Trolly’s Rant – Why I will not be watching Big Brother Celebrity Edition @BigBrother

I hate Hollywood, that’s why. I could leave it like that, but I feel an explanation is in order. With the adpocalypse happening on YouTube, making it harder for alternative media content creators to make money from their platform, Hollywood had everything to gain from this, because fewer people would try to create content on that platform. The mainstream wants to squash the alternative media, and if you’ve haven’t had your head in the sand for the past 2 years, you’d realize it.  It’s forced my favourite content creators to do some creative things to ensure they are allowed to develop alternative content as a full-time job. Hollywood, in particular, benefited from this the most. It’s taken some time, but people who have banded together to ban Hollywood have made sure we grab them by the wallets. We hit them hard and we kept going. I’m tired of Hollywood trying to be the gatekeeper of entertainment. There is hardly any creativity in it left. While there are some innovative and creative titles, like the Matrix, and the Riddick movies, most are just rebooted crap, or taken from other types of media like the Marvel movies and Harry Potter. So, there will be a Big Brother Celebrity show this winter starting on February 7th and they can go fuck themselves. I don’t want to give them my time.

It’s also why I couldn’t care less about Star Wars : The Last Mary Sue. Everything I have so far heard about the movies is so fucked up. I kinda liked how much the Force Awakens was similar to A New Hope, but I knew it wasn’t creative at all. And having seen Rogue one, I was so disappointed in that movie. It was really shit. Some monk, being fired at by all sides, makes it to his goal saying, this force is with me, I am one with the force. I was utterly disgusted by the sheer lack of anything compelling about the movie. It was a wasted $30 dollars before I boycotted Hollywood. Fuck Hollywood. Ever since Disney took over the Star Wars movies, it has only gone down. Star Wars was my favourite movie as a kid, and now I hate it. Another SJW shitshow that I am angry about.

People, well feminists, say that women don’t have voices, and yet Hollywood shoves down intersectional feminist down our throats all the time. Hollywood is the most prominent entertainment provider on the planet. It single handily decides what movies we watch. Once upon a time, people would dream of being a writer, director, or star in a Hollywood movie – because you knew you made it when you made it in Hollywood. You’d live a life of luxury, where servants would provide you with your every need. Having read most of the Thoughts of Blaise Pascal, do you want to know what people in his time wanted to be, royalty and nobility. Every young boy imagined a knight would choose him to be his squire, so one day he would become a knight and a lord. Every young girl imagined being picked by the prince and become a princess and queen. Now it’s winning the lottery or becoming famous. Blaise saw right through that, and so do I – it’s better just want to be just like other people, to never want these things, because it is that empathy and acceptance that we are all the same that makes a person great. Celebrity, nobility and all these other things are just chasing after the wind that those things will solve our problems.

The alternatives are still making progress to reduce Hollywood’s monopoly on our entertainment. With eBooks allowing people to publish to a variety of different platforms, and YouTube with Patreon giving people a chance to create what they want and earn a living on it, and the app stores on Google Play and the App Store for Apple, people can do new things. Netflix is soon going to overtake Hollywood. With hundreds of millions of users, they have the money to produce their content. With breakout hits like Stranger Things, American Vandal, and Bright, Hollywood won’t know what is coming. I especially loved Bright, it was hilarious and action packed. Seeing Will Smith smash a pixie while saying ‘Fairie Lives don’t Matter Here’ was just awesome. Who would guess the company who made that movie was called Trigger Warning Entertainment!

I also loved how hilarious American Vandal on Netflix was. It was a satire on the true crime shows. It was the investigation of the crime of someone spray painting a dick on 27 different cars, which constituted a felony because the paint jobs to fix the vehicles equalled $100,000! It showed two great lessons, how an innocent person was presumed guilty because everybody jumped to conclusions, and how that can affect the person at the end, another must-see on Netflix. It is the epitome of what John Adams said – if innocence doesn’t protect a person, than that person will say, what use is being innocent if I am in jail despite it, and the law dies in the eyes of that man.

And if I have to talk about Stranger Things, well, go out and watch it. I shouldn’t have to tell you it is the coolest thing since the Matrix or the original Mass Effect. It’s too bad that BioWare is continuing to create more walls between it and it’s fan base, wanting more involvement with Anita Sarkeesian.

Most importantly is the hypocrisy of Hollywood. I can epitomize it in just one meme.

It’s time to turn off Hollywood. It’s an old dinosaur on its last breath, dying in a tar pit. It certainly helped us develop the movie and gaming technologies we now enjoy, but its usefulness is at an end, and new platforms need to be built to replace it. Who has the money to go to the shows anymore? Who needs to buy BluRays, when most movies just go on NetFlix anyways? It’s time we take hold of the new and open markets we have. Hell, Netflix and Canada have an agreement to produce $500 Million of Canadian content on Netflix. If I could get that money, I would create #GamerGate Trolls in two seconds – but how can I make it purely ‘Canadian’?

Thanks for reading and have a great week guys. And don’t forget the FISA memo, the Trump and Russian collusion story was all a con job that I predicted months ago.

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