Trolly’s Rant – Why I will not be watching Big Brother Celebrity Edition @BigBrother

I hate Hollywood, that’s why. I could leave it like that, but I feel an explanation is in order. With the adpocalypse happening on YouTube, making it harder for alternative media content creators to make money from their platform, Hollywood had everything to gain from this, because fewer people would try to create content on that platform. The mainstream wants to squash the alternative media, and if you’ve haven’t had your head in the sand for the past 2 years, you’d realize it.  It’s forced my favourite content creators to do some creative things to ensure they are allowed to develop alternative content as a full-time job. Hollywood, in particular, benefited from this the most. It’s taken some time, but people who have banded together to ban Hollywood have made sure we grab them by the wallets. We hit them hard and we kept going. I’m tired of Hollywood trying to be the gatekeeper of entertainment. There is hardly any creativity in it left. While there are some innovative and creative titles, like the Matrix, and the Riddick movies, most are just rebooted crap, or taken from other types of media like the Marvel movies and Harry Potter. So, there will be a Big Brother Celebrity show this winter starting on February 7th and they can go fuck themselves. I don’t want to give them my time.

It’s also why I couldn’t care less about Star Wars : The Last Mary Sue. Everything I have so far heard about the movies is so fucked up. I kinda liked how much the Force Awakens was similar to A New Hope, but I knew it wasn’t creative at all. And having seen Rogue one, I was so disappointed in that movie. It was really shit. Some monk, being fired at by all sides, makes it to his goal saying, this force is with me, I am one with the force. I was utterly disgusted by the sheer lack of anything compelling about the movie. It was a wasted $30 dollars before I boycotted Hollywood. Fuck Hollywood. Ever since Disney took over the Star Wars movies, it has only gone down. Star Wars was my favourite movie as a kid, and now I hate it. Another SJW shitshow that I am angry about.

People, well feminists, say that women don’t have voices, and yet Hollywood shoves down intersectional feminist down our throats all the time. Hollywood is the most prominent entertainment provider on the planet. It single handily decides what movies we watch. Once upon a time, people would dream of being a writer, director, or star in a Hollywood movie – because you knew you made it when you made it in Hollywood. You’d live a life of luxury, where servants would provide you with your every need. Having read most of the Thoughts of Blaise Pascal, do you want to know what people in his time wanted to be, royalty and nobility. Every young boy imagined a knight would choose him to be his squire, so one day he would become a knight and a lord. Every young girl imagined being picked by the prince and become a princess and queen. Now it’s winning the lottery or becoming famous. Blaise saw right through that, and so do I – it’s better just want to be just like other people, to never want these things, because it is that empathy and acceptance that we are all the same that makes a person great. Celebrity, nobility and all these other things are just chasing after the wind that those things will solve our problems.

The alternatives are still making progress to reduce Hollywood’s monopoly on our entertainment. With eBooks allowing people to publish to a variety of different platforms, and YouTube with Patreon giving people a chance to create what they want and earn a living on it, and the app stores on Google Play and the App Store for Apple, people can do new things. Netflix is soon going to overtake Hollywood. With hundreds of millions of users, they have the money to produce their content. With breakout hits like Stranger Things, American Vandal, and Bright, Hollywood won’t know what is coming. I especially loved Bright, it was hilarious and action packed. Seeing Will Smith smash a pixie while saying ‘Fairie Lives don’t Matter Here’ was just awesome. Who would guess the company who made that movie was called Trigger Warning Entertainment!

I also loved how hilarious American Vandal on Netflix was. It was a satire on the true crime shows. It was the investigation of the crime of someone spray painting a dick on 27 different cars, which constituted a felony because the paint jobs to fix the vehicles equalled $100,000! It showed two great lessons, how an innocent person was presumed guilty because everybody jumped to conclusions, and how that can affect the person at the end, another must-see on Netflix. It is the epitome of what John Adams said – if innocence doesn’t protect a person, than that person will say, what use is being innocent if I am in jail despite it, and the law dies in the eyes of that man.

