom of speech with civil disobedience. When political views and jokes result in banning and jail time, this is unacceptable. http://www.keepthewebopen.com/digital-bill-of-rights We need an Internet Bill of Rights, so we can all have this lunacy end. I routinely see all kinds of oppressive Orwellian statements on twitter from the police of different districts.

Police Scotland (@policescotland)

2018-03-21, 12:08 PM




🔸Sexual orientation

🔸Transgender identity

These are all protected characteristics against hate crime. Targeting someone because you think they are different to you is a crime! Be #GreaterThanAHater and fight hate crime. pic.twitter.com/8iUadTvLAw

Yup, you can see jail time for a mean tweet or message on facebook. The tweet is the context of why Count Dankula needed to be an ‘example’ to all of us. His Nazi Pug is complete hate, and what the government hates about our freedom of speech on the Internet. He needs to pay the price for the sin of not agreeing with political correctness. But he isn’t the only one who is suffering either.

Mrs Dank (@SUEHULK)

2018-03-22, 8:15 AM

I’m literally crying at my desk. The press are completely wrong. Hes not a yob. It was a joke and this is too much for me. I cannot cope. twitter.com/AlizeeYeezy/st…

Attacking free speech, by threatening to jail someone for wrong think means you are attacking their loved ones too. You could see it in Lauren’s face; she was holding back the tears finding out what was happening to her friends Brittney and Martin. And she bravely came, knowing the authorities were going to detain her as well. And Mrs Dank’s tweet. I can see the same pain and suffering. All of these attacks doesn’t make every red-blooded able man ready to take up this war of words, then they are beta cucks who don’t deserve to have any women, and they can die virgins because this is serious.

Of all the fake bullshit I keep on hearing about, phoney rape statistics, false domestic abuse narratives, and all the other feminist talking points, women are being attacked all the time. But those women are people affected by this war between political correctness and people’s freedom of speech. Leftists with signs saying rape Melania Trump, or or keyboard warriors attacking Tomi Larhen for criticising Beyonce, or Dana Loesch being called a whore. If leftists want a bunch of angry conservative men to fucking destroy them, this is how you fucking do it.

These leftist morons, because of their complete disregard of human nature, will only anger men with their constant attacks on prominent women in the conservative movement. When a woman leaves the reservation of leftist identity politics, they are attacked on all sides by these morons. The UK, siding with political correctness and doing all the shit it has for the past couple of weeks, is completely fucked up now, and we’re all going to stand up to their bullshit. You can’t do this to Count Dankula, or those who love him and he loves. I am no longer going to stand by and do nothing. Count Dankula did nothing wrong. Lauren Southern did nothing wrong. Brittney Pettibone did nothing wrong. Martin Sellner did nothing wrong. We are not going to allow you to continue to criminalise our opinions and thoughts. We will not be quiet anymore and check our ‘privilege’, because how privileged were any of these ‘white’ people?

You can go fuck yourselves; we’re coming for you. Expect this meme war to continue, and our anger to burn fiercely in the heart of every man, woman and child who yearns for freedom from your oppression.

Thanks for reading, and have an angry and passionate day my brother or sister.

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​Trolly’s Hot Topic – Doug Ford and the Winds of Change

Do you feel it in the air? The direction of the world has changed. It started as whispers when Donald Trump said he would run for President of the United States in 2015, leading to his victory in Nov. of 2016. The next year was a mixture of victories and defeats because the powers that be don’t want change. While services like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook attacked conservative viewpoints on a continual basis plus the events in Charlottesville disrupting everything with the death of Heather Hayer were stinging defeats.  We had the victories of the Red Pill being the number one documentary in iTunes and Google Play, showing that the people still held power as the social media overlords tried to silence our speech, plus the Wild Rose and Progressive Conservative party of Alberta formed a United Conservative party in Alberta last year. The empire sure struck back, and we lost our arm in our duel with Vader, but we were still fighting back. Then this year happened. Trump got his first major policy victory; he got tax reforms. Not only did he close the loophole that prevented corporations from hiding money in offshore accounts, but he also lowered taxes (the opposite of Jagmeet Singh’s ideas), which prompted so many corporations to bring back money into the US and to hire many more people and to give people bonuses as well. Crumbs enough to pay for months worth of groceries, despite what Nanci Pelosi wants to say. Now, North Korea’s Rocketman is meeting with Trump in May of this year, talking about denuclearisation. Everything is becoming new again, and it s a breath of fresh air. Another breath of fresh air occurred last night. Doug Ford has been named the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. I can hear the delightful shouts of NOOOOO from progressives today, not him; He’ll ruin everything we built up.

