My thoughts on the First Leadership Debate in Ontario

It was a few days ago when I wrote a blog about my thoughts on the next Ontario election, and while I focused on Doug Ford and Kathleen Wynne, the people of the hour. I didn’t go into everything I could have because I never even mentioned Andrea Horwath, the leader of the NDP, or Mike Schreiner, the leader of the Green Party. Last night, the first debate was taking place between the leaders of the political leaders in Ontario, so I tuned in to CityNews around 5:30, who was hosting the match. The first thing I saw was a bunch of ‘green’ fanatics with tape on their mouths, protesting the fact Mr. Schreiner wasn’t allowed a place in the debate. Rules are rules, so if your party doesn’t have a delegate in every single riding in Ontario, you can’t say you represent Ontario. At 6:10, the debate started. If you want to see my thoughts on it, as I was watching, you can go here.

The debate was fascinating to watch. Mainly, we had the fear mongering from both Andrea Horwath and Kathleen Wynne, raising the spectre of ‘Doug Ford is going to fire people’ to save the $6 billion, when Doug Ford says he’s going to find efficiencies to lower the taxpayer burden. I’ve never been one to respond to fear tactics. I’d rather take a step back, learn and come up with a strategy to deal with things. I don’t buy any of the fear mongering of Andrea Horwath or Kathleen Wynne, who want to create a narrative in which we have the choice between ‘care or cut’. I went over many of the reasons why Kathleen Wynne can’t be trusted. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean anything for Doug Ford, because the votes will switch from Wynne to Horwath.

As one pundit said, Kathleen Wynne looked like the living dead.

So, we now know this contest for who will lead Ontario will be between Doug Ford and Andrea Horwath. Even City News considers Doug Ford the winner, but Millennials couldn’t care less. It shows that an entire generation doesn’t want to listen to what the other side says. Kinda like this person. They couldn’t even believe people were voting for Doug Ford in the poll. The same generation who probably bought that Hillary Clinton had a 98% of winning and Trump is colluding with the Russians, though not one piece of evidence has been seen in over a year and a half. It means that Andrea Horwath will have a dedicated voting block who will vote for her, even if her policies are complete and utter nonsense. Has nobody told her that socialism doesn’t work yet?

She promises all kinds of free things, from free prescriptions for everybody, buying back Ontario Hydro to lower prices, giving free dental care and so many other things. This sounds ‘good’ doesn’t it, but here’s the reality. First, if you make prescriptions and dental care for free, people will lose their jobs. Not the pharmacists or the dentists, but extended coverage companies that help people pay for those expenses, like Manulife financial. Second, as I was going through the job program that got me my last job, a representative from Ontario Works said they would pay for benefits for anybody who was working who didn’t have benefits. They didn’t want people to quit their jobs to get the services for drugs and other benefits, so anybody in Ontario who has a job who doesn’t have benefits, you can go to your local Ontario Works office and ask for benefits there, to cover these things that Andrea Horwath is promising to everybody. I don’t like the idea of promising the world that would eventually lead to people losing their jobs.

On the buying back of Hydro One to make it public. While I do usually extol the virtues of privatisation because competition lowers prices, how do you do that with hydro? The Ontario government already owns all the plants, not some private company. So, no real competition is going to happen. But it would take billions of dollars to buy back Hydro One. It’s not like Ontario residents are going to foot a $39.4 billion bill for what Wynne has done to ‘reduce electricity prices’, Horwath is going to add onto it by trying to repurchase Hydro One. How much debt needs to be added to us to ‘make Ontario right’. This kind of oxymoron shit doesn’t make sense. For Ontario residents, who use less electricity now than in 1990, to pay less for electricity the government has to pack on the debt that Ontario residents will have to pay back. Andrea, that doesn’t make sense, and if it doesn’t make sense than it can’t be the truth.

On the other hand, we have Doug Ford who did win the debate. He remained calm, cool and collected. His message was loud and clear; I want to work with communities and agencies so that we can come up with the best possible services available. He said he was going to find efficiencies to lower government spending without sacrificing jobs, probably looking to modernising many different services to make it work. Like, why do agencies like Ontario Works and ODSP income forms have to be on paper, when putting them online would be more accessible with everything from those offices to MacDonald having free Wi-fi or Internet. Imagine the millions that could be saved in inefficiencies through buying paper and sending things through the mail if we did that – setup forms and accounts online to make things easier for Ontario residents to inform those agencies of their income.

Or how about the $650,000 Marijuana logo, which is so plain looking, a high school student could have designed it for free. $1 Billion of waste by cancelling gas plants. Why we’re even doing anything like building plants when we’re using 25% less electricity today than we did in the 1990s. I’d just work on maintaining what we already have, but not building new power plants at all.

And sorry, Andrea Horwath said she is going to tax people who flip properties when they are providing an essential service for the community by improving properties, which is stupid. Most likely, the reason the property prices in Toronto and other places in Canada like Vancouver are going up so quickly is the foreign buyers like the Chinese buying up property here. They don’t live here, but buy property here, increasing the demand and the prices. It has nothing to do with people improving properties and helping their communities.

I’m still saying Doug Ford is the man to lead Ontario. We can’t fall for the fear mongering of Andrea Horwath and Kathleen Wynne, saying ‘Thousands of jobs will be cut’. Where’s the evidence of this? I see a lot of conjecture, but nothing concrete. Like I said about Trump, I will renounce him once he starts rounding up Mexicans into death camps – which hasn’t materialised yet. I’ll renounce Doug Ford when he starts cutting jobs. If I don’t see it, I will not acknowledge their hissy fit rants.

Which is something they probably knew already? There is a solid block of people who will vote Doug Ford because they see him as someone who will get things done. So, the the attacks on Doug Ford for supporting Tanya Granic Allan is already coming. Condemning her for saying she wished her native Croatia would not implement the very same Soviet Union ideas they dropped when the iron curtain fell – calling them Homophobic. I was talking to one of the breeders of my families new dog, and I made a statement. People thought the Cold War stopped in the 1990s when a wall fell, but now we are still fighting against the communist menace again. It’s like in the 1990s, the communists faked their death, making us relax, so they could infect a whole generation of youth who are so socialist, they’re ready to revolt at a moment’s notice. Like I said, 80% of millennials would vote for Kathleen Wynne or Andrea Horwath.

