Trolly’s Take on Jagmeet Singh and the NDP

Yesterday, before my fiancée and I went to a local hockey game, we watched some of the New Democratic Party’s policy convention, and my mouth dropped. I couldn’t believe how far left his policies were. I think in Jagmeet Singh’s world, everything has to be free and everything has to be public. He wanted to make the Internet Public, open for everybody, and sufficient – whatever that means in his eyes. He wants all health care public, he wants everything public, and he is against private property, privatisation in his words. What ‘excellent’ candidate for the person who wants to be our prime minister here in Canada.

So many people think that Canada is a socialist country, but we have private healthcare companies, like Manulife. Worldwide, they employ 97,000 people, and if Jagmeet Singh got his way, all the Canadian employees would be out of work because the government would pay for your dental and glasses because that would help fight income inequality. Yup, 10s of thousands of people would lose their livelihood, but that would help everybody! Hey Jagmeet, I don’t want to pay my rent either, and that would help millions of Canadians, your platform should also include not paying rent, LOL! Oh, yeah, my fiancée is asking for free groceries as well, but menstrual products will be just fine, LOL! Yeah, he wants to make menstrual products free of charge.

We also request for a public housekeeper, because that is not slavery!

I really couldn’t believe what he is promising. Public Internet – good speeds for everybody in rural areas. Okay, I will deal with this one directly. The way to ensure everybody gets the best possible Internet speed is to have private property, not public property. Here is the fundamental reason why. In the 90s and on, we had the console wars. Nintendo, Xbox, and the PlayStation. Each kept on working hard to out-compete the others in their particular ways, and each successive generation of machine, they only got better and better. That is how capitalism works. To make the Internet public, you end all research and development, because one central body controls everything, and it decides what everybody gets. I want to know how Jagmeet would handle someone like me, criticising his ideas, if the government controlled the Internet. I don’t want to know what he would do.

This is why Socialism, which is what Jaggy is proposing, will never work. I don’t trust the government to do the right thing, ever. He’s saying, trust me, and I will take care of you. Oh, and I will control how the Internet works. We will not continue to research and develop better technologies either, because we will define what gets done, because we’re the government, trust us. We know what is best for everybody. Fairness for all, right!

With every promise, I wonder how much this is going to cost the taxpayer. He’s even talking about free tuition! Doesn’t he know that if you make tuition free than you drive down the quality of education? They tried it in the UK once upon a time, and it drove attendance to post-secondary institutions down. It’s time to start taking these people who want free stuff down. I work my ass off 35+ hours a week at my factory, to the point my arm hurts like hell, and I don’t want 70% of my wages going to Jaggy’s promises, snowflakes demand everything for free. I will not be bullied by these spoiled brats anymore. NO! You cannot have all these free stuff. Get a job, work hard, and stop stealing from me.

The NDP is going way to the left. I couldn’t believe my ears. I work hard for my money, and no greedy millennial gets to steal my hard work for ‘free stuff’. It’s time to realise things need to change in Canada, and the more the left goes to the left, the more we have to learn Captain America’s challenge. We need to stand like a tree with deep roots, near the river of truth and say, no, you move. If we keep on telling them no, they will learn that no means no, and they will mature and grow the fuck up – knowing that they will not always get their way. And we need politicians who tell them no, that is too expensive, that would ruin our economy, and then everybody would suffer. But Jaggy is not our guy. We need a politician who will tell these people no.

Of course, he continued down the leftist talking points and buzzwords. The Colton Boushie case is racism, never mind Boushie was doing illegal things, and Gerald Stanley wanted to protect his property. You know, what Jaggy hates, he wants everything public, so there is no need for Stanley to defend what is his. It was racist from the very beginning. How the cops handled the case, how the jury was all white, and all the usual leftist talking points, that drive division between different groups to create a sense of ‘oppression’. And of course, #MeToo came up too. We must have our destabilised country that will welcome all the free stuff that socialism has to offer, including huge debts that our children will never be able to pay off.

Well, Jaggy, I’m Trolly McPatriarchy, and I challenge you to bring it.

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Trolly’s Hot Topic – the $14/hour minimum wage in Ontario

I was at the plant on Thursday night, thinking about how I should write about the $14/hour minimum wage that Kathleen Wynne set up. I was traying some beef strips with small marrow bones in it. I imagined soup or a stew that would have the marrow slowly infused in the broth over the time which you cook the meal, which would also allow that meat to disperse into the dish. It would be a perfect meal. As a cook, imagining how different ingredients would add to a recipe that reminds me how a little leaven raises a whole loaf of bread, and how our attitudes and biases always impact on how we think. I think one of the reasons why I worked on Thursday, despite how sick I feel right now, is I was earning $14/hour. Each day is a possibility to make up to $112 for an 8 hour day, and if I have overtime, which could be up to 2 hours, that would be a $154 for a 10 hour day. It’s an excellent daily wage.

