​Kanye West, John Sheridan, and Minbari War Syndrome

In season 4 of Babylon 5, there was an episode called the Illusion of Truth. In it, ISN (think CNN but on a galactic scale) sends Dan Randal to Babylon 5 to discredit John Sheridan, the leader of Babylon 5. For those not familiar with the TV show, Babylon 5 succeeded from the Earth Alliance, under martial law with complete control from President Clark, after Clark sent the order to bomb civilian targets. John Sheridan and allies he made with alien governments saved Babylon 5 from Clark’s rule. Babylon 5 was a thorn in Clark’s side, and he needed the people at home to feel comfortable that he was doing the right thing and that John Sheridan was somehow mentally ill. So Dan Randal shows up, all cloak and dagger like, interviews John Sheridan and Delenn(Sheridan’s love interest) and gets all kinds of footage. Later, when he is back on Earth, Randal spins a narrative that John Sheridan is suffering from Minbari War Syndrome, and he is trying to create human hybrids. When I recently watched the episode with my Fiancé, we commented on how everything out of the left-aligned media uses the same M/O as Dan Randal. President Trump is mentally ill. Yes, I’m linking an article from the New York Times, saying President Trump has a mental illness.

While J. Michael Stravinsky doesn’t see the obvious parallels, because he is not a ‘Trump supporter’, I do. But isn’t just Donald Trump the media does this too. Anybody following him must have mental Illness as well. Enter in Kanye West. He says that he likes they way Candace Owens thinks, a known Trump Supporter. Of course, leftist twitter goes on a rampage. How can any ‘black person’ like a Trump Supporting Uncle Tom? Then, Chance the Rapper said –

The Democrats were losing the narrative. And what do we see? TMZ interviews Kanye West and makes him look bad because there’s a black person who is walking out on the ‘group think’ leftist mentality. Like Kaley Cuoco apologising for saying she is not a feminist after thousands of twitter feminists ‘educated’ her, the fanatics on the left must deal with Kayne similarly. It’s simple, that’s how the left always wins. They demand 100% submission to their ideas, like good little fanatics. Having forgotten the most important rule mentioned in Babylon 5, never forget the first rule of the fanatic, when you become obsessed by the enemy, you become the enemy. Feminists and the race baiters on the left are their own worst enemies because they have become obsessed with their enemies and any resemblance of common sense has left them.

Now, we see a parallel between Kanye West and John Sheridan. I don’t know how many times I have heard a TV anchor or a TV talk show host saying that Kanye West needs help. Like John Sheridan and Minbari War syndrome. The obvious comparison was so easily seen, Helen Keller could see it.

Yeah, that is right, Kanye needs help, and he must be on drugs or something, for all the things he is saying. He must also be upset that President Obama told him off for the Taylor Swift thing. It’s nothing new, the left media deals with everybody who disagrees with them by demonising them. #GamerGate, who are mostly left-leaning hobbyists who wanted to ensure gaming journalism is transparent and ethical, are a bunch of misogynist monsters who hate women, according to the left’s media empire. Gamers know the deal, the media is corrupt, and we need to stand vigilant against any unethical bullshit.

That Loni person, who is saying Kanye must be on drugs and is under psychosis can go to hell. Kanye is probably not mentally ill. Kanye is having his character assassinated like the media branded gamers as sexist monsters during #GamerGate, and John Sheridan had his reputation destroyed by ISN, claiming he had Minbari War Syndrome. It is so evident to anybody who is remotely familiar with these nasty dealings.


Afterall, CNN did threaten to dox a simple redditor shitposter for making a wrestling gif that showed Trump kicking CNN’s ass. To me, the perpetually offended squad are the night watch, looking out for anybody who is the slightest out of line of progressive thought. You could be a white girl wearing a traditional Chinese gown for prom, being guilty of cultural appropriation, or you may be Taylor Swift needing to be re-educated by Lena Dunham because saying you are not a feminist is problematic.

The left treats it’s own when they dare question ‘progressive’ ideology by ‘educating them’ into submission again. The evidence that ‘progressivism’ is a new religion is everywhere. You can’t go online without seeing something about Feminism or see a scandal involving the perpetually offended politically correct squad.