And if I have to talk about Stranger Things, well, go out and watch it. I shouldn’t have to tell you it is the coolest thing since the Matrix or the original Mass Effect. It’s too bad that BioWare is continuing to create more walls between it and it’s fan base, wanting more involvement with Anita Sarkeesian.

Most importantly is the hypocrisy of Hollywood. I can epitomize it in just one meme.

It’s time to turn off Hollywood. It’s an old dinosaur on its last breath, dying in a tar pit. It certainly helped us develop the movie and gaming technologies we now enjoy, but its usefulness is at an end, and new platforms need to be built to replace it. Who has the money to go to the shows anymore? Who needs to buy BluRays, when most movies just go on NetFlix anyways? It’s time we take hold of the new and open markets we have. Hell, Netflix and Canada have an agreement to produce $500 Million of Canadian content on Netflix. If I could get that money, I would create #GamerGate Trolls in two seconds – but how can I make it purely ‘Canadian’?

Thanks for reading and have a great week guys. And don’t forget the FISA memo, the Trump and Russian collusion story was all a con job that I predicted months ago.

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Trolly’s week in review – 12/11/2017 – The Establishment Strikes Back again

As the real resistance stands firm against the globalist forces that would tell us every society is equal to western Christian culture, giving them the ability to send jobs over to different countries, denying people livelihoods. It’s already hard to be a natural born citizen when it comes to employment and diversity quotas, but our governments also bring a massive influx of immigrants into our nations, lowering the working wage of hard-working people. All of this because the establishment who wants this one-world political and economic power that has been working hard against us. At first, they laughed at us, because we were ineffectual against their pursuits. But with Brexit and Trump, we were winning some victories, and the establishment has been attacking us since. Whether it is FaceBook and Twitter trying to prevent ‘bullying’ and ‘fake news’, or decimating people’s ability to earn money from YouTube, but still we fought on. We are winning the slow battle against the establishment, and we’re helping to drain the swamp of these political elites, but every action as an equal an opposite reaction. Just like Darth Vader became obsessed with Luke Skywalker, his child, after Luke destroyed the Death Star, all these victories have angered the elites, and people must pay now, people like Marine Le Pen.

From Marine Le Pen faces prosecution for tweeting pictures of ISIS executions after French parliament votes to remove her legal immunity

France’s National Assembly on Wednesday lifted the immunity from prosecution of far-right leader Marine Le Pen for tweeting pictures of Islamic State group atrocities.

The decision was taken by a cross-party committee in charge of the internal functioning of the assembly, after a request from the authorities to lift Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity over a crime that carries up to three years in prison.

The leader of the National Front (FN), who ran a failed bid for president this year, tweeted three pictures of IS violence in 2015.

One showed the body of James Foley, an American journalist beheaded by the Sunni extremists.

Yes, if we exercise our free speech, we can expect the establishment to go after us like this. Once the establishment media decides you are ‘far right’ they will strip away every right you have, and throw you to the wolves. Since people in France, and around the world, looked up to Marine Le Pen she must be punished and be made an example of to each us mensch how to behave.

Well, they are not going to intimidate me. If the establishment doesn’t like people placing pictures of Islamists holding beheaded people, then I’m going to show one.

As a Canadian, am I guilty of a hate crime Trudeau? I don’t like how Islam is the most violent religion and force in the world right now. There have been over 32,000 Islamic terror attacks since 9/11, and 7 percent of Islamists think that those attacks are sometimes or often justified. Marine Le Pen and I have the right to tell people this because freedom of speech is the most crucial aspect of democracy.

To immortalise the words of Palme Amidala –

But you don’t need to be a politician to see this condemnation if you are against the establishment they are going to go after you. Whether you make jokes that the hegemony of social justice thinks are ‘racist’ and you face up to a year in prison, or you didn’t tell people who you voted for and you’re a famous person, and you don’t say enough against ‘nazism and white supremacy’. Social justice warriors must ensure you behave correctly, and they will not suffer anybody with a mind of their own.

Every potential hero must face the Twitter firing squad, and that includes Jordan B. Peterson and anybody who supports his work.

