Trolly’s Hot topic – Zuckerberg’s congressional hearing and other Facebook failures.

Yesterday was big news. Finally, the social media giant Mark Zuckerbot, oops Zuckerberg, made his way to Congress to talk about all of Facebook’s failings. I’ve been fairly vocal about how much I hate Facebook because the social media giants are have been silencing conservative voices and amplifying leftist voices on a continual basis. When Facebook forced me to dox myself just to use their service, I decided that I didn’t want to use their service anymore. It was useless to me anyway, because most of my blog posts hardly ever got any amount of feedback and interactions, despite the fact I blogged almost every single day. But this isn’t anything new for conservatives, despite Zuckerbot’s ‘assurance’ that Facebook is a place of ideas.

From ‘Your user agreement sucks’: Senators threaten Mark Zuckerberg with regulation over data leak

In one of the most contentious exchanges of the afternoon, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, accused Facebook of a “pervasive pattern of political bias” against conservatives. Zuckerberg disputed the allegation, saying he worked to prevent such bias despite acknowledging that Silicon Valley was “an extremely left-leaning place.”

Yes, Zuckerbot must have been programmed to say, oh no, we won’t allow bias to silence conservatives, we work really hard at it, trust me. Yeah, I don’t believe it at all, because there are too many examples of popular conservatives who get silenced. Whether it is Blaire White or Diamond and Silk who got videos banned for simply being Pro-Trump supporters. It’s hilarious that we have actual evidence that Zuckerbot is lying, but he continues to lie to us, saying he wouldn’t allow the ‘extremely left-leaning place’ to affect their bias.

I love that, extremely left-leaning. You can’t be extremely left-leaning, unless you are part of the far-left, lol!

People don’t realize, Facebook is a leftist paradise. They were fully allowing the Cambridge Analytica controversy go on for years while allowing leftist people try to manipulate elections for liberal parties until Chris Wylie realized and was upset that they were also helping conservatives like Steve Bannon and others. We all know this, and that is why social media websites who take a more neutral stance, like and, are doing far better than ever before. I bet Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, was really upset too, considering she puts a lot of money on Nancy Pelosi.

And while Facebook will work with Mueller’s investigation into ‘Russian Collusion’, They refuse to work with ICE to detain and deport illegal people. This shows how much leftist bias that Facebook actually has. Russian Collusion is a ‘potential danger’ to American democracy, but an actual danger of people illegally coming into the US is not important enough to Zuckerbot to actually help ICE get dangerous criminals out of the US. This is why I know the whole Cambridge Analytica thing is happening only because conservatives benefited from those services. Had only leftists benefited, we would never hear this.

Trump, in my opinion, is an agent of change. He is the bull in a well-manicured china shop that was benefitting leftists for the past 20 plus years. Now that he got elected, leftists are autistically screeching that he has won and wants to do anything to expose why he won and impeach him. And it’s actually working for the alternative media. Yes, YouTube and other places are doing their best to make sure we are silenced, but new alternatives are coming forward all the time. Minds is working to fully integrate into the blockchain and Ethereum. The fact their token system pays for free advertising of your posts to all users of makes it really interesting website to use as social media.

Gab is also a great place, with all kinds to get your work out there. From live topics to categories, things are going awesome there as well. When I started to work my account with memes and blogs, I had a score of 20, and maybe 60 followers and that was March. Now, I have a 640 score and 163 followers. It is far better than what Facebook allowed me to grow by. With these two platforms, I get my brand out there far better than Facebook ever allowed me, because I am a conservative and my views need to be silenced.

I truly think that and Gab can really take the place of Facebook and Twitter. Both work to ensure our privacy is protected while helping people get their voices out there with tools on their websites. The fact that wants to go decentralized with their monetary token system, it should help people create a new system of advertising, so advertisers have an alternative to Facebook to reach their audiences. While this will definitely have a wild western feel to it, it does help independents get their ideas out there and hopefully make some more money.

It’s time to get out there and get people to realize that there are alternatives to Facebook and Twitter. With how much that is going on right now, we can definitely help people out of the leftist echo chambers of Facebook and Twitter. It’s time to make sure we get our voices out there to actually help create some change.

Thanks for reading my blog, and have a great day guys.

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