Conservatives, if you haven’t figured it out yet, are fed up with being called sexist, racist, homophobic and every other buzzword under heaven by people who don’t want to have conversations about where our country is heading. We don’t want $1.4 billion to be spent on women entrepreneurs, saying that women can’t overcome ‘the Patriarchy’. I hate hearing about the Patriarchy so much, I’ve decided to be the face of the Patriarchy, so that I am the reality of feminists fantasies. I am the Patriarchy so that they can be at least fighting something real. What the media and these leftists haven’t realised, the reason we keep on voting people like Donald Trump and Doug Ford is we’re not going to take it anymore. We’re fed up, and we are sending the most offensive weapons we can at everybody. We want people who will stand up against this politically correct invasion and say no. I’m proud that conservatives like Maxime Bernier refuse to be called racist and to ‘check their privilege and be quiet’ by these cry bully Baizous. We’ve had it up to our necks with this bullshit.

It’s great to see how we will not back down anymore and seeing us throw the hand grenades against these politically correct forces. I am proud to be a conservative right now. With Trump’s success this year, and Maxime Bernier and now Doug Ford, we are going forward again. We are making our voices heard, and there is nothing the leftist media can do about it. I recently watched a Netflix TV show called American Vandal; it’s a parody of a true crime drama in which an innocent man was accused of spray painting a dick on 27 different cars. It’s funny as all hell, so I recommend it. But in the end, when the innocent man heard that his classmates thought he had done it, it upset him so much, he painted a dick in the driveway of the teacher he hated. When people pigeonhole a person or a group of people for long enough time, they act out in frustration. The constant buzzwords are why we voted Trump and Ford; we are fed up being called racists, sexists, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic and every other phobic under the sun. So we want these leaders to upset you because we’re tired of it. The left has created these monsters, and now we’re going to destroy the leftist infrastructure like the Godzillas you made us out to be.

You made us, and now we’re changing the winds again, fighting back to create a world where we will not allow you to belittle us. When arrogant Hollywood TV hosts are saying that they are smarter than Conservatives because they have higher IQs, it is time for Conservatives to stand up and call out their bigotry. We will not ‘check our privilege and be quiet’, and so we will continue to fight their prejudice against us.

Today, I am happy, and I wish Doug Ford good luck with his efforts to create a great Ontario, where we can get rid of some of the unconstitutional laws that have been passed in Ontario while getting rid of the carbon tax. Ontario is already hurting because of Wynne’s mismanagement, and Trudeau’s carbon tax will harm it even further. We need some common sense people who will not pander to the ‘progressive’ voices.

Ontario needs better leadership than Kathleen Wynne, and I think Doug Ford is the kind of person who will get things done, no matter how many people will stand in his way, as Trump has done. When I heard he was going up, I was happy, because we can have a Trump in Ontario. We need one, and it’s going to be fun and bumpy ride forward. I can’t wait to see Doug scrap with these leftist hooligans.

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys.

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Trolly’s Take on Jagmeet Singh and the NDP

Yesterday, before my fiancée and I went to a local hockey game, we watched some of the New Democratic Party’s policy convention, and my mouth dropped. I couldn’t believe how far left his policies were. I think in Jagmeet Singh’s world, everything has to be free and everything has to be public. He wanted to make the Internet Public, open for everybody, and sufficient – whatever that means in his eyes. He wants all health care public, he wants everything public, and he is against private property, privatisation in his words. What ‘excellent’ candidate for the person who wants to be our prime minister here in Canada.

So many people think that Canada is a socialist country, but we have private healthcare companies, like Manulife. Worldwide, they employ 97,000 people, and if Jagmeet Singh got his way, all the Canadian employees would be out of work because the government would pay for your dental and glasses because that would help fight income inequality. Yup, 10s of thousands of people would lose their livelihood, but that would help everybody! Hey Jagmeet, I don’t want to pay my rent either, and that would help millions of Canadians, your platform should also include not paying rent, LOL! Oh, yeah, my fiancée is asking for free groceries as well, but menstrual products will be just fine, LOL! Yeah, he wants to make menstrual products free of charge.