Hell, Matt Groening is even telling them off now. He’s right; people love to pretend they are offended, and that there is ‘lines you can’t go past’. Well, fuck the lines. I don’t care. If the left gets this triggered that they assassinate the character of Kanye West, for not thinking like the rest of you, then you have nothing worth following.

There’s a libertarian saying, if your idea is so good you need to push it on others by force than it is a bad idea. If the left is going batshit crazy because a famous black rapper dares to say he’s a conservative and likes how Candace Owens thinks, then you have to deal with it. If his ideas were so bad, why have many conservatives rallied behind his free speech?

The left needs to change. It can’t be the squad that can only function when they tell people to ‘check their privilege and be quiet’. If you have to force us not to speak to push your thoughts on us, your ideas suck, and you need to come up with better ideas.

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#GamerGate is the perfect example to show the real story of fake news

As Alex, they’re putting chemicals in the water that are even turning the frogs gay, Jones says, there is a war on our minds. And while this living meme has been made fun of for most of his career, he isn’t wrong about the war part. There has always been a war, to keep the scales on our eyes, blinding our minds. While most people probably didn’t recognise this, August 16th, 2014 would change the world. Eron Gjoni posted about how Zoe Quinn abused him in their relationship. Gjoni’s post came at a time when gamers were shaking their heads on why Zoe’s non-game Depression Quest was getting so many favourable articles about it, including escapist.com. The events between players and the gaming press and feminists went viral to the point, a simple post about how men can identify if their relationships are abusive or not became a national rally against ‘misogyny online’.

While there have been trolls on both sides of this debate going online, it was how the outside media showcased this that shows how much there is a war on our minds. If you didn’t know #GamerGate was all about ethics and censorship, it was. And the fact people were fighting for that transparency and ethics in the journalism for their favourite hobby, games, you thought it was an online mob against women in gaming, which is the farthest thing from the truth. I wasn’t part of the original #GamerGate push; I only knew what the media said about it. So, I went out over the past couple of months to read some stuff on media manipulation, especially about #GamerGate, because the mainstream media’s narrative about #GamerGate is #FakeNews.

I started with reading the True Story of Fake News by Mark Dice. While this book doesn’t deal with #GamerGate directly, Mark has always impressed me with his ability to research and present information. I also read Zoe Quinn’s book Crash Override, and Inside GamerGate, a social history of the Gamer Revolt. We know that google is suppressing conservative content online, which is probably using this API. I checked this API with some standard Anti-social justice things, and you’ve got to check out the absolute hilarity of the responses.

So we have an API whose algorithm categorises being against feminism and Antifa as immoral, especially calling Antifa terrorists, which the algorithm says is very toxic, as is our favourite meme, feminism is cancer. We also see a left-winged bias towards calling anybody Hitler as offensive, while calling someone Stalin is less offensive (for reasons), and it doesn’t have enough data when a person compares a public figure to Mao. We know that Google and other tech companies have an inherent left-winged bias. The moment Google fired James Damore for challenging the left-winged narrative that ‘brogrammers’ prevent women from entering ‘STEM’ fields, a narrative which started before and gained support during #GamerGate because the media fanned those flames, you can see how Google wants to control the ‘progressive’ narratives. He was not allowed to question their methods or motives. No wonder one of #GamerGate’s biggest detractors, Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn are in good standing in Google.

Not only did #GamerGate have all kinds of women and minorities coming to its defence, telling progressive dimwits like Sarkeesian and Quinn to stop messing around with our hobbies, but members of #GamerGate did a lot to help young women get into the gaming industry by funding the Fine Young Capitalists. Zoe Quinn opposed them over some semantics about ‘transgender’ policies and not paying their workers. #GamerGate swooped in to help the group and through the interactions created the most prominent icon for GamerGate – Vivian James, featured in the first meme on this blog. If you never heard of that in the mainstream news narrative about #GamerGate, you may be listening to #FakeNews.

Once these anti-GamerGate MSM narratives occurred in August of 2014 and kept on going, Gamers from all around the world realised how corrupt the media was. GamerGate first started with Gamers coming against corrupt journalists who were not disclosing ties with different developers. Then a narrative begins where the movement, which was all about media ethics, was just an online hate mob, which probably shocked the participants a great deal – their assumptions confirmed by a media that was lying about them.