Yuri Bezemenov warned us, and we didn’t listen. Our nation, every nation has to tip-toe around these issues now. Hell, I watched Steve Paikin apologise for laughing at an indigenous man’s joke about ‘colonialism’, asking if it were okay, only for Bob Joseph to say, this is a ‘safe space’. Why does Steve or anybody else have to be so careful with our language? Here’s the reason – if we don’t, we get shouted down as racist, sexist and homophobic. Take Doug Ford little lapse in saying Kathleen Wynne had a nice smile, just before he asked her when she lost her way?

To many, it was a sexist example of patriarchy. Take this fine young gentleman.

Which brings me to the next smear campaign against Doug Ford, Doug Ford must be evil because white supremacists say they’re voting Doug Ford. Nobody controls who votes for them. If Kathleen Wynne did her job, there wouldn’t be any White Nationalists, as she worked to make Ontario the best province in Canada, which it indeed hasn’t been. If people were happy with your performance than nobody would listen to white supremacists, and you would keep your job. You messed up, and we’re not going to take it anymore.

It’s time to realize, we are seriously in a culture war and we need people to stand up against it and fight back. Every blog counts. Every meme counts. Every video counts. We need to help people realise the conditioning they have had to always side with ‘leftism’ so they can open the door and walk right through and think independently, and the debate last night shows that more than ever.

Thanks for reading and have an excellent day guys.

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​Trolly News Update – Nov. 8th, 2017 – A review of Trump, year 1!

I remembered this time last year. I honestly told my Fiancé, Trump will not win tonight, and the US will get four years of Hillary Clinton, cementing every reason why she would only be a one-term president. She had no merit to be president and was riding the wave of identity politics, expecting women to vote for her for the only reason that she was a woman. With all the positive press that everybody was giving her and Hillary seemed untouchable. Even she thought she was going to win; she never bothered to make a concession speech. While Trump worked his ass off, connecting with his supporters by making three times more stops than Hillary, Hillary thought she had it in the bag. There were so many controversies that brought her down, the Uranium One deal, Benghazi, the 33,000 emails she deleted, and the foreign donations that the Clinton Foundation received. Still, I expected Hillary Clinton, despite all her corruption, would win. But as the polls came in, I started to smile. Despite all the odds, the establishment candidate lost, and Trump won. I’m not saying I like everything he does, because I don’t, but he has done some great things for America as well. So, let’s talk Trump this morning.

1. Trump did what he said he would do. He said he would look at Islamic Immigration in the US.

No matter how you feel about this, Islam is not compatible with the west. Around 7 percent of Muslims sometimes or often think an act of terrorism is sometimes or often justified. It was the bowl of skittles. If you Knew one in every 14 of those little suckers may be poisoned, would you take a handful?

But it’s not all.

Trump is doing all he can to help America, and I agree with it. Sometimes diversity can be a source of strength through the sharing of our cultures, and sometimes it will only bring pain and suffering, as we see with Islamic Immigration.

2. He is going to limit immigration, to raise up the wages of people already in the US.

A merit-based immigration system makes perfect sense. If you don’t have any standard, like Canada has immigration standards and a merit-based system, and you bring over a million low-skilled workers, you get problems with wages. Trump wants to create a system that the best and the brightest comes into the US, and that will force the salaries to go up, not down, and that will be a net benefit for the American Worker, including poor black families getting the jobs that would go to those unskilled labour.

3. He’s building the wall

It was such a viral chant, Build the wall, Build the wall, Build the wall. When millions of undocumented people come into the US illegally, that is a problem. 

Building a fence will force human traffickers to make different decisions. No matter what, illegal and mass immigration endangers both the people coming into the country and your citizens. That is a simple truth. Especially since human traffickers are scum and will exploit people for their purposes. Trump’s wall will help out big time.

4. He got America out of the Paris Accord

Oh no, we’re facing the climate apocalypse. 

If America is anything like Ontario, the average American is probably using 25 percent less energy now than they did in the 1990s. Technology gets better and uses less power on a continual basis, plus people making personal sacrifices – like me, I only take cold showers. Why anybody is in this Paris agreement is beyond me. Let the free market create the technology we need to fight climate change.

5. He Triggers special snowflakes

Trump has shown the absolute despicable behaviour of many Millennials. As a culture, we need to put millennials in their place, because they are disrupting everything with their vitriol against their opponents. I hate how these individuals keep on moving the goal posts on what is ‘sexist, racist, and homophobic’ because it changes on a continual basis. Heck, to be ‘racially and culturally sensitive’ in Toronto, they were forbidding parents from dressing their kids up as Cow Boys on Halloween in the schools. Cowboys, you heard me right. Anything that shatters that wall is a good thing.

6. Trump has created more Jobs and strengthened the economy

As a Canadian, I laugh when Trudeau takes credit for the job growth in Canada. Since the US is experiencing a GDP growth of 3-4 percent for every month since he took office, Trump policies have influenced a million job growth. If the US is enjoying so much growth under Trump, is it a wonder that Canada is experiencing growth as well because they are our biggest trading partner.

1. There are some things I do not like. Like the total ban on Transgendered people in the military.

I’m not saying I like everything Trump as done. I don’t think there should be a complete ban on Transgendered people in the military, only a combat ban. Let them serve their country in operations. Transgendered people in the military have a much higher risk of becoming suicidal and mental health issue rate than their counterparts. Ninety percent of Transgendered people in the military come out with debilitating mental health issues, compared to around 25 percent of people who are not transgendered. It is probably saving thousands of Transgendered lives that he banned them. Baizuo’s will probably not care though, wanting ‘diversity’ even it ends up killing the transgendered people.

2. Mike Pompeo, Trump’s CIA lead pick, wants Edward Snowden dead for treason.

Edward Snowden was one of the instrumental people that helped Trump get elected. It would only be a decent to give him a pardon, and a big thank you to Edward Snowden for getting me elected. But he chooses Pompeo, who wants Snowden brought to the US under treason charges, to face trial, and then to be executed. Democracy needs whistleblowers to survive because we understand what is happening behind the scenes. Every anonymous source that ensures the fungus of corruption sees the light of day so that we can cleanse it properly. Edward gave us the knowledge to recognise Washington and Hillary’s crimes, so he helped elect Trump.

Congratulations Mr President. It’s been a remarkable one-year roller coaster ride. I hope you keep triggering the Media and the special snowflakes for another seven more years.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day.