We also request for a public housekeeper, because that is not slavery!

I really couldn’t believe what he is promising. Public Internet – good speeds for everybody in rural areas. Okay, I will deal with this one directly. The way to ensure everybody gets the best possible Internet speed is to have private property, not public property. Here is the fundamental reason why. In the 90s and on, we had the console wars. Nintendo, Xbox, and the PlayStation. Each kept on working hard to out-compete the others in their particular ways, and each successive generation of machine, they only got better and better. That is how capitalism works. To make the Internet public, you end all research and development, because one central body controls everything, and it decides what everybody gets. I want to know how Jagmeet would handle someone like me, criticising his ideas, if the government controlled the Internet. I don’t want to know what he would do.

This is why Socialism, which is what Jaggy is proposing, will never work. I don’t trust the government to do the right thing, ever. He’s saying, trust me, and I will take care of you. Oh, and I will control how the Internet works. We will not continue to research and develop better technologies either, because we will define what gets done, because we’re the government, trust us. We know what is best for everybody. Fairness for all, right!

With every promise, I wonder how much this is going to cost the taxpayer. He’s even talking about free tuition! Doesn’t he know that if you make tuition free than you drive down the quality of education? They tried it in the UK once upon a time, and it drove attendance to post-secondary institutions down. It’s time to start taking these people who want free stuff down. I work my ass off 35+ hours a week at my factory, to the point my arm hurts like hell, and I don’t want 70% of my wages going to Jaggy’s promises, snowflakes demand everything for free. I will not be bullied by these spoiled brats anymore. NO! You cannot have all these free stuff. Get a job, work hard, and stop stealing from me.

The NDP is going way to the left. I couldn’t believe my ears. I work hard for my money, and no greedy millennial gets to steal my hard work for ‘free stuff’. It’s time to realise things need to change in Canada, and the more the left goes to the left, the more we have to learn Captain America’s challenge. We need to stand like a tree with deep roots, near the river of truth and say, no, you move. If we keep on telling them no, they will learn that no means no, and they will mature and grow the fuck up – knowing that they will not always get their way. And we need politicians who tell them no, that is too expensive, that would ruin our economy, and then everybody would suffer. But Jaggy is not our guy. We need a politician who will tell these people no.

Of course, he continued down the leftist talking points and buzzwords. The Colton Boushie case is racism, never mind Boushie was doing illegal things, and Gerald Stanley wanted to protect his property. You know, what Jaggy hates, he wants everything public, so there is no need for Stanley to defend what is his. It was racist from the very beginning. How the cops handled the case, how the jury was all white, and all the usual leftist talking points, that drive division between different groups to create a sense of ‘oppression’. And of course, #MeToo came up too. We must have our destabilised country that will welcome all the free stuff that socialism has to offer, including huge debts that our children will never be able to pay off.

Well, Jaggy, I’m Trolly McPatriarchy, and I challenge you to bring it.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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Trolly’s Hot Topic – AgeID for Porn

Today, there is such a divide on the topic of porn. There are ‘free speech warriors’ who equate any restriction to the use of porn as taking away their guns. The other side of the extreme is people, like Gail Dines, who are so morally ‘pure’ they demand that government remove all pornography off the Internet. I’ve been a middle of the road person myself – I know we can’t remove porn off the Internet because of the nature of the Internet, and I know that children as young as 10-11 years of age have gone to a pornographic website, and are regularly going to them by the time they are 12-13. Most of the porn advocates will say there is nothing wrong for a 12-13-year-old to go on a daily basis; they’re just exploring their sexuality.

Last night, conversed with a person, who apparently, is an editor of Reason.com, who wrote a BuzzFeed article on porn and stats. She said that people who are providing a moral ‘panic’ are going to take porn away, probably because that’s what the New York Times, fake news central, is doing. I guess these moron’s don’t understand prohibition, which if you make something illegal, it gets worse. I can just imagine what pornhibition would cause. The rash of murders and bullshit that organised crime will cause if porn has to go underground. Not to mention the how many rapists are ‘satiated’ because they can watch some disturbing porn scenes between consensual adults, and that is taken from them.