From Christie Blatchford: Thought police strike again as Wilfrid Laurier grad student is chastised for showing Jordan Peterson video

Her supervising professor told her that by showing the video to her ‘Canadian Communication in Context’ class, ‘it basically was like … neutrally playing a speech by Hitler …’

Welcome to the world where if you have a problematic opinion, or even show a video of someone with the wrong idea, social justice will punish you to the extent of their power. Anybody these power-hungry individuals don’t like is ‘literally Hitler’. Hell, Hitler wasn’t the Hitler in their minds. In fact, Antifa cheered a speech made up entirely of Hitler quotes, showing how uneducated these people are. If Antifa and others can’t even tell what Hitler said, this comparison is null and void, because they are morons.

A Wilfrid Laurier University teaching assistant has been identified as “transphobic” and sanctioned for last week showing her class an excerpt of a video debate involving the controversial University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson.

In fact, her supervising professor, Nathan Rambukkana, told her that by showing the video to her “Canadian Communication in Context” class, “it basically was like … neutrally playing a speech by Hitler …”

Lindsay Shepherd, a 22-year-old graduate student at the school in Waterloo, Ont., was informed that merely by showing the clip, taken from a televised debate between Peterson and Nicholas Matte, a lecturer at the U of T’s Sexual Diversity Studies program, she was “legitimizing” Peterson’s views about genderless pronouns.

She has been told that she must now submit her lesson plans to her supervisor in advance, that he may sit in on her next few classes and she must “not show any more controversial videos of this kind.”

Lindsay just suffered for righteousness sake. Take the slings and the arrows of misfortune – resist these forces arrayed against us. And the professor says she must submit her lesson plan to her supervisor in advanced. When political correctness prevents discussion, political correctness needs to die. If you don’t like Jordan B. Peterson, you can leave, like if you dislike porn, you can choose not to watch it. But that kind of thought process never enters into the minds of social justice warriors. Everybody not towing the line is ‘Hitler’, and you can’t be ‘neutral’ on the things that intersectional feminism has decided are ‘true and right’.

This kind of authoritarian moves just shows how much disconnect between the left and the rest of the people. You can’t even play a video of ‘branded’ people and expect to go unpunished, even though we’re supposed to live in a free society with democracy. I guess that we are free if we have the right opinion.

Of course, Canada’s most prominent leftist newspaper hates Professor Peterson as well.

From U of T prof’s proposed website would target professors teaching women’s and ethnic studies

University of Toronto faculty members have expressed concern about a website proposed by controversial psychology professor Jordan Peterson, saying it would constitute “harassment.”

I agree with Jordan B. Peterson, Gender and Ethnic studies are cancer. They are constructs of Neo-Marxism and are only involved in tearing a country apart by creating tension and strife between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. Instead of being thankful and forgiving, they start hating everybody who has a differing opinion, and leads to all kinds of violence, in the name of social justice against types of ‘privileged’ people.

Tell me how this diagram promotes any peace and harmony?

Those ‘Gender’ and ‘ethnic’ professors are teaching people that certain groups are ‘privileged’ and others are ‘oppressed’, leading to the current divisiveness of our political culture. People say that people entering these courses are less intelligent when the graduate from them than when they started them, and I have to agree.

So, these professors, who want to desperately keep their jobs and the power they have over kids who go into those courses, want to say that Jordan B. Peterson is ‘harassing’ them because he is creating a website to give people a heads up on who is teaching the course. They are upset he is going to enlighten students about the possible pitfalls of entering these classes so that they can navigate the currents of wholly biased instruction.

University of Toronto faculty members have spoken out against a proposed website that would list women’s studies and other “postmodern neo-Marxist” professors, saying it has created a climate of fear and intimidation.

The proposed website is spearheaded by controversial U of T psychology professor Jordan Peterson, who made headlines a year ago for publicly refusing to use gender-neutral pronouns.

Whether you like it or not, they are neo-Marxist professors. I only need to mention the previous article that I commented on, where Lindsey Shepard’s professors punished her for showing an Interview of him, saying that it was about the same as playing a ‘Hitler’ speech because she didn’t have any negative comments on it. If that is not using fear and intimidation, I do not know what is.