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Trolly’s Shitpost Saturday – 28/10/2017 – A massive week of apologies

I feel sorry for normies. In my mind’s eye, the culture war between 5 percent of the population who have drunk the cultural marxism kool-aid vs 5 percent of the population that can see what is happening, because we research things like critical theory and Marxism. Normies just want to live out their lives, but because the forces of Marxism are always moving the goal posts, normies are continually changing. This week those normies have been apologising for a lot of things, things they don’t even need to apologise for, so let’s get through this Shitpost Saturday.

From Kellogg’s apologizes for cereal box showing lone brown corn pop as janitor

Novelist Saladin Ahmed was looking at the back of a Corn Pops cereal box when he noticed a small but jarring detail.

The colourful illustration on the box depicted a chaotic scene of little yellow corn pop characters frolicking through a shopping mall.

But in the middle of the drawing, Ahmed spotted a lone non-yellow corn pop. The character looked as if it had brown skin. It also happened to be the only corn pop in all blue, and appeared to be waxing or scrubbing the mall’s floors.

Wow, a jarring detail. The only brown corn pop was gainfully employed, going about cleaning a mall while a bunch of white privileged corn pops were enjoying their time. People being offended that there is only one brown corn pop is what social justice has become. Let’s just focus on the colour of ‘corn pop’ characters.

That box of corn pops is not ‘diverse’ enough, you racist bigots. Kellogg’s better get on its knees to pray for forgiveness, right Saladin?

If the box was all yellow, I guess social justice would be upset that it was all yellow, and if it has one fictional character who is brown, doing a job, that’s also racist, we need more diversity, Nazi! I can’t believe people are getting this upset over nothing.

On Wednesday morning, Ahmed tweeted to Kellogg’s: Why is “literally the only brown corn pop on the whole cereal box the janitor?”

It’s “a tiny thing,” he added, “but when you see your kid staring at this over breakfast and realize millions of other kids are doing the same. . .”

Oh yes, kids are being turned into Nazi’s on a daily basis because they see only one brown corn pop, working in a mall, as a janitor. We can’t have that level cultural insensitivity because those neo-nazi monsters are going to hate brownies. We must reach peak people of diversity levels on everything, for proper representation in every media. A brown corn pop janitor is too demeaning.

The Chinese have a word for social justice warriors, and I like it. It’s Baizuo, and it means, people who are too concerned with political correctness. I wonder if that is the reason they called Prime Minister JT a little potato, seeing him virtue signal that ‘diversity is our strength’, and ‘poverty is sexist’.

But this hegemony of cultural Marxists forces normies to continually bow down and cuck themselves, even over stupid things. With everything that has been going on with the Harvey Weinstein mess, men are coming out of the woodwork, confessing their great sins, like complimenting a woman on how they look. This week, I saw the owner of one of the most prestigious restaurants in Ottawa begging people to forgive him for ‘sexually harassing’ three women by ‘complimenting them on how they looked’. Yes, you’re reading that right.

From Prominent Ottawa Restaurant owner Matt Carmichael apologizes for sexual harassment incidents

Prominent Ottawa restaurant owner and chef Matt Carmichael admits to sexually harassing women with inappropriate comments.

Carmichael issued a statement today to explain that he’s been in therapy for drug and alcohol rehabilitation since June 2017.

Carmichael is co-owner of successful Ottawa restaurants in Ottawa including El Camino, Datsun and Riviera.

When he says, he was harassing women, it was commenting on how three different women looked while he was inebriated. Watch the entire clip. The way the interview was taken so seriously, over a man saying something about how three women looked, is disturbing. Sexual Harassment use to mean, ‘person of the opposite sex, do me a favour, and you get to keep your job’. I’m sure Matt never went that far, but he’s apologising now. And the fact he has given settlements to all three women is beyond me. What has feminism done to gender relations, if a man is paying three women to keep quiet for commenting on how they looked?

I’m going to be honest, I’m do know that it is the rehab that is probably pushing him to do this. When you are addicted, you always feel guilty for the things you do during recovery. Add feminism, in this day and age; he feels guilty that when he was a little inebriated, he told some female colleagues they looked lovely – because ‘men are oppressive’ when they tell women ‘they look nice’. It is putting the power dynamic on women instead of focusing on equality. I can’t believe how far Matt is going by apologizing.

Matt, let me give you a piece of advice, you did nothing wrong. It is not sexually harassing to tell someone they look nice in 2017, even if you say ‘damn girl, you look hot’. You don’t need to beat yourself up for saying stuff like that. Just focus on the real damage you caused while you were drinking and doing drugs, not ‘I must have offended those three women’, who thought this was so important that they never said anything about it. I am just learning about this, so there wasn’t some controversy about this.

Like I said, cultural Marxists always move the goal posts. On one day, something is okay, and on the next day, it is the most significant sin of sexism, homophobia or racism, which brings me to my next shit post.

From A Halifax councillor will now refuse to use the word ‘marijuana’ because he says it’s racist against Mexicans

Coun. Shawn Cleary’s comments prompted a Twitter firestorm, including comments from a fellow councillor: ‘Only in Canada can you smoke it but not say it.’

Yeah, that’s a thing in Canada. Don’t use the word Marijuana, because it’s racist. This story has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Is it because Juan is in Marijuana? That is so evil; we must use something different, like, I don’t know weed. But from here on out, because Marijuana is racist, I’m going to use it on purpose. I love me some Marijuana because I’m a racist, nazi loving white supremacist!

HALIFAX — A Halifax councillor says he will no longer use the term “marijuana” because it is racist, sparking a social media debate over the well-used synonym for cannabis.

Coun. Shawn Cleary said a police officer he works with on a cannabis legalization task force recently brought it to his attention that the term has a racist history.

Cleary said in the early 1900s during the criminalization of cannabis in the U.S., “marijuana” was used to demonize marginalized communities, namely Mexicans.

You don’t say. It was used an ‘insult’ for marginalized communities, like Mexicans. I couldn’t have guessed that is why it is racist. I guess we shouldn’t use Mary Jane either because Mary Jane is derived from Marijuana too. Social Justice turns everything into racism, and that’s why I can’t take it seriously anymore. Everything needs to be ‘purified’ from any ‘racist’ roots it may have when white people use it.

But we can be called Crackers, Nazis, Klansmen and many other racist terms by any other group and even white people, but that is okay. It’s shit like this that is creating the alt-right assholes. The more racist you become to white people, the more you attack white people, and the more retarded you move the goal posts, the more people will want to be alt-right because they hate this shit.

