#Gaming with Trolly – Mass Effect Andromeda’s Story mechanics and characters needed a lot of work

Last week, I talked about how Mass Effect Andromeda was plagued with bugs, bad character customization and controversy at the start. With wonky animations at the start, it was real disappointment from the get go. The fact the only way to play a white character was to play default Ryder, and the female character looked like Anita Sarkeesian. . . Well, it was a disappointment, because they should have done much better after the controversy of Mass Effect 3s ending. Today, I am going to talk about the positives and negatives of the story of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

To do this, I’m going to break this all down into three parts. First, will be the conversation mechanics. Second, will be the characters. Next Week, I am going to go over the story as a whole, and individual story lines and my thoughts on them.

This system of Logical, Professional, Casual, and Emotional responses was just fucking stupid. I get they were going with the non-alignment stuff they were going with Dragon Age, but this was fucking stupid. At least Dragon Age felt like there were reasons for your choices, like having special responses for being a type of race or class. This felt completely arbitrary and needed to be completely overhauled. I think the real reason I started to really hate this system was, my fiancé would have OCD panic attacks, worrying about if their Ryder was going to say the right thing all the time. It was infuriating sometimes. These were completely irrelevant choices and felt like they should have taken a lot longer to think about choices and consequences in dialogue.

Since it was all about exploration of a brand new area – how about these conversation options.

1.) Curious – kinda paraphrasing what someone said to get more information from them.

2.) Military – Standing your ground, looking at the initiative’s objectives over the aliens concerns.

3.) Diplomatic – siding with the aliens and trying to ensure their friendship, backing down on things the Initiative would find valuable.

4.) Exploitive – Manipulating someone to get your way, to ensure you get the upper hand on them.

Those sound a lot more appropriate, and you could completely change the game with your conversation choices because those have consequences.

The only time you feel like your decisions do have consequences were different times where you had to decided one thing or the other. I did like these choices, but the other ones felt 2 dimensional at best.

BioWare, you are supposed to be the most premier story telling video game company. When your dialogues choices feel 2 dimensional, your fans are going to be pissed at you. You completely fucked up, and someone like me can come up with better dialogue choices in 2 minutes than your crap ones.

Now, let’s talk characters.

There were some characters I liked. Drax was one of them. His character had real depth. Being a very old Krogan Warrior who has lived 1400 years going around with his shotgun, protecting New Tu’chunka was awesome. I loved playing his story out. Everything was perfect, and I commend the writer who came out with it. Perfect in humour and character.

Peebee was another character I enjoyed, though not as much as Drax. I laughed at how over the top she was, and it was very interesting. Her loyalty mission was perfect as well, the resolution of her past, plus her going after the Remanent tech was awesome and funny.

And then there is Liam. His loyalty mission was the ridiculous quest line I have ever played. It was just perfect.

Yes, they pulled the old Han Solo Star Wars Joke. Just a simple weapon malfunction, LOL! And the fucking argument, that was just perfect. See, complete asshole, before they were about to be spaced.

But the rest of the characters were completely bland. I couldn’t care less about Cora, Ventris was passable, and Jaal’s Loyalty mission had no kick to it.

Basically, the end choice was you were choosing Jaal with and without a scar. Ohhhhh, big consequence there.

It should have been the whole Samaria Vs. Morinth choice again. You can either allow Askkul to kill Jaal, and there would be consequences of that choice, but it would completely discredit the Askkul as the madman he was before the other Roekaar, or you could kill Askkul to save Jaal, and further divide the Roekaar from the rest of the Angara, and really mobilize them against the Initiative, but you save Jaal.

So, they definitely needed to go to the drawing boards on how the told some of the companions stories.

And with side characters, some of the conversation was just fucked up. In the Mass Effect Trilogy, Ashley Williams is your God believing character, and she has depth and interest. When you talk to her about God and the afterlife, the conversation was not cringy as hell, and Shepard could keep her accountable on different occasions when talking about her slight xenophobia over what happened to her grandfather.

Suvi, on the other hand, was so 2-dimensional that I was just pissed off at BioWare. It felt like they tacked on the idea, she’s a scientist who believes in God, like it is forbidden or something. When over 40% of scientists believe in God and an afterlife, I don’t think it is so ‘forbidden’, and I could have written her character 10 times better than what was done, as a person who believes in science and God as well. They murdered the character big time.

Like who says, if you believe in God, why be a scientist? WTF BioWare. That is such a fucking dick move. Either you say I agree, or you completely insult someone by suggesting science and belief in God are mutually exclusive.

And Gil, omg. I couldn’t really stand him at all. I was calling him a fucking cuck every conversation. He was such a fucking beta male it felt like he was wearing the dress in the relationship with Jil. Of course, I think Gil would like to wear dresses.

Callo was cool too, he was the normal and funny Salarian. Great character, that brought a lot of the backstory of the initiative with him.

BioWare definitely needed to work the characters a whole lot more, and the conversation system was completely flat in my opinion.

Have a great day guys and thanks for reading.