If I was Lindsey, I would keep on doing it, and keep on pushing the envelope against these forces, because they are trying to stifle free speech. We cannot allow these forces to take our ability to talk about controversial issues we are passionate about, because will not be able to progress if nobody can talk about anything without people being offended by ‘literally Hitlers’.

He has millions of views on YouTube for his videos with titles such as “The Stifling of Free Speech on College Campuses” and “The Disability Bureaucracy Wants Your Soul.”

The proposed new site — once under development but currently on hold — is an “information website,” Peterson told the Star on Friday.

In a video from a meeting of U of T’s Students in Support of Free Speech in June, Peterson said the website would enable students to enter university course descriptions, as well as professors’ names, disciplines and places of work, to find out if the course was in what he judges to be a “corrupt” discipline, and then decide for themselves whether they want to take the course and “become a social justice warrior.”

Maybe Lindsey and other Gen Zs, who are more likely to be conservatives, will be able to check this website out and prepare themselves for the constant assault from professors who will not like their point of view. What’s the difference between this Jordan B. Peterson’s website and Yelp? If we want to know what is the best Chinese restaurant in our area, we can go online and find out through Yelp, but God forbid that we have the same kind of resource for choosing a University and a program.

Acting on correct information is power. The Star, which used to be an excellent newspaper in Canada, is saying we should be denied that information to enter into universities blind to the ideological underpinnings. No matter how much you want to paint that you are only looking out for the teachers, there are more students than teachers, and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

It is these forces that are probably the reason why Canada is trying to enact some new measures to prevent ‘bullying and sexual harassment’.

From Liberals look at tightening workplace harassment rules for federal businesses, Parliament

The new legislation is aimed at giving workers and their employers a clear course of action to better deal with allegations of bullying and sexual harassment

Can you imagine how the federal government is going to implement this legislation? The University of Toronto professors, who would be ‘protected’ by this legislation, are saying that Jordan B. Peterson is ‘bullying’ them, by giving students a CV on their work and the political affiliations, to give students a heads up. With this legislation, that complaint will probably lead to Jordan B. Peterson’s dismissal.

And how will this impact the ordinary person?

With social justice continually moving the goal posts on what is sexist, a simple pat on the back or touching of a knee is sexual harassment, and there goes the job of someone who may have worked for years in a university to get a government job. The elites want a world where men are afraid of women, and women fearful of men, leading to some strange affections happening in our society, like choosing porn over women, and also the development of sex robots.

Our culture has been turned upside down because of these cultural Marxists want to create a communist utopia.

You can see how much that the Star, in particular, really hates Jordan B. Peterson, with their last statement on their story.

This summer, the Star reported that Peterson was earning nearly $50,000 per month through the crowdfunding website Patreon. He launched the campaign last March to help support his YouTube videos.

IOW, they are upset that people support him to the tune of over $50,000 per month, giving him the freedom to live a life of purpose. The establishment only wants us to live their goals for us, not our intention for ourselves. Every time someone says, you can’t go against the flow, and you have to do things this way, we are pressured to accept the elites future.

And people despairing about their futures is why people dream of Hollywood, so much that they bring harm onto themselves.

From George Takei, Richard Dreyfuss the latest in Hollywood to be accused of sexual misconduct

George Takei took to Twitter on Saturday to deny groping a male model and Richard Dreyfuss said he never exposed himself to a female writer helping him with a TV script, both back in the 1980s.

Star Trek actor Takei has been accused of groping a model-actor in 1981, in another development in the barrage of sexual assault, harassment and rape allegations to rock the entertainment industry.

Takei said on Twitter that events described in an interview with Scott Brunton “simply did not occur.”

“Right now it is a he said/he said situation, over alleged events nearly 40 years ago. But those that know me understand that non-consensual acts are so antithetical to my values and my practices, the very idea that someone would accuse me of this is quite personally painful,” Takei tweeted.

Whether George or Richard did these acts is immaterial, because it shows how much people will do to get into Hollywood. I’ve never heard of someone performing sex acts to become any other kind of profession, but the casting couch in Hollywood is a meme for a reason. Hell, there are entire porn websites for ‘casting couches’, where young girls ‘break into the porn biz’ by performing sex acts, and that trope comes from Hollywood.

