Trolly News Update – Oct. 13th, 2017 – RCMP stands for Racist Canadian Mounted Police

There is always a delicate balance between maintaining our culture and accepting people from different countries and cultures. No matter how racist the far right can be, I will still enjoy going to an Indian restaurant, with their spicy curry cooking. According to a poll of 1,477 people, 69 percent of Canadians would vote for a ‘Turban Wearing Sikh’. I would vote for Jagmeet Singh if he were a Conservative, and had conservative values, and wasn’t a member of the NDP party with crazy policies. Go, Andrew Scheer. Canada is an open and welcoming country. But there is always a weakness in any system a country adopts. If you close your borders to all immigrants, you miss out on all the new customs they will bring. If you open your borders completely, the danger of bringing in dangerous elements who want to undermine your country is elevated. And no matter how much some people who say, travel bans are ‘racist’, they are not, especially when it comes to the imperialist force of Islam.

Since the beginning of the Year, Canada has experienced a vast amount of refugees coming up from the United States. There’s 10s of thousands of Haitians who are seeking refuge in Canada because there is nothing to return to yet in Haiti yet, and they are afraid the United States is sending them back. Yeah, the place that the Clinton foundation ripped off, and hasn’t helped at all. With the influx of so many people, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police decided to produce a questionnaire to find out who is coming into Canada. You know, it’s called vetting. And that survey they created is being accused of being ‘systemic racism’ against Muslims. Do I have to remind people there have been 31884 Islamic-terrorist attacks since 9/11? They are not the ‘noble’ people the world thinks they are, at least the left-winged world.

From RCMP document targeting Muslims sparks criticism of Liberal asylum management

OTTAWA — The emergence of an RCMP questionnaire targeting Muslim asylum seekers in Quebec prompted fresh accusations Thursday that the Liberal government mismanaged this past summer’s massive flow of migrants from the United States.

The questionnaire was used at the Quebec border crossing that saw an influx of thousands of asylum seekers from the U.S., many of them of Haitian descent who were concerned about the Trump administration’s decision to cancel a program that allowed them to stay in the country.

Among other things, the questionnaire asked opinions about religious practice, head coverings associated with Muslim women and terrorist groups with mainly Muslim members.

Ever since Trudeau said that anybody could come into Canada, to try to ‘one-up’ President Donald Trump after Trump attempted to implement the first travel ban against Muslim Majority countries, the refugee situation in Canada has become almost unmanageable. Just to let people know, Trump’s travel ban includes Venezuela and North Korea now (Trump was never targetting the Islamic religion people, it was whether your country is dangerous or not). The situation here in Canada has been tough.

I think of Trudeau as an immature little brother who is trying to ‘out do’ Trump by doing the ‘exact opposite’ of him. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I never saw anything so immature when Stephen Harper was Prime Minister, and Obama was president. But JT has to be better than Trump because of ‘reasons’. You go, girl!

With such an open invitation being offered by Prime Minister JT, I wonder why thousands of people took him up on his promise and made their way to Canada, sometimes at significant personal risk. I can’t believe how irresponsible that Prime Minister Trudeau has been. He says all the ‘right’ things but doesn’t follow through with a well thought out plan. You can’t make a blanket statement like that, and not expect people who are unsure of their status in the US not to come to Canada.

And with the sheer amount of refugees coming to Canada from the US, an illegal act because they never started the refugee process to immigrate to Canada, and around 50 percent are sent back to Haiti anyway. So, what could the Canadian government agencies do, but work with ill advised plans to try to ensure the people coming into Canada are going to fit into our country. You did this Prime Minister Trudeau, with your immature ‘competition’ with President Trump. So many people upped and moved, hoping your tweet was legal in Canada, and now they are being put into a much more desperate situation, because of what the Clinton Foundation has done to their nation.

Toronto immigration lawyer Clifford McCarten said he obtained a copy of the document from a client seeking refugee status, who had been given the three-page, 41-question document by mistake.

“He was shocked by the questions,” said McCarten, who provided a copy to The Canadian Press.

The man was originally from a Muslim country, he added.

“Canada is a very liberal country that believes in freedom of religious practice and equality between men and women. What is your opinion of this subject? How would you feel if your boss was a woman? How do you feel about women who do not wear the hijab?” says the questionnaire, which also asked the same question about other head and body coverings, including the dupatta, niqab, chador and burka.

Questionnaires that are completely stupid is what happens when the government has no national strategy to deal with 10s of thousands of ‘refugee’ seekers. Prime Minister JT is way out of his depth because he would rather virtue signal without talking to his advisors and cabinet. In the multitude of counsellors, there is safety, you moron. You have brought Canada to its knees, and the RCMP wants to ensure who is coming in will not end up like Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, who attacked and injured five people. Canadian agencies, like the RCMP, need to ensure everybody coming into Canada is not going to be an Islamic terrorist. These acts of Islam are not ‘isolated’ attacks, but Islamic Imperialism which threatens to destabilise our countries, to force our nations to accept a final complete Islamic rule.

Yeah, sure, the way the RCMP did it was really awkward and stupid, but like I said, Prime Minister JT didn’t give our government agencies enough time before he virtue signalled to the entire world how much better he was than Trump. It seems, even in Trudeau’s feminist utopia, comparing how big one’s private parts is still a measure of one’s manhood. Please JT, stop embarrassing Canada and showing us as a laughing stock. Your tweets don’t represent the reality in Canada. 10s of thousands of people came to Canada because they believed you when you said Canadians would welcome everybody coming. And when they arrived, half were sent back to Haiti, and all had to go through an ill-prepared influx of ‘refugees’, which you are partially to blame, as well as the media and it’s Trump hysteria being the other force that was to blame.