When I became a common sense warrior, watching Bearing, Sargon and Computing Forever videos, watching what these feminists and social justice warriors are doing on college campuses, I immediately thought about some of the things I learned from my addiction to pornography.

I wrote a blog on it, go figure. We live in a culture that makes things so easy. Sexuality is as simple as a screen tap or clicks away – no effort needed. Imagine, doing that for years. You can have the most pleasure a human being can have within a moment’s notice. You’ve always gotten your way because you have ‘cave-in parents’ who don’t teach you the word no, restricting things from you and who don’t treat you like a child when you are a child. You’ve trained your brain that you always get your way and because you have always gotten your way, you’re so weak you do this.

So, we can have a world where you can have these special snowflakes, or you can have a world where you teach children no. No, you can’t go on Pornhub willy-nilly – because if you choose to not restrict porn use on the Internet until 18, you are going to have children who will grow up like that. They have trained their brains to force people to do what they want because they have wholly whacked out their frontal lobes and their hypothalamus, especially the Nucleus accumbens. Be it always allowing your daughter to eat whatever they wanted, as we see Trigglypuff there, or Billy whacking it to porn every single day for 3 hours, they are going to grow up where everything was way too easy for them. Then they go out and start acting like that when something they don’t like happens, shouting take your hate speech off this campus.

The reason is, Cambridge University and other universities have observed brain scans of porn addicts and found that their frontal lobes and their reward centres do rewire and shrink at the same time. A smaller Hypothalamus, which is responsible for motivation and emotions, makes someone very unadjusted emotionally, with many people with a shrunken hypothalamus experiencing high levels of social anxiety, anxiety in general, depression, lack of ambition and many other disorders. Too much porn is hardly harmless. Someone with a shrunk frontal lobe has fewer inhibitors to negative behaviours, like someone like Trigglypuff demonstrates.

Now, I agree we need education on this topic. I bet you didn’t even know about the studies out of Cambridge, did you? You didn’t know the possible side effects of too much porn use, including it could be partially responsible for the rise of erectile dysfunction with partners.

Parents should know and talk to their children about the dangers of having some pretty nasty mental illnesses and a completely messed up life. That’s the truth of the matter, porn does harm you, especially when a 12-13 year old’s brain is still developing. How many stoners start smoking weed at 12-13, and still do drugs into their 60s? And you think people who start watching hardcore porn every single day starting at 12-13 years old will not experience some fucked up shit.

NoFap has started to get some credence on prevention of young people starting to watch porn at the ages of 12-13. I didn’t watch online porn until I was in my late 20s to early 30s. I watched it daily for over a decade. At a certain point, I couldn’t perform sexually with my partner. She and I were both upset, and I didn’t even know about Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED), she blamed herself every single day. It was just another thing that added to my extreme depression of where my life was going because I didn’t have the strength or motivation to go forward with life anymore. I didn’t know porn was causing that either, not until I watched this video.

From the video, I learned that I was not only creating my sexual problems in the bedroom but my problems in life.  I stopped watching porn immediately because why keep harming yourself. Self-preservation is one of our most influential instincts, and it kicked in for me. I went through my withdrawals and slowly got better. I am feeling much more fantastic and happy about my life than how I felt 2 years ago. It took about 60 days, two months, of drastically reducing my porn exposure. Guess what is happening to the younger generation.

Gabe Deem had to go through 9 months of rehabilitation, going through panic attacks and many other things. He started in his teens, where I started in my late 20s. I wonder what made his recovery so much harder than my recovery? Is there any variable that changed his life and my life? Maybe it is a fact when teenagers start doing something addictive, like overeating, watching porn, doing drugs, drinking, or shopping to they drop, they are usually going to experience some real hardships later as they come off that shit. Addiction harming people isn’t rocket science; it’s common sense.

So, with the amount of damage we are doing to our society, producing children who become ‘adults’ who can’t handle Milo Yiannopoulos coming to their campus, maybe we need to put some restrictions on things like porn. When recovery is typically at least an additional 30 days for young people who are immersed into Pornhub at least a decade before the previous generation – and could take up to a full year of recovery, people need to take it much more seriously.