Now, it’s biting those few people who held power for such a long time, because they abused their power and people are fighting back, as they should. Hollywood is a dinosaur and it needs to die. We’ve replaced Hollywood with NetFlix, Video Games, and we’ve replaced the mainstream media with blogs, YouTubes, and self-publishing. YouTube has made Hollywood irrelevant because we can entertain ourselves with a host of different content creators. Hollywood was the first mass media, but it can’t last forever. The Hollywood producers should decide to step down and allow the marketplace to determine it’s future.

The establishment, when you look at Hollywood, is on its last legs, and it only needs one hero to stand up against it for it to fall. And my sense is it’s Jordan B. Peterson. He is the David that will defeat the Goliath of Social Justice. My hat is off to you.

Thanks for reading my week in review, and have an excellent week.

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Trolly News Update – July 7th, 2017 – NYTimes sides with CNN on #CNNblackmail

With Trump’s war against the mainstream media, you know the major newspapers and TV stations, except Fox News, is going to side with CNN. They dindunuffin wrong. In fact, they probably didn’t do enough. They should have published HanAssholeSolo’s personal details, instead of spending hours to find out who he was by data mining every single detail they could get from Reddit, to find his Facebook Profile, and then contact him.

Remember Donie O’Sullivan was out to punish a bully. He wanted to make him apologise publicly, embarrassing him into silence. Remember, men are more likely to be publicly embarrassed with online harassment than women.

So, Donie and Andrew Kaczynski probably did their best to force an apology under threat of doxing HanAssholeSolo. The reason, you don’t change your answers that much based upon a controversy, if you know you didn’t do anything wrong.

Even if the sequence of events was, they emailed HanAssholeSolo, saying these are your public details and we know you said these things and we would like to talk to you about this, anybody would have panicked, delete everything bad they are being accused of, offer an apology, and then contact CNN directly and agree with anything they want him to agree with.

If any other meme warrior gets that kind of email, I recommend saying this. I am a private citizen, and I do not give you right to publish my details. I am contacting my lawyer right now, and I will martyr myself to expose how corrupt and evil your news organisation is. Please give me what I want assholes.

I will have a case, because my online anonymity is protected by law, and you could face up to 10 years in jail depending on what you do, and be liable for the 10 million dollar lawsuit I am going to pursue.

Journalists are not allowed to publish the information you wish to be protected, You must be on the record for them to publish your name. So you take their power away from them.

And even though the Meme warriors (because some of us think Trump is a joke, like myself) have CNN on the ropes, taking them down with our jokes and our condemnation of an organisation who wants to silence us. The only reason why they did that to HanAssholeSolo is to silence all of the alternative media. They want to take away or memes.

From NYTimes: CNN Story About Source of Trump Wrestling Video Draws Backlash

Ted Cruz, the Republican senator, said CNN’s story was “troubling” and suggested it could be seen as extortion.

In a statement, Matt Dornic, a spokesman for the network, said that “CNN decided not to publish the name of the Reddit user out of concern for his safety,” and that “any assertion that the network blackmailed or coerced him is false.”

The user apologized and deleted his Reddit account before speaking with Mr. Kaczynski, the statement said.

“CNN never made any deal, of any kind, with the user,” Mr. Dornic said. “In fact, CNN included its decision to withhold the user’s identity in an effort to be completely transparent that there was no deal.”

Crazy Ted Cruz, you’re wrong. Even though this looks like a multi-billion dollar organisation who put resources into finding everything about HanAssholeSolo because they wanted to punish a bully, they weren’t doing that. They’re protecting him after he apologised. It reminds me of something Judge Judy says.

And now the NYTimes is coming in defence of what CNN has done. The mainstream media is now at war against the alternative media. They thought they had won when they attacked a major income source of the alternative media, Ad Sense through YouTube, but we fought back, and we expanded our Patreon accounts, and so we didn’t disappear like they hoped. Next, they attacked some random dude on the Internet, HanAssholeSolo, and we responded back, firing every arrow at their corrupt bullshit.