Personally, I like multi-culturalism and experiencing the literature, concepts, and food of as many different cultures as possible. I’m a ‘white voyeur because I think that is the best way to experience multi-culturalism.

He said after doing some of his own research on the term’s origins, he decided to stop using it, saying earlier this week on Twitter: “Let’s do what we can to not perpetuate racism.”

You can call it whatever you want, but I am going to make sure I use the word Marijuana now because it offends you. It means nothing to me, but I will use it because you are being retarded. Almost any kind of slang has had a ‘colonial’ history to it. Canada is not a racist country, though the more social justice pushes, the more we will push back. Moving the goal posts on a continual basis, forcing people to prove they are not ‘racist, sexist, homophobic’ is messed up.

And now certain terms have even become problematic for the newer generation. If you didn’t know, don’t call people Millennials now. It’s offensive to them. Yeah, you heard me right, it’s offensive. Boo Hoo.

From Liberal government advised not to call young people ‘millennials’ lest they be insulted

A $54,000-study conducted in March found that young people aged 16 to 30 thoroughly resent how they’re labelled

First, fuck off spending that money, Trudeau. I could have told you that without a $54,000 study.

Second, they should resent how they are labelled. Millennials are the worst generation that has ever been in existence. They live in a dreamland where you can’t be offensive to anybody. In this generation’s eyes, almost anything can be racist, like calling weed Marijuana and only having one brown corn pop on the box, or sexist, like telling three women you think they are attractive (though Matt is not a millennial, that’s on them for forcing feminism to that extreme).

That is why Generation Z is becoming so conservative. They see the shit that these extremes cause, and are choosing the exact opposite of them. Millennials are the cry bully generation. They start crying, and demand school officials to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, Anne Coulter from speaking, and are salty they get book deals. So it is only natural that the next generation rebel against that, and seek more conservative way of life, seeking out tradition.

OTTAWA — Don’t call young people “millennials,” because they find the term offensive, the federal government has been told.

In focus groups conducted for Employment and Social Development Canada, researchers determined earlier this year the word elicits “strong negative connotations” and is “considered derogatory and insulting to this generation.”

Less than a month later, however, the department posted on its website an infographic, complete with a motif of a baby next to a tablet, called “Understanding & Attracting Millennials.” A list of “millennial traits” on the graphic includes that they’re “tech natives,” “socially responsible,” “want to actively participate” and “want to be heard.”

Yes, we have hit full retardation. Saying Millennial is offensive, because of generation ‘snowflake’. I wonder, what I should call them – Millennial Snowflakes, Snowflakes, or Millennials, seems all these terms are of equal opportunity to insult them.

Well suck it up buttercup, you are ruining the planet, you morons.

And you’ve got to see this infographic, it’s hilarious.

I love the last one; they want to leave their comfort zones. Generation ‘Safe Space’, who wants to cleanse all ‘racism, sexism, and homophobia’ wants to ‘leave their comfort zones’. LOL!

Yes, they want to be heard, and only their views are allowed. If you have any conservative perspective, they want it silenced, because it hurts their feelings. If you’re going to protest abortion, they will attack you, and now you can’t protest abortions within 50 meters of an abortion clinic in Ontario, all because of Millennials. They want to be heard, and silence everybody else, because, for some reason, we are not ideologically pure. Fuck their ideology.

They call themselves, socially responsible, but they are creating a hegemony of political correctness that everybody is afraid of going against, as they are taught by their Marxist professors and teachers in the schooling system. They, and only they should be able to participate in social activities because anybody with a different point of view must be silenced and prevented from engaging with society. They are a force doesn’t know the word no, and that is why Millennials went out of their way to cause massive riots after Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

Well, that’s Shitpost Saturday for this week.

Thanks for reading, and have an awesome week guys.

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Trolly News Update – Oct. 27th, 2017 – The war on Men – the Myth of Rape Culture

In a world in the ‘full Weinstein’ effect, Feminist hysteria has hit all-time new heights. In that backdrop, especially the #MeToo campaign, I knew someone was going to pick this story up. Yes, in Canada there is a ‘stats’ story that is so outrageous, it needs to be talked about because it is that off. Like Bearing corrected the girl who said there is one rape every six seconds in the United States, which is 26 times the real rate of rape in the US, I have to deal with an ‘expert’ who is constantly trying to peddle her story where Canada is a rapist’s wonderland, when it is not true. Welcome to the world of Holly Johnson.

From One in five sexual-assault cases go to court, study finds

Just one in five sexual assault cases substantiated by Canadian police end up in court, with about one in ten resulting in a conviction, according to a new study by Statistics Canada.

The findings, released on Thursday, mark the first time the statistical agency has followed sexual assaults reported by police in a national crime survey all the way through the justice system, tracking their rate of “attrition.”

The fact that such a large proportion of alleged sexual assaults dropped out of the system between 2009 and 2014, the six-year window studied by Statscan, points to a national failure of criminal justice, University of Ottawa criminology researcher Holly Johnson said.

First, my heart goes to all the women and men who go through the trauma of rape. When people use sex as a weapon, it brings great harm to every single person it happens too. So, to use people who get raped as a political tool to promote more ‘feminism’ just pisses me off.

The problem is how much evidence the police can gather to prove their case. If a woman waits years to report a sexual assault or rape, how do we get the DNA evidence that will convict the rapist? And what if the rapist is careful and uses a condom to have sex to minimise that kind of evidence. That lack of evidence makes it difficult to proceed.

And when the victim, law enforcement and the justice system work together, it can become he said she said theatre, and it all comes down to personal testimony, muddying the waters, which makes connections very difficult. I know in your feminist ideology, it is guilty until proven innocent, listen and believe the victim. I always like the trust and verify approach in these circumstances, because the most important thing for the justice system to do is to protect the innocent from any harm.  I know that social justice wants to turn the justice system upside down, ensuring all rape allegations see all men imprisoned, but we need to remember what our justice system is meant to protect the innocent.

“I think that’s an enormous problem. I think that points to a failure on the part of the criminal justice system to provide a reasonably just response to a very serious violent crime,” she said.

The Statscan report comes amid mounting global attention to the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, and the often inadequate police response to those issues. A Globe and Mail investigation has revealed that Canadian police forces are dismissing one in five sexual assault cases as “unfounded,” – or baseless – and has prompted a wave of reform at the local and federal levels.