And with ‘free speech warriors’ who are saying, don’t take away my porn, maybe you have a problem. First, I wouldn’t take away your porn, I would only ask that you prove your age before you got in – so it is of no effect to you. If I am right, and porn and other overindulgences are creating generation snowflake than we can have this nuanced conversation about why generation snowflake can’t handle life (with 1 in 4 young people suffering from mental illness today) because we give them too many overindulgences. If I am wrong, and reducing porn access to people who are too young to watch it, then things will stay the same because porn will still be open to you because you will be able to prove your age. If you are wrong than we continue to have a fucked up generation who can’t handle Christina Hoff Summers coming to their campus because she’s a ‘rape apologist’. Wanna wager?

These are the reasons why I want AgeID. We don’t wish to have generation snowflake to carry on forever. Overindulging children is what is harming our society. Like parents make sure a child doesn’t overeat candy because they will puke it all up, it’s time to prevent young people from doing the same thing to their brain with too much porn. Instead of Pornhub, young people could, you know, go outside and join sports teams and other groups, make friends, be an artist, writer or photographer. You know, all the other things in life which are also fantastic.

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys!

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Trolly Hot Topic – Canada’s governments attacking freedom of expression and conscience.

Ever since Canadians elected Justin Trudeau Prime Minister, things have turned for the worse when it comes if you have a differing opinion than his opinion. Whether it is his Liberal leader counterpart in Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, who has made it illegal to protest abortion near an abortion clinic – an offence so massive that any individual who shows the objection near an abortion clinic can be fined up to $10,000 and face a year in prison. What a fantastic country to live. Oh, and Trudeau backing her up on the abortion front. His recent decision to make the Summer Jobs Grant available to only ‘Pro-choice’ organisations, those pesky Pro-lifers can go up shit’s creek because there will be no federal funding for them. Not to mention how the Liberals and the New Democratic Party refused to allow a Pro-life woman chair the Status of Women committee. In Trudeau’s Canada, you need to belong to the new state religion, Feminism! If you are not an intersectional feminist, following Critical theory, recognising that some groups oppress other groups, especially if you are a white cis-gendered English speaking white male, then you are not a Canadian, especially if you are evil personified, a white heterosexual cis-gendered English speaking man.

Recently Trudeau’s newest group of identitarians that Trudeau loves, Muslims, are calling for tougher Hate Speech laws. It started with M-103, though that was just a declaration and didn’t have any teeth, stating that Muslims are a protected group now. But organisations want to reaffirm Article 13 in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to prevent hate speech online. Again, we have a Prime Minister who wants to virtue signal so much, that he allows laws that would prevent people from publically being Pro-life and Anti-Abortion, is thinking about re-introducing something that can prevent people from being openly concerned about the Islamic Religion.

A few days ago, at work, I was talking to a new friend while I was making boxes for the sausage line. I told him how the Pew Research Center says that 7 percent of Muslims think terror attacks are either sometimes or often justified, and his eyes bugged out. Yup, as long as I say that not all Muslims are dangerous, I should be fine, and 93 percent of Muslims are probably fine, upstanding citizens. But those evil 7-percents are okay seeing us killed. And those 7 percent would love for Article 13 to be reenacted, to prevent my ‘hate speech’ of stating the obvious, Islam as a religion is dangerous.

So let’s look at how this all could be possible. Cran Campbell is a man who is continually being lied about online about being a Nazi. Of all things, right, something many of us get ridiculed about that for particular political allegiances, like being a regular in the New Right Movement for instance. He’s getting it too. So he would like to have the ability to stop this kind of nonsense because authorities are doing nothing to help him. So, he’s asking the government to reimplement an Internet hate speech that could give him some leverage to bring those idiots to justice – not understanding that the surer we make anything, the more harm it brings to our society as a whole.