They are on the ropes now. It is time to give them that final knockout punch.

They can take our memes over our dead bodies.

Trolly Daily News June 29th, 2017 – VidCon gives again #FakeNews #Minds

In the Journalism biz, there should be an element where you don’t beat a dead horse anymore. I swore, when VidCon decided to side with Anita Sarkeesian, and not with Sargon of Akkad, after Anita attacked Sargon, calling him a shit head and a garbage human on her Women Online panel, I would be done with it. It’s time to go on more important stuff than Sargon and Anita. I know this might wound your ego Sargon, but the world doesn’t revolve around either you or Anita. But more shit happened again. And it is #FakeNews too, of all things.

You’d think that Sargon is in deep trouble with that fucking headline. When I saw it, I was on a 20-minute rant about how unfair that was. And then I did what every good journalist should do, and checked the article.

I think I was the person who broke this real news. That’s the problem with fake news. If Mic created a headline, Patreon Investigation Clears Sargon of any Wrong Doing, there wouldn’t have been half the outrage or the interest. So, they lied in the in the headline to gain the maximum amount of outrage based on the facts of the story. They could have been more close to the truth with their headline. Patreon Investigates Sargon, Disgusting Content Doesn’t Break their TOS. It may have fit their narrative a bit, and been more truthful.

This is the first real shots in this culture war. Despite VidCon being a place where many Antis and SJWs started to mend bridges, as they meet with each other. Anita, in her nightmare world, is still on the rampage. Sargon disagrees with her, and she has to squash him. And the best way to do that, squash his income.

This is why is our refuge in this war. When you have people like Anita trying to attack our lifeline, the income we get from our readers and viewers, because our revenue sources are slowly drying up, it is a place that stands for free speech. We can monetize our content and gain the same monthly subscription as Patreon. And as long as we do not incite harassment, we can talk about just about anything we want.

This place is a god spend, and I am glad it is as successful as it is. Thank you, Bill Ottman. We have a safe harbour because of you.

But there have already been casualties. I smiled when I first saw the monument to those fought in the great meme war. But the attack on the income sources of people is happening. I wonder when Minds becomes enough of a safe harbour for Internet dissidents when they will come after this place.

I think that is why Bill Ottman is right to keep this as small as possible. The smaller it is, the less oversight it will get, and the safer we are when it comes to the microscope of leftist interference and attack. I do hope it does get more popular, but I don’t want it so popular that things get interfered with. Maybe breaking the top 1000.

If you oppose the current draconian forces of the left, you need to be on Minds. If you blog, you can monetize it. If you create videos or art, you can use their monetization process to have paid subscriptions for your content, like Patreon. You can have a voice, and nobody will censor you, investigate you for bullshit reasons, and you can be free to say whatever you want.

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Trolly Daily News June 27th, 2017 – The Dishonest Tactics of SJWs

Vidcon really brought out the crazies. Either you have people who blame Sargon for being at Anita’s panel or hating on Laci and Sargon for mending bridges. During my interactions with them, I learned how some of their really disgusting tactics. I am glad I am not one of them, I have actual standards and morals. I don’t believe in victim blaming. No matter what someone has done in the past or is doing, they never deserve what happens to them. Be it Sargon being called a garbage human, or a person who gets mugged for being in a bad neighbourhood, neither asked for what happened, and neither should be blamed.

But Social Justice Bigoteers don’t have the same kind of morals apparently. If they don’t like someone, they will celebrate when they get attacked.  I’m on record here saying I don’t like the jokes made at the expense of Russian Deadpool, and I’ve been critical of Sargon before. But you can be critical of someone and not be a complete asshole about it. Sargon has some very great work and analysis on a variety of topics. I like his work. It is brilliant, most of the time.

On Friday, the first person I really noticed on shitty tactics was Wooly Bumblebee. She says the only reason why people don’t like her on both sides, is she has standards. . . Let’s look at the standards she has.