Stop opening your mouth, and do better. It’s better a fool to remain silent than to speak and reveal how foolish they are. Don’t get into these ‘Trump’ comparisons when he does something you feel ‘strongly’ about. We couldn’t prepare for all the refugees that came up from the US illegally.

Matthew Dube, the NDP public safety critic, said in an interview the questionnaire raises “red flags” about whether the RCMP is engaged in widespread racial profiling, and he called on Goodale to launch a broad inquiry to find out.

He said he has serious concerns that Goodale didn’t know about the questionnaire until Tuesday.

“I have no idea how such a racist, profiling questionnaire could ever be part of an operational procedure.”

Mr Dube, Islam is not a race. It is a strict imperialist order who wants to subvert all governments through Sharia Law. When you use buzzwords, like racism, sexism, homophobia, instead of dealing with issues, it solves nothing. Islamic terror has no skin colour and no race. I’m going to provide you with a few examples below.

Yeah, there is some controversy over what happened between the RCMP and this couple of WHITE MUSLIMS, but they were willing to attack people. If you haven’t realised, anybody can become radicalised by Islam!

The world needs to realise that Islam is not a ‘skin colour’ or race, and that helps give it a smoke screen. Anybody can be an Islamic Terrorist, no matter what their skin colour is. You can be a 17-year-old girl from Germany, who is helping ISIS breed an army while killing soldiers with a sniper rifle, or a couple from BC whose names are John and Amanda, and maybe even Stephen Paddock, though that hasn’t been confirmed by the media yet.

Pierre Paul-Hus, the Conservative public safety critic, said the party supports the RCMP’s efforts to keep Canadians safe but is “united against unjust discrimination towards anyone because of their faith.”

When it comes to all the replies about how this refugee crisis has played out in Canada, this is the only rational thing someone said about the questionnaire. The RCMP wanted to do ‘the right thing’, but they did it in the wrong ways. That survey was a pretty lousy way to vet people into our country. Again, this shows how bad JTs virtue signalling has become.

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Trolly’s Adventures in Idiotocracy 7/2/2017

Yesterday we all suffered through Canada’s 150th Birthday. If you watched the CBC coverage of the ‘celebration’, you know what I am talking about. It was boring, tooth pulling and generally as fun as watching paint dry. But mixed into that boring celebration was some stepping pile of white guilt from our Indigenous neighbours. But what I couldn’t stand the most was MItsou and Sandra Oh. They tried to tell jokes and be excited, and it came off they were trying too hard.

This wasn’t the only thing that made the day boring in my eyes. The first couple of the singers performing weren’t even English. Considering 64% of Canadians speak English, you’d think you start off with English and then have something else. There is nothing worse than staring at a TV, and you can’t understand many words.

Right after, Buffy St. Marie sang a song with a mixture of English (only a few words) and Native. . . I was pissed at Trudeau. It’s like he is snubbing English-speaking Canada all the time. He even forgot to mention Alberta in his speech about Canada.

He’s apologised for the unintentional act.

And then the really outrageous shit happened.

Yes, the CBC played this cancer.  I guess genocide would be giving people complete income tax and sales tax cuts, allowing to go fishing and hunting without a license and extend the power grid by spending $1.35 billion to reach remote Indigenous communities with about 10,000 people living there. Despite all of those facts, these SJW morons talked all the same talking points we have always heard. Fortunately, the Internet is a great disinfectant.

Indigenous people even started to put these posters all over the place.

This is why I hate postmodernism. Despite all the things we have gifted them, which is more than enough in reparations, if you want to consider them that, these brainwashed idiots keep saying the same things. When Hitler tried to eradicate the Jews, he didn’t give them Tax cuts, allowed them to fish and hunt anytime they wanted or improved the power grid. So, I can absolutely say that the Canadian government has no interest in committing genocide on the Indigenous people of Canada.

And then I learned more bullshit SJW news that is just fucked up.

Trinity Western grad ‘attacked’ for being Christian in job rejection 

Meet Bethany Paquette. She is guilty of applying to Canada’s North for Amaruk Wilderness Corp, to be a wilderness guide.

This asshole is Olaf Amundsen, who blames Christianity for a bunch of things, like destroying his culture, and attacking the LGBT community. He stated that he would never allow anybody from her school to apply for a job at his company for those reasons.

It’s funny how I watched Logick’s new videos on Canadian law, debunking Armoured Skeptic before I found out about this.

That is completely against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, so Bethany is taking Amundsen to the human rights tribunal. Nobody should be denied gainful employment or discriminated against because of their religion, and fortunately, that is protected by law.

Everybody is everybody. With SJW nonsense on the rise, I’m guessing these kinds of bullshit things will happen more and more often. The whole Cultural Marxism thing wants to replace Religion, and therefore they are very hostile to it. Fortunately, the western world protects them.

It’s funny, I would like to see if Amundsen would do the same to a Muslim applying for work at his company?

And of course, I had to hear about this.


Three Teenagers, including one illegal alien, er I mean wonderful dreamer and undocumented citizen, poured scalding hot water over a woman and raped her before her children’s eyes. Yes, these wonderful people who are enriching us with their culture did this horrific thing.

You see, most of the ‘rape culture’ in the west is these kinds of incidents. For every Brock Turner, there are probably 5 people like Josue Ramirez and Francisco Palencia. This is why people need to be serious about protecting the border. Some of these people have no interest in our countries except to sponge off of us and commit crimes. Trump is right to build a wall and having a desire to protect America.

Well, there you have it. My adventures in Idiotocracy. What a shitty weekend.

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