I’ve read enough of the Thoughts of Blaise Pascal, and I am going to offer my review of the book sometime this week. On the whole justice thing, we know that we are finite and flawed. Any kind of justice we create is imperfect. So to implement laws that would guarantee protection for someone is always at the expense of innocent people that the ruling shouldn’t apply too. The more we punish the guilty, the more we harm the innocent. And if he has his way, and the government will not do this just for him, but because PM JT has a mission the ladies and for Islam, we will suffer as he takes those hate speech laws to continue to prevent specific speech online. When will he use this rule to say no person can express their opposition of abortion online because that is hate speech against women. Afterall, he made sure you won’t see any money if you oppose abortion if you want to hire some students for summer jobs with the Summer Jobs Grant.

And the fact that Islamic advocates want this law reenacted as well, because ‘hate groups’ are out to get them. I bet Omar Mouallem would consider me a ‘far-right’ Nazi for writing a blog that says that 7 percent of Muslims consider terrorist attacks sometimes or often justified. And JT will all too happy to ‘fight the good fight’ on Omar’s behalf. So in PM JT’s Canada, you must be pro-Islam, or you could see a jail. Are these the actions of a person who believes in liberalism? I can’t express my concerns that those 7 percent should never step foot in Canada, and that we fight this menace with every weapon in our arsenal – both society and militarily, with the inclusion of our friends and armaments against our enemies. This crazy hippy guy named Jesus said to love your neighbour as you love yourself and to sell your cloak and buy a sword – maybe we should listen to all those wise words.

The conversations we need to have in regards to Islam can’t happen if people constantly conflate concern about the 7 percent with racism and bigotry, which the left always does. With people like Anita Sarkeesian continually trying to convince people that Muslim’s aren’t wicked with her cherry-picked examples. She is one of the worst social critics on the Internet, and yet she has managed to make more money in a few drives than I will make in 15 years of working at the plant. She only entertains one argument, and that everything in the west is wrong, because everything is sexist, everything is racist, and everything is homophobic. So we shouldn’t listen to her for international advice, even if she does talk to the UN, complaining that the UN should censor free speech on the Internet because people say she sucks and is wrong. Well, Anita, you may get your wish in Canada after a while. You can have me thrown in prison for saying 7 percent of Muslims are dangerous and you’re a moron.

I can’t believe how much Canada has changed for the worse with Trudeau and Wynne. This country is becoming such a shithole country compared to the US, because the feminist czars are coming out more and more, to reduce our freedoms. With purity tests for Summer Jobs Grants and jail time for protesting abortion clinics, you must be a Feminist or else. I am glad for world leaders like President Trump say he is not a feminist, he is for everybody. But that’s sexist because if you maintain all genders matter, it’s like saying ‘All Lives Matter’, which is racist. I wonder when people are going to go ballistic on him saying that. Well, I agree with President Trump, I’m not a Feminist either, I am for everybody, not just one group of people.

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys.

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Trolly’s Rant – Why I will not be watching Big Brother Celebrity Edition @BigBrother

I hate Hollywood, that’s why. I could leave it like that, but I feel an explanation is in order. With the adpocalypse happening on YouTube, making it harder for alternative media content creators to make money from their platform, Hollywood had everything to gain from this, because fewer people would try to create content on that platform. The mainstream wants to squash the alternative media, and if you’ve haven’t had your head in the sand for the past 2 years, you’d realize it.  It’s forced my favourite content creators to do some creative things to ensure they are allowed to develop alternative content as a full-time job. Hollywood, in particular, benefited from this the most. It’s taken some time, but people who have banded together to ban Hollywood have made sure we grab them by the wallets. We hit them hard and we kept going. I’m tired of Hollywood trying to be the gatekeeper of entertainment. There is hardly any creativity in it left. While there are some innovative and creative titles, like the Matrix, and the Riddick movies, most are just rebooted crap, or taken from other types of media like the Marvel movies and Harry Potter. So, there will be a Big Brother Celebrity show this winter starting on February 7th and they can go fuck themselves. I don’t want to give them my time.

It’s also why I couldn’t care less about Star Wars : The Last Mary Sue. Everything I have so far heard about the movies is so fucked up. I kinda liked how much the Force Awakens was similar to A New Hope, but I knew it wasn’t creative at all. And having seen Rogue one, I was so disappointed in that movie. It was really shit. Some monk, being fired at by all sides, makes it to his goal saying, this force is with me, I am one with the force. I was utterly disgusted by the sheer lack of anything compelling about the movie. It was a wasted $30 dollars before I boycotted Hollywood. Fuck Hollywood. Ever since Disney took over the Star Wars movies, it has only gone down. Star Wars was my favourite movie as a kid, and now I hate it. Another SJW shitshow that I am angry about.

