A Trolly Book Review – The Thoughts of Blaise Pascal

When I started to think about writing a book about our culture, I knew that the first thing I wanted to address was critical thinking and philosophy. I realized one of the first things I should read about is Pascal’s wager, which basically states – when you are presented with two different opposing perspectives on something, and you’re unsure as to which side you should align yourself with, ask yourself this basic question. If one is right and the other is wrong, is there a positive in that position, or will nothing change, or will it harm you and society? He proposed this wager for the idea of God, if there is no proof that God exists, then lets wager – if he exists and I believe, I gain everything, and if I am wrong, it doesn’t harm me or you at all, and if you are wrong, than you lose everything. In today’s society, there’s plenty of opposing views, like does the patriarchy exist or not. If it doesn’t exist, then we can work together to make a better society without ‘trying to smash the patriarchy’, and if I am wrong, we need to work together to make a better society (so no difference), and if a feminist is wrong, then they are chasing after the wind, destroying a culture that can’t possibly survive the continual pursuit of social justice.

See, Pascal’s wager is an important tool in the fight of the culture war. We can start asking these questions even about who should we attack. If the non-interference libertarians are right about Syria, then we can avert a possible WWIII, and if we are wrong than Islamic leaders and people will continue to attack each other, and if the war hawks are wrong, we will only cause more pain and destruction for future generations and possibly WWIII, so my decision is made, I want to avert WWIII. Pascal’s Wager is a very important tool, and I truly believe it is a tool God gave him to give to us.

As you can see, critical thinking can be a learned skill, and Pascal’s Wager can really help us critically think about everything we experience in the news and in life in general. Look for the thing that will benefit you and society the most and you can make a better life for you and society.

So, I got the book because I was very interested in his thoughts on different things. I wanted to really understand the man. I think this is the most important thing. While there are many people who will get Mein Kemph written by Adolph Hitler, to learn his perspective, how about other important people throughout history. Blaise Pascal was a big choice, and I wholly recommend getting different historical people’s diary’s and thoughts to learn what they thought about their daily lives and their culture because it is a window to our own culture.

The first thing I started to think about, and it’s also going into my book, is our incessant need to be ‘special’. From Riley J. Dennis wanting to be a non-binary woman, while fucking women with her feminine penis, making her a lesbian because a woman having sex with women is a lesbian. Every time I think of how fucked up wanting to be special is, I think of good old Riley because it takes a special kind of stupid to believe a heterosexual man who likes having sex with women is a lesbian because they say so. Everything in our culture is based on the idea you need to be special and unique and famous and everything else. This is what Blaise called folly because the greatness of a man is not that they want to be great, but when they acknowledge how we are all in this together, and being humble to our fellow man, and connecting with our fellow human beings.

That is something that stuck with me while I was reading his ideas about greatness and ordinary men. The greatness of a man can only be obtained when we acknowledge we are all the same and we live in service of others. I wonder if someone like Harvey Weinstein ever heard of that?

Hollywood is a major roadblock in our culture because we worship Hollywood. Every time we go to the movies, and every time we buy a BluRay or DVD or watch a TV show, we give them the idea that they are somehow better than us. How many people wish they were rich and famous in Hollywood. Again, Blaise’ culture had the exact same escapism in it. Sure, his world didn’t have Hollywood, but people wished they could be a noble or royalty because everybody believes their lives would become better if they were only Royalty and Nobility back then, or rich and famous right now. We want to escape the hardships of our lives, all together, and we believe we can only do that through being a ‘success’ or ‘winning the lottery’. Our faith hijacked to things that are unlikely to happen and puts us at risk.

Ask Jennifer Lawrence whether the fappening photos were sent to Harvey Weinstein first. She wanted to special, she wanted to make it, she did whatever she could because she didn’t understand her value is not what dollar signs from Hollywood could give her, but the goodwill she can create for every single person who watches one of her movies, or any other thing she could have decided. Again, the who idea that the greatness of mankind (oops, sorry PM JT humankind) is the ability to connect with each other and seeking our own greatness is only folly, she could have saved herself from all the pain as she lives anonymously instead of in the public spotlight.

Using Pascal’s Wager is dealing with Hollywood and it’s complete control over western entertainment a positive, helping prevent this kind of invasion of privacy. Would you want people to expose you all over the Internet like so many people in Hollywood have had to deal with? Of course, it would benefit our culture and our lives. I am going to ensure my children do not see Hollywood entertainers as something to want to be because of their status. I’m always going to focus on how good or bad a movie we watch is, not on how great a person is for being on TV or movies. That would help deal with the injustice we see in the world, where young people will sell themselves out just to be famous.

And Blaise’s ideas on justice also impressed me a great deal. I started to understand the danger of people seeking justice. Yes, we have millions, even billions of women who want justice for ‘the wage gap’, ‘rape culture’, ‘discrimination’ and so many other things. They are on the warpath to ‘smash the patriarchy’. This is why I have to say, this idea of the patriarchy is bad for our society. Blaise said, when you give a person or people who want justice the power to enact it, you get tyranny of the mob, which will bring great harm. With everything that has been happening with the #MeToo movement, we see the whole group of women who are now ‘smashing the patriarchy’, putting everything in flux. Blaise, as do I, advocate teaching those in power how to be just because their justice will be benevolent instead of malevolent like the mob’s justice.

When you think about this justice and not giving people who want justice power to enact justice, it explains the bloody history of the 20th century. Whether it was the Bolshevik revolution that killed millions in Russia, all because the people wanted justice, or it was the millions dying in China as Chairman Mao enacted the same justice, or Adolph Hitler going out and trying to stop both Stalin and communism from gaining a foothold in Europe, people enacting justice can create great catastrophes. Blaise probably saw it when the French Revolution happened, because the common folk went out to guillotine the nobility and royalty of France. His observance of that revolution was a sign of things to come for us a few centuries later.

And people still want revolution and justice, and I am starting to believe all revolutions are a bad idea, because when people who want justice will always bring tyranny if they have the power to enact it, its bad to want a revolution. That is why elections are so important. And we should also accept the system of law to bring people to justice because orderly justice is better than the justice of the mob because when the powerful bring justice it will always be better. Look at how Donald Trump is really trying to make America great again. Over 3 million jobs, and doing his best for all people, protecting America. When the powerful bring justice, it is good, and when the those who want to bring justice are given power, it is always a bad idea.

So, I would definitely recommend reading this book. It’s a great way to see the world in a very different light. Not only have I realized the endless pursuit of fame and recognition is stupid for all people, we should just seek to make a better world together, and instead of seeking justice against those who harmed us, let us build each other up to create a truly great world. These are fundamental problems in our culture, and we need to work together to make things better.

To get your copy of the Thoughts of Blaise Pascal, just click the link for iBooks, or from Amazon.com. It’s definitely worth the read.

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