Instead of dealing with my argument directly, that Sargon and others paid 1000s of dollars to fly into the event, and pay $600 dollars to be at the event, they say that someone feels ‘entitled’. Think about that, would you say someone who pays thousands of dollars on a vacation, and the hotel they are staying at has the worst Wi-Fi ever, despite their advertising, and the food is horrible, and the booze was watered down. What an entitled piece of shit the person at the hotel would be if they complained after they spent $1000s of dollars. The same is relevant here, but Wooly Bumblebee and the Rugged Midwesterner couldn’t care less because they hate Sargon.

These childish insults to those they disagree with were completely evident in my exchange.

They make fun of people’s penmanship as if that is an argument. Anything to upset a person I guess. We must completely own that person, and look at the way they spelt things on that card. Despite what Wooly is saying, Chris Ray Gun spelt everything perfectly, it just his how he prints, but who in the 21st century using the Internet has perfect penmanship like the poets of old,  Emerson and Frost?

It wasn’t just Woolly, of course, other members of the Fisti Squad came in to attack Chris Ray Gun’s penmanship. Tim came into the fray to ‘insult my handwriting’.

At least Tim stopped after I said it wasn’t my card, he has brains enough to stop. But that is the second tactic of these social justice bigoteers, they almost never enter a 1-on-1 debate, they almost always gang up on others, like they did with Kaley Cuoco, Taylor Swift, and Kelly Walsh Jennings.

They are just like a swarm of locusts, devouring everything in their way, co-ordinating with each other. Just like Zoey Quinn and others during #GamerGate through GamerJournoPros. Every single person here should know, Kristi Winters, Chrisiousity, Tim, Kevin Logan, and many others have private Facebook groups that they meet in and co-ordinate things. I imagine they did that for Sargon, because how much they hate him, so I’m not surprised Tim joined in the insults.I was part of their private group

I was part of their private group for Against the Odds when Chrisiousity lied about wanting to work with Anti-SJWs. When I saw them pushing massive edits because ‘things were toxic’, I stood up and told them that wasn’t acceptable, and within a couple of days, I was kicked out of the group when I started to talk about it.

And if that doesn’t work to intimidate someone, because some people are strong enough to engage with people trying to bully them online. The next tactic they use is blocking them, like Anti-Social Media, when I engaged with this post.

He couldn’t argue with me because he knew I was right, so he pulled a Shives, blocking me for making a great point. Anger and revenge shouldn’t be a motivation for anything because it consumes people.

Nobody engaged against that point. The one person to reply to my post only did this.

If you can’t argue a point, like Wooly Bumblebee couldn’t argue my point, just insult the person. It’s is so laughable.

The fourth tactic, of course, is switching blame. Instead of saying Sargon was an innocent of anything, they say Anita was right to attack him because he was at that panel to harass her. Sargon and his cronies weren’t curious about hearing her in public because nobody hears her in real life. It isn’t like this is a novel experience, because she only talks in closed audiences, in echo chambers. No, they wanted to harass her, and what they did was paramount to violence.

From On VidCon, Harassment & Garbage Humans

To kick off the Women Online panel at VidCon last Thursday, the moderator posed the question: Why do we still have to talk about the harassment of women? I replied, “Because I think one of my biggest harassers is sitting in the front row.” He showed up with several others; together, his group took up the two front rows at the panel. Their presence was plainly not, as one of them later said in an “apology” video he posted to Twitter, to “give us the chance we never gave them” and to “hear us out,” but was instead to intimidate me and put me on edge.

These over exaggerated statements is a form of intimidation Anita. You think we’re harassing you because it is really the other way around. I am tired of you blaming everything on white men. In your eyes, you must believe we are all out to rape and destroy women. When I showed my Fiancé the next quote, we were both fucking pissed off at you. You do not know anything about being a woman, and you are a disgusting human.

The companion of his who made that apology video I referenced earlier also tweeted that women are “powerful” enough to “deal with things like workplace harassment to rape.” As if power is in accepting a culture in which women are second-class citizens, in which misogyny and workplace harassment and rape are the norm. Fuck that. I’ll never settle for that. You’re damn right I’m powerful. After everything I’ve been put through by Carl and other men just like him, I’m still powerful enough to go out there and try to change it.