People, well feminists, say that women don’t have voices, and yet Hollywood shoves down intersectional feminist down our throats all the time. Hollywood is the most prominent entertainment provider on the planet. It single handily decides what movies we watch. Once upon a time, people would dream of being a writer, director, or star in a Hollywood movie – because you knew you made it when you made it in Hollywood. You’d live a life of luxury, where servants would provide you with your every need. Having read most of the Thoughts of Blaise Pascal, do you want to know what people in his time wanted to be, royalty and nobility. Every young boy imagined a knight would choose him to be his squire, so one day he would become a knight and a lord. Every young girl imagined being picked by the prince and become a princess and queen. Now it’s winning the lottery or becoming famous. Blaise saw right through that, and so do I – it’s better just want to be just like other people, to never want these things, because it is that empathy and acceptance that we are all the same that makes a person great. Celebrity, nobility and all these other things are just chasing after the wind that those things will solve our problems.

The alternatives are still making progress to reduce Hollywood’s monopoly on our entertainment. With eBooks allowing people to publish to a variety of different platforms, and YouTube with Patreon giving people a chance to create what they want and earn a living on it, and the app stores on Google Play and the App Store for Apple, people can do new things. Netflix is soon going to overtake Hollywood. With hundreds of millions of users, they have the money to produce their content. With breakout hits like Stranger Things, American Vandal, and Bright, Hollywood won’t know what is coming. I especially loved Bright, it was hilarious and action packed. Seeing Will Smith smash a pixie while saying ‘Fairie Lives don’t Matter Here’ was just awesome. Who would guess the company who made that movie was called Trigger Warning Entertainment!

I also loved how hilarious American Vandal on Netflix was. It was a satire on the true crime shows. It was the investigation of the crime of someone spray painting a dick on 27 different cars, which constituted a felony because the paint jobs to fix the vehicles equalled $100,000! It showed two great lessons, how an innocent person was presumed guilty because everybody jumped to conclusions, and how that can affect the person at the end, another must-see on Netflix. It is the epitome of what John Adams said – if innocence doesn’t protect a person, than that person will say, what use is being innocent if I am in jail despite it, and the law dies in the eyes of that man.

And if I have to talk about Stranger Things, well, go out and watch it. I shouldn’t have to tell you it is the coolest thing since the Matrix or the original Mass Effect. It’s too bad that BioWare is continuing to create more walls between it and it’s fan base, wanting more involvement with Anita Sarkeesian.

Most importantly is the hypocrisy of Hollywood. I can epitomize it in just one meme.

It’s time to turn off Hollywood. It’s an old dinosaur on its last breath, dying in a tar pit. It certainly helped us develop the movie and gaming technologies we now enjoy, but its usefulness is at an end, and new platforms need to be built to replace it. Who has the money to go to the shows anymore? Who needs to buy BluRays, when most movies just go on NetFlix anyways? It’s time we take hold of the new and open markets we have. Hell, Netflix and Canada have an agreement to produce $500 Million of Canadian content on Netflix. If I could get that money, I would create #GamerGate Trolls in two seconds – but how can I make it purely ‘Canadian’?

Thanks for reading and have a great week guys. And don’t forget the FISA memo, the Trump and Russian collusion story was all a con job that I predicted months ago.

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​Trolly’s Hot Topic – #metoo and #timesup comes to Canadian Politics

For the past few days, all I have been reading is one politician after another is resigning or apologising for sexually inappropriate behaviour in the past. It started with Patrick Brown stepping down as the Progressive Conservative of Ontario Leader after two anonymous women had alleged that he sexually harassed them when they were younger. Then it was Kent Hehr, an MPP (a federal politician), and Daisha’s Kang. Since #Metoo broke, I’m surprised the movement didn’t hit Canada faster. There’s ‘misogynist older men’ in Canada too, who make women feel uncomfortable with silly flirts and grabbing them by the waists and butts. Instead of trying to help the powerful to be more just though, we are ousting them, and we will never let them truly learn how to make the right decisions. People have to resign when the feminist mob focuses on them because if you don’t, you’re every buzzword under heaven.

