​Trolly’s Hot Topic – Doug Ford and the Winds of Change

Do you feel it in the air? The direction of the world has changed. It started as whispers when Donald Trump said he would run for President of the United States in 2015, leading to his victory in Nov. of 2016. The next year was a mixture of victories and defeats because the powers that be don’t want change. While services like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook attacked conservative viewpoints on a continual basis plus the events in Charlottesville disrupting everything with the death of Heather Hayer were stinging defeats.  We had the victories of the Red Pill being the number one documentary in iTunes and Google Play, showing that the people still held power as the social media overlords tried to silence our speech, plus the Wild Rose and Progressive Conservative party of Alberta formed a United Conservative party in Alberta last year. The empire sure struck back, and we lost our arm in our duel with Vader, but we were still fighting back. Then this year happened. Trump got his first major policy victory; he got tax reforms. Not only did he close the loophole that prevented corporations from hiding money in offshore accounts, but he also lowered taxes (the opposite of Jagmeet Singh’s ideas), which prompted so many corporations to bring back money into the US and to hire many more people and to give people bonuses as well. Crumbs enough to pay for months worth of groceries, despite what Nanci Pelosi wants to say. Now, North Korea’s Rocketman is meeting with Trump in May of this year, talking about denuclearisation. Everything is becoming new again, and it s a breath of fresh air. Another breath of fresh air occurred last night. Doug Ford has been named the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. I can hear the delightful shouts of NOOOOO from progressives today, not him; He’ll ruin everything we built up.

Conservatives, if you haven’t figured it out yet, are fed up with being called sexist, racist, homophobic and every other buzzword under heaven by people who don’t want to have conversations about where our country is heading. We don’t want $1.4 billion to be spent on women entrepreneurs, saying that women can’t overcome ‘the Patriarchy’. I hate hearing about the Patriarchy so much, I’ve decided to be the face of the Patriarchy, so that I am the reality of feminists fantasies. I am the Patriarchy so that they can be at least fighting something real. What the media and these leftists haven’t realised, the reason we keep on voting people like Donald Trump and Doug Ford is we’re not going to take it anymore. We’re fed up, and we are sending the most offensive weapons we can at everybody. We want people who will stand up against this politically correct invasion and say no. I’m proud that conservatives like Maxime Bernier refuse to be called racist and to ‘check their privilege and be quiet’ by these cry bully Baizous. We’ve had it up to our necks with this bullshit.

It’s great to see how we will not back down anymore and seeing us throw the hand grenades against these politically correct forces. I am proud to be a conservative right now. With Trump’s success this year, and Maxime Bernier and now Doug Ford, we are going forward again. We are making our voices heard, and there is nothing the leftist media can do about it. I recently watched a Netflix TV show called American Vandal; it’s a parody of a true crime drama in which an innocent man was accused of spray painting a dick on 27 different cars. It’s funny as all hell, so I recommend it. But in the end, when the innocent man heard that his classmates thought he had done it, it upset him so much, he painted a dick in the driveway of the teacher he hated. When people pigeonhole a person or a group of people for long enough time, they act out in frustration. The constant buzzwords are why we voted Trump and Ford; we are fed up being called racists, sexists, homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic and every other phobic under the sun. So we want these leaders to upset you because we’re tired of it. The left has created these monsters, and now we’re going to destroy the leftist infrastructure like the Godzillas you made us out to be.

You made us, and now we’re changing the winds again, fighting back to create a world where we will not allow you to belittle us. When arrogant Hollywood TV hosts are saying that they are smarter than Conservatives because they have higher IQs, it is time for Conservatives to stand up and call out their bigotry. We will not ‘check our privilege and be quiet’, and so we will continue to fight their prejudice against us.

Today, I am happy, and I wish Doug Ford good luck with his efforts to create a great Ontario, where we can get rid of some of the unconstitutional laws that have been passed in Ontario while getting rid of the carbon tax. Ontario is already hurting because of Wynne’s mismanagement, and Trudeau’s carbon tax will harm it even further. We need some common sense people who will not pander to the ‘progressive’ voices.

Ontario needs better leadership than Kathleen Wynne, and I think Doug Ford is the kind of person who will get things done, no matter how many people will stand in his way, as Trump has done. When I heard he was going up, I was happy, because we can have a Trump in Ontario. We need one, and it’s going to be fun and bumpy ride forward. I can’t wait to see Doug scrap with these leftist hooligans.

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys.

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