I appreciate the new pay raise. I have never worked for a job for more than $14 per hour. Despite some people thinking they are worth $31/h, while meming about how communism is the ultimate awesomeness of the world, adding very little to our culture and society, I know hard work. I know what it is like to pull off and tray hundreds of roasts over an 8-hour work day. I’ve had the hard day of work at the end of the production line as well, as I took hundreds of plastic totes with everything from roasts to packages of ground beef off the track onto skits which employees from the shipping department move over to the trucks to take to your local grocery store. From the sweat of our brows shall we eat bread. I know that people struggle every single day, working at minimum wage jobs. According to stats, 1.6 million people are earning minimum wage right now in Ontario, and that is about the amount of people the current Kathleen Wynne Liberal government won by last election in 2014, but it isn’t going to work.

From How the Liberals went from cool to hot on $15 minimum wage

Barely four months ago, I asked Premier Kathleen Wynne how open she was to the idea of boosting Ontario’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. She was rather unenthusiastic.

Yeah, a story that was written in March of 2017, so about Nov. of 2016, Kathleen Wynne thought a $15/h minimum wage wasn’t in the cards for any Ontario residents. At the time, Wynne was ‘positive’ that she could win the next election, despite all the mistakes her and the McGuinty made on Ontario Hydro, which has forced the highest electricity rates in Canada and is going to cost an estimated $39.4 billion to the Ontario taxpayer. Kathleen, you can’t trick us by saying, don’t look at the man behind the curtain, we know you can’t do the old switcheroo, we know you are only saving us some money now, and then the prices will go way up to pay that $39.4 billion. But you know only 12% of Ontario residents think you’ve done a good job. That approval rating story came out one week before you decided, hey a $15 minimum wage would be good. I wonder if this incredibly low approval rating has anything to do with the dramatic responses you have done to try to ‘alleviate’ our hydro bills, or why you introduced this minimum wage increase one week after that story went public?

As a conservative, I knew Ontario, the most prosperous province in Canada, needed a $15/h minimum wage. Oh, does that shock everybody. I’ve been working class all my life, working at either part-time jobs during the summer at factories, or at call centres. I prefer plants. I know what it is like to earn a wage just above minimum wage. I know the pain of working at a job that is hard. I knew people needed to see an improvement. But as a conservative, you introduce this slowly. You don’t implement an over 20% increase in a single year. You go from $11.40/h to $12.50/h then to $13.50/h and finally to $15.00/h. You could have done that from 2014 to 2017, but that isn’t the carrot before the horse you need for people to vote for you.

It is so apparent that you are trying to buy votes with this desperate act, it’s unbelievable. And any person who looks into this, even a little bit, can tell you are trying to bribe us into voting for you and your party. You’re afraid of losing power, because of your approval rating. You are acting like a person mad for control, trying to do whatever they can to stay in power. And you’re hoping that there will be some ‘class warfare’. You’re hiring 175 new people to ensure businesses follow the new rules, including anonymous hotlines if businesses are not following your new rules. It is so apparent that you want us to be ‘angry’ at the big corporations that it is ridiculous, and this needs to stop. It isn’t the workers vs CEOs.

Since you are trying to put Tim Horton’s up on the chopping block, because you are calling them bullies, I want to break down the finances of that organisation. Timmy’s has over 3800 locations in Canada, and each probably employs 20-30 people each. Well, that means there are over 100,000 Tim Horton’s employees. Well, Donald Schroeder the CEO of Timmy’s earns around $22 million a year. If you divide that by the over 100,000 Timmy’s employees, he receives a total of $220 per employee, and each employee probably earns at least $15-25k each – which means the employees, the workers, earn over 70-100 times more than the CEO per worker. So the CEO takes less than 1 percent of the money coming into Timmy’s – since Timmy’s makes an estimated $3.07 billion a year. I guess I have busted the ‘progressive’ myth that CEOs are greedy scumbags who exploit workers while giving the workers only a small part of the profits of a company. So, you just enforced a 20% raise in pay for 15-20 percent of their workers. If the average was 20k, that is another $4,000 per worker, for 20k workers, which would be $80 million a year – which is way more than Donald Schroeder is making, four times that amount he was making.