That is what amazes me. People never think about how much power the mob has. When the swarm decides they must bring someone to justice, it is swift and without any mercy. Some people say while the movement is good, I.e. people are seeking legitimacy they believe another group has denied them for a long time and now they are opening up and causing a dialogue about how men have objectified them, there is the possibility of going overboard. I suggest that Andrew Coyne, the writer of this article, to realise what he is saying. Anytime a group of people seeking justice has been given power, be it the French Revolution or Soviet Revolutions; it has always created tyrants and tyranny, like Napoleon or Stalin. There is a changing of the guard happening right now, as predicted by Yuri Bezmenov.

So we have the perfect storm. We have a group of people out for justice, women – half the population, who are against men – half the people, because men have been oppressing women for centuries now. Now, women are rising against their ‘oppressors’, demanding justice for the ‘pains’ they have taken over the centuries. When I first heard the news about Patrick Brown, I was practical – make a woman the leader of the PC party in Ontario. That way you will never hear about inappropriate behaviour. And then I had another thought – isn’t that exactly Yuri was talking about, destabilise the nation through feminism and social justice, and create a crisis, the #MeToo movement, and then everything gets turned over. We are in the middle of a Marxist back ‘revolution’, and things are going to turn for the worse.

Hearing nothing but condemnation from Andrea Horwath, leader of the NDP party in Ontario, and Kathleen Wynne, while praising the anonymous women who came forward, because they were ‘so brave’ is exactly what I expect for this feminist Marxist society. Of course, Prime Minister JT had to chime in as well, praising the women and telling people to listen and believe. I am glad to hear that the Conservatives in Ontario have named Vic Fedeli as interim leader, and he plans to make this leadership permanent.  I think he will do quite fine for Ontario, using the work the PC party has already done. I can see what this is going to be in Ontario right now. This years election will be the Liberals and the NDP beating the already dead horse of Patrick Brown’s sexual indiscretions – hoping they come out on top. That reminds me of a particular meme.

Just think of it, the two female leaders are going to continually talk about the former PC leader who allegedly got two girls drunk on two different occasions, and tried to make a move on them while he was a federal MPP. Just think, how small of people they will be to talk about that one person, beating that dead horse. Which is why Vic Fedeli was a breath fresh air, he focused on ideas when CTV news interviewed him. He wants to introduced the tax cuts for middle class people, and I hope he also means tax cuts for the ‘rich’ one percent and corporations to help pay for that $14/h minimum wage Kathleen Wynne forced on the province. Yes, I am a factory worker, and while I financially benefit from the pay raise, I am angry that Kathleen Wynne would mismanage the economy to the point of starting a war between the ‘one percent’ and the ‘ninty-nine percent’. Want to hear something fascinating about the ‘one percent’ – they only take home about 1 percent of the average annual income of the business, and the workers take about 95+ percent of the income. That is at least according to my calculations when I looked at how Kathleen Wynne criticised Tim Horton franchise owners for ‘reducing’ benefits for employees.

In fact, when people were polled at CTV news, with over 1700 respondents, 64 percent of people think the PC party will do better now that Patrick Brown has resigned. I have to admit, I didn’t like him that much. I think the PC party will do much better, especially if they don’t bow down to the cult of ‘progressivism’. We need a PC leader who will also tell PM JT that he cannot impose a Carbon Tax on an already broken Ontario economy. I loved how Fedeli said that Quebec won the bid for the first Google data centre in Canada because Ontario has the highest electricity prices in Canada. So I don’t think this is going to hurt Ontario or the conservative movement at all.

It’s time to stand up for a better Ontario and better politicians. I don’t believe in an ‘old boys club’, and I laugh when I hear about stuff like that now, but I can almost predict that Kathleen Wynne will use this in the coming months, to try to save the shitty government she and Dalton McGuinty created, but to no avail. Ontario residents want a more fiscally conservative government, and we are going to have it. Sex allegations, like the ones that the two anonymous women who ‘came forward’, are weapons now – but it will not derail the voters. We need someone to fix Kathleen Wynne’s mess, and hopefully, that is Vic Fedeli.

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys.

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