Trolly’s Halloween Shitpost, 2017

Hey guys, let’s Make Halloween Great Again. Let’s take it back from the snot nosed brats who thinks everything is racist, sexist, and homophobic. I’ve been saving some stuff for a while now, and this is going to be one great big politically incorrect blog about how stupid some people have become. So, let’s get started.

From Lili Reinhart Apologizes for “Racially Insensitive” Halloween Costume Photo

Lili Reinhart has apologized for posting what she late called a “racially sensitive” photo of a person in costume.

The 21-year-old Riverdale actress posted on Twitter this weekend a DeviantArt photo she found on Instagram of a woman dressed up as a “demon,” sporting a black bodysuit and black-colored body paint on her face and arms.

“Found my Halloween costume!!” Reinhart wrote. “Inspired by the color of my soul.”

The pic spurred mixed reactions. Some people accused her of wanting to “do blackface.” Others said they did not find the photo offensive. Nonetheless, she deleted the tweet and apologized.

Yes, the social justice brigade were so offended by a woman dressed up as a dark spirit, they had to overrun her Twitter feed accusing her of being a racist monster. I just love that, what does demons have to do with black face.

It kinda reminds me of Kaley Cuoco needing to apologize for saying she wasn’t a feminist, like that is a sin or something, or how Taylor Swift needed to apologize for saying she is not a feminist either. Now Lili Reinhart has to apologize for being ‘racist’ by showing a black face costume, which is not blackface because that is not portraying a black person.

From Urban Dictionary – Blackface.

Enhancing or exaggerating your features and color of skin to represent another race usually in a offensive way.

Sara is really rasist she posted a picture of her fully blackfaced

Since Lili was representing herself a demon, she was not engaged in black face, period. This is levels of social justice retardation that needs to stop right now.
Of course, schools from all levels are now ‘policing’ the kinds of costumes, nothing new here. If you want to be any kind of ‘racially’ insensitive thing, you’re going to be punished in today’s social justice norm. You are not going to believe the ‘dos and don’ts’ the Toronto School board has for tomorrow.

An Ontario school board has sent a checklist to parents before Halloween: Does your child’s costume “represent a stereotype,” such as “terrorist” or “urban ghetto dweller?” Does it involve changing the colour of their skin? Does it allude to a culture that is not the child’s own, such as a kimono, a turban or a feather headdress? Does it “mock” transgender people? Is it based on “tragic or violent historical moments,” such as “slave” or “cowboy and Indian” role play.

First, does it represent a ‘urban ghetto dweller’, their politically correct term for gang member. If someone wanted to dress up as Michael Jackson from the Bad video, they are going to be kicked out?

Second, terrorist, really. Do they think that there is seriously parents who would have dressed their kids like ‘terrorists’. And what if the kid comes in dressed like Antifa, which looks like ISIS, with a few alterations.

And the Kimono, Turban, or Feather headdress, are you kidding me. So kids can’t be passionate about different cultures anymore, in case it offends people?

And ‘mocking’ transgendered people. So if a guy wanted to dress up as a ‘hooker’, a fan favourite, are they in the wrong? And you can’t even be a Cowboy anymore.

Of course, colleges are also doing the exact same things.

From No Fun Allowed: Colleges Complain About ‘Cultural Appropriation’ In Halloween Costumes

Universities are once again promoting the idea that “cultural appropriation” is an actual thing to students need to be aware of–and opposed to. With Halloween just around the corner, the “We’re a Culture Not a Costume” campaign is in full swing.

First started in 2011 by Ohio University students, the campaign has since spread to other schools throughout the U.S. thanks to its proliferation on social media–especially on Tumblr, where users created their own variations of the posters that depicted students of various ethnicities alongside caricatures of their cultures.

The social justice brigade literally takes the fun out of everything. Once upon a time, it was considered offensive if people went out of their way to be offensive while wearing stuff like the feathered headdresses, but now, the mere fact of wearing that, or a Kimono, or even a Cowboy is so offensive, we need to prevent that. It isn’t just the Indian princess, it is a Cowboy now, because he ‘was involved in indigenous genocide’.

This who narrative of ‘Indigenous Genocide’ is getting so ridiculous, any kind of ‘indigenous’ costumes is met with hostility, forcing stores to remove them because social justice warriors threaten boycotts. Walmart cucked themselves this month, by bowing themselves to the ever insatiable social justice fervour.

From Walmart Canada pulls Indigenous Halloween costumes from website

Walmart Canada has pulled a number of Halloween costumes from its website, including “native princess” and “chief,” and will begin a consultation process to revisit its “guidelines that address cultural sensitivity,” CBC Toronto has learned.

CBC Toronto was investigating a complaint about an afro wig for sale at a Greater Toronto Area Walmart and came upon several Indigenous costumes on its site.

Way to go Walmart. The more I look at politics and economics, the more I realize the best thing for Walmart and other stores to do is make a profit. They shouldn’t have any other directive. If I was running Walmart Canada, I would tell the Baizuos that we are not as worried about social justice and being politically correct by keeping the costumes. I love that Chinese slang word Baizuo, it is perfect in describing these morons. They are way too politically correct now.

So, what is the most offensive costume that some could wear? What would make one of these Baizuos scream in horror. Well, one course from the University of Victoria in British Columbia Canada may have the answer.

From GNDR 331 – Queering the Undead

Introduces the concept of “queer” by exposing the similarities between Hollywood monsters and marginalized genders, sexes, and sexualities. Focuses on the term “queer” as both activist and theoretical, and the production of such “undead” characters as zombies, werewolves, ghosts and cyborgs as both constructive and problematic to queer concerns.

Yes, Canadian tax payer’s money is going to a course that explores ‘queer’ concerns about zombies. I agree with Jordan B. Peterson, if this is the kind of ‘academic’ course you take in Gender Studies, it needs to be defunded immediately. This is disgusting.

But it does give the clue as to what the most offensive Halloween costume will be.

She’ll suck your brains out.

Now, if only she had a Indian Headdress and a swastika.

Thanks for reading, and have a most excellent Halloween guys.

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