Introducing the Fisher Folk

Ever since some liberal flunky started to call him the Fisher Folk, he’s been really irate. Political correctness and ‘gender neutrality’ is getting to the point, you can’t say someone is a fisherman anymore, because that may offend someone. He’s pissed that PM JT is so stupid and making Canada look dumb!


Introducing Trollette Von BigTits!

Trollette was your average gamer gurl in the early 2000s, kinda supporting inclusion in gaming, because she liked having a popular gaming gurl NewbTube channel. Because of her sassy attitude and her good looks, she was very popular.

Then GamerGate happened, and the citizens of the Internet demanded her to pick a side. Pick the politically correct censorious assholes like Vaggy and Hoey Sinn, or she could choose fighting for free speech, and she choose her side.

This pissed many of the brainwashed gamer gurls who sided with political correctness.

Trollette is fiercely loyal to her friends. She will do anything for them. She’s also a fierce competitor, and the most important aspect of her personality is her fierceness – she never backs down. This indomitable spirit keeps her going no matter what the odds, which helped her as a gamer gurl in the early 2010s, and during GamerGate when social media was split in two, those for political correctness and those against it.

GamerGate Trolls Update 2

Full Video

I’ve got a lot to cover with my current state of building GamerGate Trolls. I’m nearing the end of concept phase – I only need to look at the areas and create the three storylines within them, and define all the bosses in that level and how to defeat them – most of which is done.

In this update – I discuss what GamerGate Trolls is, a parody RPG about the Internet. I talk about the skill trees that will be available in the game, having choice between two different characters with differing stories at the beginning, with a variety of different classes available to them, due to their personal histories.

I also introduce the story. You will have 3 different endings, and each is dependent on what you decide in each of the areas you go to – so you have the opportunity to play the game multiple times for a different experience each time.

I also introduce the Deplorables – Trolly and Trollette have 5 companions, all based upon political correctness and Internet culture.

Thanks for supporting my work on this most excellent game!

Introducing Vivian James

Vivian is a true creation of the Internet, being summoned from nothing by some of the greatest sorcerers of coding magic, the Fine Young Capitalists and /pol/land. She has come to fight off ClownWorld and political correctness and ensure that both the Internet and gaming can be sane places!

Introducing MAGA Man

Story – MAGA man was a woman who now identifies as a man. Going through Tumblweed, so much of the conversations made them question their gender identity, because they was so powerful, they realized she had to be a man, because no woman could be that strong and wondrous. He has since started to take hormones and seeking gender reassignment surgery.