Well, Holly, if you live in the world where the justice system protecting the Innocent is more important than punishing criminals, I don’t see our system having a problem. Do you understand the price of false rape allegations? Jay Cheshire hung himself after being falsely accused of rape, his mother also committed suicide. All because of the hysteria that is caused by false rape allegations. False rape allegations is a uniquely male problem, and this is why John Adams, and so many other people who wanted to create a fair justice system, wanted to avoid. But the hegemony of feminism only knows hate, and will never forgive men and will never be thankful for a freedom loving justice system.

The ‘unfounded’ cases may be higher than any other crime because it is that easy to murder someone with a false rape allegation. And I do mean murder. Any woman or girl that outright falsely accuses a man of rape that causes two deaths, their blood is on the hands of the girl who accused Jay of raping her. She’s a murderer because the cultural Marxist feminist ideology wants to see all men punished this way because the ‘patriarchy’ ensures men are privileged who are oppressing women . With a price that high, we have to make sure that false rape allegations do not find the light of day. False rape allegations kill people in the worst case scenario and almost always ruin people’s lives.

The attrition figures do not include sexual-assault allegations that are treated as unfounded, in part because Statscan did not track those reports between 2006 and this year.

The figures also exclude the overwhelming majority of sexual assaults that are never reported to police. It is estimated that only 5 per cent of sexual assaults in Canada are reported to police. Given these gaps in the data, Dr. Johnson noted that the number of sexual assaults that result in criminal convictions is much lower than the study could capture.

“We’re starting with 4 per cent of all sexual assaults,” she said. “The biggest attrition is when women don’t report. So encouraging women to report is fruitless unless we improve the system for them.”

Of the 93,501 police-reported sexual assaults covered by the study, 79 per cent did not end up in court, either because charges were never laid, or those charges were dropped before reaching court.

Now, we’re going into the funky, unattributed math. How can we know the number of sexual assaults in Canada if they are never reported to the police or the authorities? What kind of sexual assaults are we talking about as well? Some guy giving the name of ‘Hugh Mungus’ is not sexual assault or harassment, no matter how much the feminist hegemony wants to say they are.

Second, how do we know? You say only five percent of women report their sexual assault or rape, Holly. If we do the math here, that would mean that over a six-year period, the adjusted figures beginning with the 93,501 reported sexual assaults. If we add the extra 20% the police did not investigate that is ​​112,201. Then if we truly believe your only 1 in 20 get reported, we are talking 2,244,024 women were raped and sexually assaulted in a six-year period, and that means around 14 percent of Canadian women in that six-year period. If we keep doing the math, every woman will be raped in Canada in a 42-year period.

Well, my Fiancé and her mother was never sexually assaulted, and my mother and aunt were never sexually assaulted to my knowledge, so your stats are bogus. You can make up stats all you want; women are not being raped that much Holly. Maybe in Islamic countries, but not in Canada. Stop making stats up, you’re suppose to be a criminologist and I’ve just debunked you.

Furthermore, if Rape and Sexual assault were that high, why is the number of abortions for rape victims very low. Do you believe that women’s wombs magically shut themselves down to prevent pregnancy when they are being raped, like Rapepublicans?

From Rape-related pregnancy: estimates and descriptive characteristics from a national sample of women.


The national rape-related pregnancy rate is 5.0% per rape among victims of reproductive age (aged 12 to 45); among adult women an estimated 32,101 pregnancies result from rape each year. Among 34 cases of rape-related pregnancy, the majority occurred among adolescents and resulted from assault by a known, often related perpetrator. Only 11.7% of these victims received immediate medical attention after the assault, and 47.1% received no medical attention related to the rape. A total 32.4% of these victims did not discover they were pregnant until they had already entered the second trimester; 32.2% opted to keep the infant whereas 50% underwent abortion and 5.9% placed the infant for adoption; an additional 11.8% had spontaneous abortion.

Those rape stats may be from the United States, but how far would they be off for Canada. With 3,000,000 pregnancies, an estimated 32,101 were rape-related, and 16,000 were aborted. Of the 664,435 reported abortions to the CDC, only 2.5 percent of abortions are due to rape. I would imagine the same stats in Canada, or about 1,600 rape-related abortions every single year. When you imagine the 32 thousand can compare it to the 3 million pregnancies, we are talking about 1 in every 100 pregnant women are pregnant because they got raped. If every single woman in Canada were sexually assaulted in a 40 year period, the amount of rape pregnancies would be much higher?

When you look at these numbers, there is not a rape problem in the general populace, and more importantly, when you see what kind of rapes are involved, it seems like many are the result of statutory rape and incest with family members, according to the study. If a family member isn’t physically and sexually abusing you, most women are probably never going to experience sexual assault in their life.


Rape-related pregnancy occurs with significant frequency. It is a cause of many unwanted pregnancies and is closely linked with family and domestic violence. As we address the epidemic of unintended pregnancies in the United States, greater attention and effort should be aimed at preventing and identifying unwanted pregnancies that result from sexual victimization.

First, as they stated, there are only 32,101 pregnancies related to Rape in the US, so it is not an ‘epidemic’ by any means. There are lots of ‘epidemics’ that aren’t like H1N1, SARS, West Nile, etc., etc., etc.

Second, the study itself first says most of the rape-related pregnancies are adolescent girls, and a relative is the one who is raping the girl, meaning most of these unwanted pregnancies caused by rape are within the family. That pedo uncle is an urban myth for a reason. The vast number of men are not raping women, but a certain few are, and we need to do something about those levels of rape in our culture, which happen because of sociopaths and psychopaths.

The numbers do not support your conclusion, Johnson, so you should drop the 1 in 20 are not even brought to the police thing. That is creating a hysteria that completely puts fear in both men and women from doing what comes naturally, building relationships, marriages and families. How many men and women are hesitant of taking a big step by talking to a member of the opposite sex that they think is attractive because they are afraid of the rape myths that you are perpetuating?

When the amount of rapes have been going down in the past 20 years in all of our cultures, this rape hysteria needs to disappear.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day.