Rape is not the norm. Women are not second-class citizens. Misogynist men are a very small part of the population, and most of them are MGTOW because some MGTOW are so mistrusting of women, they don’t want women anywhere near them in the real world. They avoid them like the plague. That’s misogyny, not most normal decent men. By saying the world is filled with these things, you show yourself an extremist, and your ideology of feminism and progressivism completely blind you from reality.

This is why I at first supported you Anita, but after watching your videos, I stopped. You have no connection to reality. If you see misogyny, rape and harassment everywhere, no wonder why you reacted to Sargon the way you did. You live in a nightmare world that nobody could survive and remain sane.

So, let’s summarise the dishonesty of SJWs. First, Don’t argue the points, just throw childish insults. Two, never engage people unless you have a bunch of people to swarm them to intimidate them into submission. Three, block the person if that doesn’t work. The final, switch blame because every social justice bigoteer is pure, and without sin because they are awesome fighting against the patriarchy.

This is how they abuse people, attack people, destroy people’s reputation, and are nothing but a bunch of garbage humans. And this is why I will never be a social justice bigoteer. They are nuts.

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Trolly Daily News June 19th, 2017 – Internet Censorship

So, last week, I experimented with my free speech. Since I was a teenager, anybody going through the school system was told, Hitler was the evilest person the world has ever seen. Except for getting Germany out of the great depression, the only good thing he ever did according to most history teachers, he was a brutal dictator who murdered the Jews and brought the world into WWII. Heck, I remember my history teacher happy when he talked about how the Soviets dealt with the Nazis. There were all kinds of jokes, and because students are lazy, nobody moved past what their teacher said in class, their curiosity satiated. Heck, my Fiance said they made all kinds of jokes about Hitler having low testosterone, and that’s why he only had half a moustache. Yes, quality education up here in Canada. Nothing nuanced, nothing challenging.

So I challenged myself last week, let’s learn about Hitler, WWII and Communism in Europe, and I enjoyed the experience. I enjoyed it a lot more than my history classes in high school. I learned things that made me realised, things weren’t all that different between what is happening in the media right now, and what happened then.

And of course, the world has one two voices when it comes to investigating and talking about Hitler. You either have pro-nazi, holocaust denying people who are for it, or you have the people who are so intellectually lazy they only have one liner saying you or your blog is garbage. You can’t be a moderate, at least not in the eyes of our society. You’re either a monster supporting Hitler, or you condemn Hitler for being a monster.

And of course, because of the shitstorm of immaturity, the places you would place this blog will be silenced. This reminds me of so much of political discourse in the world today. Nobody wants to listen. They only want to ‘own’ people and then consider themselves superior to the other person for some stupid reason. So, different SubReddits decided to silence me.

I’m not even going to show the comments made to try to ‘intimidate’ me. Walt Disney said, if 10 people unanimously say the idea is a bad idea, you’re on the right path with your project. With every, garbage post, Looking through OP’s post history and wow, he is a real piece of shit, I’m so glad we can spot crap and shut it down quickly. I think I’m onto something, I’m going to take the next year to really research Hitler, WWII, and Stalin and Communism, and write a book on it, to create a fucking shit storm!


Alt-right websites always have the same shit format, always with a distinct lack of sources, and lots of appeals to emotion with very little facts

This reminds me of a Pizzagate website lol

TrollyMcShortDick, you may want to find a new hobby.

I think that is my favourite insult of them all! I love how people do not want to listen, and only want to condemn and shut down discourse with non-arguments, and the platforms denying anybody from posting anything up. The internet really loves no-platforming people! This is why I love We have a website that will allow discourse and conversations.

I was never censored, and the conversations were fantastic. People from all sides trying to come together and talk about the nuance of Hitler beyond the brainwashed sources of, Hitler was evil and a monster or Hitler is awesome, where no debate can be done. I learned from some people that many of the countries Germany invaded had German minority populations who were being oppressed by the native populations. I love that kind of nuanced discussion.

That information will definitely go into the database for future research, as I work on my new WWII book. Time to get back to learning! I am so fucking excited about that.

Again, I want thank @ottman for creating and giving me a platform to look into the forbidden topics and talking about them with interesting people.

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