Ultimately, voters are tired of how you mismanaged Ontario. When Ontario residents are using 25 percent less electricity now than in 1990, far exceeding the Kyoto protocols, you are introducing a carbon tax, because we must ‘save the environment’ (while already doing so) and paying more for electricity than any other part of Canada. This new minimum wage increase is yet another mismanagement. Instead of slow and steady growth over 3 to 4 years, you dramatically increase how much employers have to pay, resulting in the harm of many small businesses. While my company, which employs over 200 people, can manage to pay that wage without much of a problem how does a small business of 10 employees that maybe makes $150-250k a year expect to accommodate those changes except reduce hours and putting everybody on part-time employment, or by going out of business.

You never thought of that, and that seems to be the Liberal attitude. You mismanaged a province that uses less electricity with rates higher than anywhere else in Canada, with a $38.4 billion price tag of debt included, and now small businesses are going to go out of business. WTG, you’re doing a fantastic job with Ontario.

So, let me thank you one last time. Thanks for the raise Kathleen, but to immortalise the words of Donald Trump, you’re fired.

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Trolly News Update – Oct. 11th, 2017 – Ireland honours Che Guevara, wtf

No matter how brainwashed people think about ‘the evils of capitalism’, how it puts some people at a disadvantage to prop others up, it is the best system of wealth that humanity has created in the world. It creates a system that rewards people for working hard every single day, where if you do something with all your passion and all your ability, like me working on this blog, researching news stories, and becoming the best internet dissident I can become, meritocracy will take over, and you will grow. Almost everywhere a country has ’embraced’ socialism, restrictions are created to curtail people’s freedoms, and almost everybody becomes a slave to the state. It’s ironic, an ‘ideology’ that says they will free people never does and makes people controlled under an authoritarian rule. So when leftists decide to make some people some ‘folk hero’, I laugh. But in this day and age, when our governments are becoming exceedingly more left-leaning, their ‘heroes’ are propped up more and more. Yesterday, I found out that the Irish Government is immortalising Che Guevara with a postal stamp. Yeah, you got me right, a butchering murderer who had no understanding of how to motivate people to work got himself a stamp.

From Why Ireland’s commemorative Che Guevara stamp is angering people in Miami

Families are still reeling from the aftershocks of the Cuban revolution and the Castro regime

When it comes down to it, Che Guevara, someone who took the Hippocratic oath to become a doctor, decided it would be better he went around to murder people who didn’t share his political views, to ‘liberate the world’ from capitalism and all of its evils. He personally, on the day of mass executions after they had ‘won’ the war to ‘liberate’ Cuba, killed between 55 and 105 people. All because Che thought capitalism is an ‘imperialist’ force that stole from the poor to give to the rich. He hated capitalism because he only saw that it brought suffering. But what did he replace it with, socialism, which was even worse? And his ‘version’ of socialism was very brutal.

From Wikipedia – Che Guevara – The New Man

A further integral part of fostering a sense of “unity between the individual and the mass”, Guevara believed, was volunteer work and will. To display this, Guevara “led by example”, working “endlessly at his ministry job, in construction, and even cutting sugar cane” on his day off.[150] He was known for working 36 hours at a stretch, calling meetings after midnight, and eating on the run.[148] Such behavior was emblematic of Guevara’s new program of moral incentives, where each worker was now required to meet a quota and produce a certain quantity of goods. As a replacement for the pay increases abolished by Guevara, workers who exceeded their quota now only received a certificate of commendation, while workers who failed to meet their quotas were given a pay cut.[148] Guevara unapologetically defended his personal philosophy towards motivation and work, stating:

This is not a matter of how many pounds of meat one might be able to eat, or how many times a year someone can go to the beach, or how many ornaments from abroad one might be able to buy with his current salary. What really matters is that the individual feels more complete, with much more internal richness and much more responsibility.[151]

I’ve stated this before, Pavlov proves that socialism will never work. If we look at Guevara’s ‘new program of moral incentives’, the person who does the best gets a certificate, essentially a pat on the back (yay), and those who don’t get punished. It reminds me of Spider-Man 2 with Tobey McGuire and his crazy Russian landlord. What can you do with a ‘pat on the back’?

What material benefit does one get when he exceeds his or her quota? The answer there is no benefit to it, so why even do that? So the system Guevara essential created was, you are a rat in a punishment maze. If your economic system doesn’t follow Pavlov’s experiments on motivation, it is going to fail. Che’s system was the rat in a punishment maze. Make sure you meet your quota and no benefit for anybody exceeding it. Capitalism is the rat in the maze with a piece of cheese at the centre. If you work hard and keep working hard, you will get your reward, and therefore people will continue to work hard to ensure they maximise their performance in the system.

And what happened in Guevara’s maze of punishment?