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Trolly News Update – Oct. 26th, 2017 – Ontario uses ‘gender-equality’ to deny free speech

If you watch Yuri Bezmenov’s videos, the idea Marxists go about to subvert and demoralise a country through a series of crisis is an absolute thing to understand. When you look at that and apply the fundamental tenets of critical theory, social engineers set segments of the population against each other in a worldwide game of chest where ‘privileged’ people vs people of ‘diversity’. Once Hollywood started to broadcast these messages into our homes through TV and movies, it has done nothing but set brother, sister, father and mother against members of their own home. In the recent two years, this conflict has become so strong, violence has erupted, first from the left in the riots protesting the Nov. 8th election results, and throughout this year with Charlottesville being the prime example of the heightened conflict between Marxists and Fascists, and now anybody who espouses any conservative view. With this heightened sense of conflict between the Marxists and Anti-Marxists – Antima for short, or AntiCom if you want to be literal – Anti Communists, all kinds of things gets implemented. Today, in the name of ‘gender-equality’ protesting at an abortion clinic is now a criminal offence. Yes, people who hurt the feelings of women wanting abortions are guilty of a crime now. Thanks, Kathleen Wynne.

From Ontario makes it illegal to protest outside and near abortion clinics

It will soon be illegal to protest outside and near abortion clinics in Ontario.

The legislature passed a bill Wednesday to create zones of between 50 and 150 metres around the eight clinics in the province, in which anti-abortion protests, advising a person not to get an abortion, and intimidation or interfering with a woman’s ability to access the services will be banned.

Again, I have never heard about any altercations that have happened near abortion clinics. They are using ‘protect women’ dialogue as a clever tactic to create tension between people. Every single day, if you check, your rights are being eroded by the government. Whether we are accused of hate speech when it comes to talking about Islam, the Transgendered push on children, and today, speaking out against abortion, Canadian’s are losing their right to speak the minds of on controversial topics like abortion, Islam, and immigration. Thanks, Kathleen, for creating such an intolerant ‘tolerance’.

I’ve said it, in the new leftist world, there is no choice but pro-choice, and if you have a different opinion, shut up. Whether the Leftist world decides that a pro-life voting woman can’t be the chair of the Status of women committee, or you are mandated to vote for Pro-Choice in all abortion matters, or it is this 50 meter ‘safe space’ around all abortion clinics because non-existent intimidation happens there, the government is violently denying pro-life voices. As a libertarian, if your idea needs force to prevent dissent than it is not worth implementing.

Attorney General Yasir Naqvi cheered that all three parties worked together to pass the legislation on a sped-up timeline.

Of course Patrick Brown is cucking himself for the Marxist forces in my government. He has to virtue signal that ‘he’s with the ladies’ because feminism has replaced religion as the ‘moral compass’ of our world. You can’t have a ‘moral compass’ that is constantly moving all over the place, because every time it shifts, it will deny more people their rights. Today, they passed a bill to silences Pro-life voices by preventing any protest within at least 50 metres of abortion clinic. What’s next, online, because you know whatever bill they use to create a safe space online may include ‘protecting women’s issues’.

It is going to be a battle to slowly take back our culture because people are under the false illusion that the way our culture works is right. It needs every single blogger, video maker and demonstrator to fight this. The hegemony that Marxists have created though feminism is almost absolute. Most people are intimidated into saying ‘I’m pro-choice and I’m a feminist’ because they know they will be bullied online if they say anything different.

We only need to look back to #GamerGate to see how people like Anita Sarkeesian, Zoey Quinn, and Brianna Wu acted towards people who oppose them. They doxx them, they harass them, and they attack their opponents on a constant basis. Whether you are Kaley Cuoco, Taylor Swift, or the numerous people who go out and attack women for having the ‘non-feminist’ ideas and positions. Feminism is not a peaceful movement whose views are so great people want to stand by them immediately; it is a movement of intimidation and fear, and one everybody should be opposing feminism right now. I’m for human rights, not women’s rights because feminism is not for free speech and freedom of ideas and views.

This kind of meme is born of the hegemony of Feminism. When everything has to be for women and by women, any kind of dissenting voice must be squashed.

“We as legislators have passed a very important piece of legislation ensuring that women have safe access to health-care services like reproductive health and abortion services,” he said. “We worked on this bill on a very short time frame to ensure that we protect women.”

The bill’s timing had inflamed political tensions between the governing Liberals and the Opposition Progressive Conservatives. The Tories had proposed passing the bill immediately after it was introduced, with no debate or committee hearings, and the Liberals declined, which led the PCs to accuse the government of trying to draw it out, hoping it would expose divisions within the PC party.

First, I have never seen any news story where there were riots between Pro-Life and Pro-Choice people. The only intimidation I see in this is the Ontario Government attacking people’s right to protest something they oppose. The fact that the Liberals wanted to try to cause division is yet another Marxist tactic. They intimidated the PC party to see if they could create any segregation, creating a political divide between Pro-Choice and Pro-Life politicians.

I almost want to show my disgust of this law by breaking it as soon as it gets implemented. I want to organise a peaceful sit-in, surrounding an abortion clinic for all 150 meters to make our voices heard, that we will not be intimidated by the government as it tries to divide us. I want the Ontario government to arrest me, to show how far they have fallen in this pit, exposing Ontario and Canada to the hegemony of feminism and Marxism.

Opposition Leader Patrick Brown noted his party unanimously voted for the bill’s passage Wednesday, and said it did not cause any divisions within his caucus.

Several of his caucus members — including those who have espoused socially conservative views — however, were absent for the vote. Two were away for health reasons, Brown said, though they are not the members who hold those views.

Yes, because people being absent for a vote because they had morals and wanted to vote no, but you intimidated them by saying your party has to vote ‘Pro-Choice’ look good and can’t bring up LGBT issues either shows there isn’t a fracturing of the PC party right now Patrick. I am voting Conservative in the Ontario election of 2018, not because I like Patrick Brown, but we cannot afford another four years of Kathleen Wynne. It is making me want to get involved in politics myself to be a political dissident in the real world, to expose the dirty corruption of the PC party in Ontario.

I want a provincial party that represents my best interests, not one that continually bows down to these divisive forces that force the socially conservative voices, like myself, to be silent. Marxism and good people doing nothing about it is a black hole that is consuming everything good in the world, and everybody needs to stand against these forces. Ontario conservatives choose Patrick Brown before a time we were organising online and making our voices heard, so he is a remnant of the neoconservative movement. In 10 years, we will have a better leader for Ontario. It’s good to see Andrew Scheer as the federal Conservatives leader because he is fighting the culture war with a few of his decisions.

Brown did not directly address the absence of the social conservative members, but noted many Liberals were away as well. That included two of three Liberals who have been praised by anti-abortion group Campaign Life Coalition for their views.

The lone politician to vote against the bill was Jack MacLaren, a former Progressive Conservative who now sits as an independent after joining the Trillium Party, which the legislature does not recognize as an official party.

I’m glad there are people on both sides of the political divide, both Liberals and Progressive Conservatives who were absent for the vote, who has been praised by the Campaign Life Coalition. It shows how much intimidation that is going on behind the scenes in both the Liberals and the Conservatives parties. Both parties are hell bent to cause a massive division between Pro-Life people and Pro-Choice, and substantially between men and women.

And I am glad to see one person, Jack MacLaren having the balls to be there and be counted as he votes against this considerable attack on the free speech people in Ontario. We have you in our sights, Patrick and Kathleen. We can see how you operate when people who would vote against this measure leave the legislature on the day of the vote. You probably make it so stressful for those members of parliament that they retreat from the opposition of their views, again, showing how much you respect freedom of speech.

Thanks for reading guys, and have an excellent day!

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​Trolly’s Week in Review – 15/10/2017 – Men in 2017

One of the most important things I learned in the past seven years is how important having a partner means to me. I live for The Purple Horse. She is at the centre of every decision I make. When I have a terrible day, she is there to hold me and tell me that I am the best. She is my help as I live on Earth. I wouldn’t be here today, writing this blog if it wasn’t for her. Someone wrote in a book that it is not good for a man to be alone. Later, another person said there would be a day where people would be engaged in unnatural affections. Whether it is a sex robot, or watching copious amounts of porn, or having children from artificial wombs, MGTOW is focusing on ‘solutions’ to the ‘woman problem’. It shows the epitome of delving into strange affections and where that can take us.

These things do not offend me, or worry me because I know all these things must happen. I know that Marxism needs to raise its head one last time for the people to destroy it once and for all in a single hour. Let Marxist professors try to radicalise their students into their repugnant religion, for the blind lead the blind in the world of academia. Let the women referee men’s behaviour, making men feel like they there is something defective about them, or leading men to raise up against this foolishness. Men are not ‘defective women’. Let men seek lifelong friendships and living arrangements with each other in ‘bromances’, men they can sit back, drink a few beers, talk about how shitty their lives are, people who they can joke about ‘objectifying’ some new hot starlet on TV or movies. More men and making this choice according to a new study from the University of Bedfordshire in Britain.

From Rise of the bromance is bad for women, could become ‘genuine lifestyle relationship’: study

‘What happens if these bromantic relationships really take off… Women actually just become the sexual fulfillers of men and nothing else. That’s the worrying aspect’

Well, I have to say that Feminism did this. When it took what is natural, like the affection and attraction men and women have for each other, which is best suited to creating a stable, functional home for a husband and wife and their children, feminism messed around with it with the ‘sexual revolution’, leading men to choose something more stable to grow more. Eventually, men would say, if you can’t live with them, but you can’t live without them, you find a way to live without them. Men are very rational and can look at women with a utilitarian purpose – like sexual fulfillers, while renting a place with their best friends, all working at their jobs, coming home to play some Halo or Call of Duty, and eating some Pizza. It’s 2017, and no man is really homophobic anymore, and even gay jokes are water off a duck’s back. Who cares anymore? If women want to be left alone to become the next ‘kick-ass CEO’ of a Fortune 500 company, then men will leave her to her own devices. We’re not going to stand in her way.

So women are now worried that men are more likely to seek other men than to live under the thumb of a woman who finds their behaviour ‘problematic’, who doesn’t want to commit, because she wants to have her career, and fight against the ‘wage gap’. That’s why they are worried about sex robots. I’m not for robots myself. It is completely unnatural. Our affections and attractions, as I stated above, is to have a natural relationship. Men and Women who have families have the most fulfilling lives. Having children is a sign of optimism because you are saying the world is going to be better when you have a child, and pessimistic adults have fewer children. And men in despair will choose porn or sex robots over leaping in faith and being in a relationship.

The rise of the intimate “bromance” as a new form of friendship has liberated young men from the stifling bigotries of homophobia, but it imperils young women who are increasingly regarded as little more than targets of sexual attraction, according to new sociological research.

The bromance may not be the progressive expression of enlightened masculinity, as it is sometimes described and portrayed in movies, said Adam White of the University of Bedfordshire in Britain.

Fuck your ‘progressivism’ and your fucking cultural Marxism. Your ‘progressivism’ has done this. When the Duluth Model treats every man as the only abuser in a relationship when it’s really a 60/40 split – both men and women in relationships will initiate abuse on each other, but it is always the man who gets arrested, and Title IX is indiscriminately ruining young men’s lives, with every false rape allegation against them, in Star Chamber like vengence scenarios, Is it a wonder why men will enter a ‘bromance’, living with their best friends, kicking back and enjoying their lives, instead of the constant worry of a woman destroying his life. If I didn’t know that truth that men need women so we can bring the best out of each other, I would undoubtedly live that comfortable lifestyle. A more laborious life makes strong people though, so fuck them.

So now the progressives are finding, whatever men do is problematic. If men live with women, he might abuse her physically or sexually, because the Duluth model says men are monsters. If men live with other men, that is also bad for women, because men find it easier to be around other men than they find it to be with women, and women will only be around to ‘sexually gratify’ men. Make up your damn minds, you Cultural Marxists. The only consistency of either statement is you don’t like things men do.

Rather, it may be a regressive development, with especially worrying results for women. His research, based on interviews with male undergraduate students, concluded that men saw their female romantic partners as judgmental, and as “the primary regulators of their behaviour.” This led to a generalised disdain for women, and a view of romance in which men feel they are “constantly posturing and self-monitoring, not only to achieve desired heterosexual sex but to prevent relationship destruction.”

Geez, guys don’t want to cuck themselves so much that they feel like they can’t be themselves to keep a relationship going. It’s almost like men have to be ‘completely self-aware’ just to maintain a relationship because women are tyrants over the men’s behaviours. Considering this is out of a university, I wonder how many of these ‘girlfriends’ are gender studies students, learning all about toxic whiteness and masculinity, and when a guy steps over that ‘line’, they are completely fucked over because he’s ‘abusive’ to her.

A key theme of the bromance, on the other hand, was the freedom to express themselves without judgment and to engage in emotional intimacy without fear.