Whatever the merits or demerits of Guevara’s economic principles, his programs were unsuccessful.[153] Guevara’s program of “moral incentives” for workers caused a rapid drop in productivity and a rapid rise in absenteeism.

LOL! Who would have thought? In a maze that only punishes people if they do the ‘wrong thing’, it promotes people who avoid all that pain and suffering, as Pavlov predicted. I know our system seems to be stacked against us sometimes, but in a capitalist system with social programs, like Canada, it can really foster the best talent. Once upon a time, I use to complain how the ‘system’ wasn’t fair. And then I decided, I needed to take the pay hit to do something that I loved doing, working on my comics and my blogs every single day. If my fiancé and I had to rely on her social assistance, and do odd jobs to keep on top of bills, then that is what I will need to do. Canada’s commitment to capitalism and social programs is the best system you can create in the world. It is a massive reward to be able to pay my bills by doing some odd jobs while receiving government assistance and being able to write this blog every single day.

Guevara’s philosophy wouldn’t benefit me. I’d be busy ‘meeting my quota’, and you know my blog would only serve to ‘praise Castro and Guevara ‘because if I didn’t, He’d jail me for ‘being an enemy of the people’.

To promote this concept of a “new man”, the government also created a series of party-dominated institutions and mechanisms on all levels of society, which included organisations such as labour groups, youth leagues, women’s groups, community centres, and houses of culture to promote state-sponsored art, music, and literature. In congruence with this, all educational, mass media, and artistic community based facilities were nationalized and utilized to instill the government’s official socialist ideology.[146]In describing this new method of “development”, Guevara stated:

There is a great difference between free-enterprise development and revolutionary development. In one of them, wealth is concentrated in the hands of a fortunate few, the friends of the government, the best wheeler-dealers. In the other, wealth is the people’s patrimony.[149]

It’s hilarious, for people to be free of ‘the evils of capitalism’, where people are encouraged to work hard, learn more because it is a material benefit to us, we need to become slaves to the state. Leftists talk about slavery all the time, but in a communist state, we have to ‘meet your quota’ as a moral obligation. Can anybody say black slaves on a plantation? You say anything against the government and they will either throw you in prison or execute you, and all your art and writing that gets distrusted has to be ‘government approved’. That sounds so much better than capitalism and freedom.

And this is who Ireland is the honour, a man who would enslave every person into a government system where the government oppresses everybody to meet quotas, taking away our artistic freedom to write, paint and create anything we want, and you cannot make a profit. It is doomed to fail. And Che envisioned a worldwide revolution, which means millions would die. He was going to liberate all of Latin America, and then later the whole planet, to take our world back from ‘capitalism’, to create a brand new world where everybody would enjoy the ‘equality of outcome’, except if you didn’t make your quota.

And yet the media tries to give us ‘Utopia’s later. As I was reading about Guevara’s life, one thing about this ‘new man’ I was reading struck a familiar chord with me. The word is Star Trek. In the distant future, people will no longer work hard for ‘material gain’ but to ‘better themselves’, because they have a more ‘evolved sensibility’.

Fifty years after he was gunned down in a Bolivian jungle, revolutionary iconoclast Ernesto “Che” Guevara is still setting off controversy.

This week marks the anniversary of the death of the Argentina-born figure who helped Fidel Castro topple the Batista regime in 1959. To honour the occasion, the Irish government has released a one euro stamp featuring the image of the revolutionary.

And the only reason this is happening is that Guevara had some Irish in him. I can’t believe how people refuse to learn what Che did. I’ve made a fantastic argument that the guy was utterly one of the world greatest villains because he wanted a system that would punish people if they underperformed, where all mass communication had to be government approved, and there was no benefit to work harder and exceed your quota. I don’t see this person as a hero, but an enslaver. Villains are villains because they think they are doing the right thing, and that twists them up inside, and then they become fanatics. Che was your fundamental fanatic who was so consumed by capitalism; he lost himself in a murderous rage.

I hope the Irish Government will bow to the public pressure to remove the stamp. This is outrageous. We shouldn’t be honouring one of the greatest enslavers the world has ever seen. Che and Castro enslaved a nation, and Castro became a multi-millionaire, despite ‘all the good intentions of socialism’. Why we continue to honour these kinds of ‘heroes’ is beyond me, and it needs to stop. We shouldn’t be honouring people like Che, and anybody who does is a moron who hasn’t read the history of the things he did and critically thought about it. Socialism like Che’s that doesn’t materially reward people for doing better than others while punishing people who can’t keep up is not a system we should not be encouraging. It was like Cuba had become a plantation in the south. Every person was a slave that needed to get back to work, because ‘Massa Che’ said so.

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys.

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