The rise of the bromance “is very, very good for men,” White said. It offers young men the opportunity for, as the research found, “elevated emotional stability, enhanced emotional disclosure, social fulfilment and better conflict resolution, compared to the emotional lives they shared with girlfriends.”

When it comes down to it, it looks like the best way men can fight depression, suicide, and so many other problems is just hanging out with other men, and even living with them. Men can’t always be ‘micromanaged’ by judgmental partners and expect to be healthy. It sounds like the good ol’ clans system. Men worked with each other on a personal level, not in an 8*8 cube.

This study could be reimagined to say that women need to work on themselves more, because if men find men better to live with, the problem is not men, but women. It seems these ‘girlfriends’ are not self-reflective, realizing they are putting stress on their men so much, that their men are more willing to hang out with the bros than spend time with them. If women want to have men spend more time with them, they need to start to be more of a supportive girlfriend than a referee over their behaviour. As Pavlov proved, animals in any activity that has a reward is going to learn how to navigate that much faster than an animal in an activity that is punishment based. If women have become ‘judgmental’ and hanging with the bros is fun, what do you think men will chose, based upon Pavlov’s findings?

This study just concludes that the dynamics between men and women are so fucked up in the west, that men find hanging out with dudes so much more socially satisfying than living with a woman. And if the ‘progressives’ don’t like it, they can take a long walk off a short pier. You made that bed, go lie in it. This is your grand ‘Feminist’ Utopia. It was so successful in creating a wedge between men and women that men don’t even want to live with women.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day!

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​Trolly News Update – Oct. 12th, 2017 – Why are Conservatives bowing to Cultural Marxism?

Despite the public backlash against Feminism and social justice in general, Conservative leaders have been playing a dangerous game, which may isolate themselves from their base. You see, in the past 20 years, feminism and social justice have replaced the Christian ideals as the moral compass of our society. In every single way, we hear politicians who say they want to be considered a feminist, and that they are taking all talk about ‘social conservative issues’ off the table. They believe that if they change and accept all the demands of these Marxists feminists all of a sudden women will change their minds and start voting conservative because we don’t ‘oppose’ them anymore. Conservatives bowing to the ‘feminist’ hegemony is the new norm in our culture because our governments are slowly turning into Marxist strongholds. We live in a society where saying women should buy their birth control is paramount of ‘a war on women’ because they say so. This morning, cuckservative Patrick Brown is bowing to this hegemony, preferring to partake in the delicacies of ‘the table of feminism’, trying to ‘inclusive to everybody’, because he doesn’t want to rock the boat.

From Social conservative issues ‘off limits, period’ at Ontario PC convention: Patrick Brown

‘I think I opened the party up to tens of thousands more who simply want a reasonable…modern, inclusive PC party. So I’m not worried about a few leaving’

When people say the politics of this generation has shifted to the left, they are correct, and conservatives who have ‘social’ conservative views are going to see people like Patrick Brown bow down to these extremely leftist forces. Sure, many conservatives no longer want to debate gay rights, and the fact society as a whole has become less homophobic allows straight guys to have better relationships with guys than with women. Giving men a new found freedom on finding their meaning without having to be in a relationship with a woman. Men need people who will fight against this hegemony where everything is done to appease women.

“Any policy that attempts to limit a woman’s right to choose or the ability of same-sex couples to marry are off limits, period,” Brown said in an interview with The Canadian Press.

“I’m not going to say it’s even up for consideration when I personally could not defend that or support it.”

What’s next on your agenda to be more ‘inclusive’ Patrick? Is it legislating manspreading, like so many different places all around the world? We need you to start fighting against those force, not being ‘inclusive’ to this idiocy. When girls are being married to men as much as three times their age, this is how we fight for women’s rights. Saying a woman’s ‘right to kill a baby – sorry fetus’ is the same as a 12-year girls right to be a child and not a wife is not on the same level. If you continue to go to the left, I am going to start marketing a T-shirt, Patrick Brown is a Liberal in Conservative clothing.

If you continue to capitulate with these forces, and acknowledging their moral superiority, you are going to lose. Feminism and social justice were never meant to do anything but drive everything apart, and you’re experiencing that right now. Whether it is siding with ‘feminists’ who constantly shift goal posts, feminism is meant to put men and women at war with each other. There was never the phrase ‘the battle of the sexes’ until around 40 years ago, and now everything is the ‘battle of the sexes’. The discussion now is how sexist is ‘manspreading’, ‘manterrupting’, and ‘mansplaining’. Think about that? Feminism may be one of the big reasons why heterosexual men enjoy ‘bromances’ more than romances now because men aren’t going to attack each other with fake rape allegations and point out all the stupid things feminists point out, like the above three things.

The move says less about Brown himself and more about his sense of Ontario’s political climate and what will get him elected, said Ryerson University political science professor Myer Siemiatycki.

“This is Mr. Brown responding to, I think, where the lay of the land is and public opinion is predominantly settling in Ontario that he can’t win an election in Ontario by positioning himself as the candidate of social conservatism,” Siemiatycki said.

Patrick thinks that the only way conservatives can go forward in Ontario is if he ‘goes liberal’. Conservatism means to do our best to maintain our culture. Some ‘social progress’ is not social progress at all. While I acknowledge it is legal for a woman to go out and make a choice if she wants a baby or not, I will always be pro-life. I think abortion is abhorrent, unless it is medically necessary or the pregnancy was a result of a rape, which is about 1.5 percent of abortions. I also hate that most abortions are on the Tax Payer’s bill. Why is tax payer’s money used to pay for most abortions, when most taxpayers are not responsible for that pregnancy? But that would interfere to a woman’s ‘abortion on demand without remorse’.

She should just move to Canada. She’d get all the free abortions she wanted. Women like that would especially make guys seek bromances instead of romances.

Patrick, you’re at crossroads in Canada’s and even the World’s history. We have a choice between what our moral compass will be. Will it be the moral compass of cultural Marxism by admitting they have already ‘won’ the war, or will it be the moral compass that conservatives have always espoused too, that of liberty and freedom of opportunity? If you want to choose the moral compass of cultural Marxism, you can go ahead, and I will take the right of you, and I will keep on fighting the Marxist forces that are trying to turn Canada and Ontario in the next Soviet Union.

It’s your choice, Mr Brown. If you continue to bow down to the new ‘social norms’ of cultural Marxism, I will go to the right, and be the conservative you ought to be.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day.

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