Those events, which solidified when Adam Baldwin coined the hashtag, suggesting he believed the gaming journalists were in league with game developers, would start a political movement that would eventually lead to the election of Donald Trump. WikiLeaks invited #GamerGate to level up, and realize that the corruption wasn’t just with gaming journalism, but going right up to the most powerful organizations in the world. It was the beginning of the end of the mainstream media, because everybody was being brought into the fold of the media corruption. Now we have liberalists who want to fight this regressive left authoritarianism and media corruption. Had they left our games alone, we would have done nothing, as per the non-aggressive principle dictates. We’re okay with you, until you come at us, then get ready for a massive attack.

#GamerGate has had such a profound cultural effect. People started to realise that the media does lie about things because they attacked a bunch of people defending their hobbies. And out of it came thousands of people who would no longer believe the media just because they said something because they had proof they lied before. Things are only getting worse and worse though, with the advent of the term Fake News. GamerGaters knew that the media was already fake news though, but most people don’t realise it, because they grew up hearing that the press was the truth. It is up to us to show why this is not the case anymore. If the Media can lie about #GamerGate, what else can they lie about to create a narrative?

After GamerGate more and more people continued to work against censorship and corruption the media, leading to Brexit and Donald Trump’s election victory. These are the lasting effects of #GamerGate waking gamers up that the media has never been their friends. The media may have ‘been with gamers’ when Fox News was posting up their nonsense about how games were destroying America’s youth, but it was just the members of the press bias against conservatives. When ‘progressives’ like Sarkeesian and Quinn make the same stupid arguments as the Fox News panellists, the same media expounds them as heroes, simply because Sarkeesian and Quinn are the same kind of leftists they want to promote. The hypocrisy of the left is exposed. It’s only stupid if conservatives make those arguments, but when we make those arguments, we are ‘progressive’, and you’re sexist if you don’t agree.

I wonder if the media expected the backlash of #GamerGate, where people used humour, memes and social media to start fighting back, showing the hypocrisy of the press. People on the right in the movement probably laughed as people realised many media outlets have a left-winged biased because many people in #GamerGate was shocked when media outlets who had supported them in the past attacked them for being misogynist and right winged, even though many were left-winged. I wonder if they realised what they were doing when dozens of websites attacked the ‘Gamer’ Identity one week after #GamerGate started to trend on Twitter, with the the Gamers are Dead articles, who attacked Gamers instead of taking their concerns seriously.

Most of these articles came out the same day, which #GamerGate members proved was because all of the journalists were part of a secret group called GamerJournoPros (this article is about the early days of GamerGate). Finding and exposing the GameJurnoPros group had an even more significant effect on people questioning what the heck was going on, asking how much the media was working with each other to create a narrative about #GamerGate and gamers, again fuelling the fire, convincing gamers who were paying attention what was going on. Media was working with each other in very unethical ways.

Since, 2014, Gamers have changed the political landscape. I wonder, how many gamers couldn’t have cared about who was in politics, never voting because their life was games. And when the media and politicians started to attack them in familiar ways, they became very political, all in the name to save their hobby. After all, both Anita Sarkeesian and Hillary Clinton used the same rhetoric at certain times. I wonder how many American supporters of #GamerGate laughed their heads off, hearing Hillary Clinton channelling Sarkeesian on national TV!

We are ever vigilant against media corruption and media collusion and ethics. When things don’t line up, we fight it by exposing the corruption that is apparent. And we’re not going away anymore. We will continue to fight for what #GamerGate is all about – media ethics and censorship, to fight against #FakeNews. These are non-partisan issues. You were lied to about #GamerGate if you never heard about the Fine Young Capitalists, WikiLeaks inviting us to level up, GameJournoPros working with each other, and the amount of positive press that Zoe Quinn was getting for no apparent reason. #GamerGate shows the definite left-winged bias in the media because many gaming media outlets ridiculed Fox news and their reports on gaming, but when Anita Sarkeesian and others says the same things, the press comes in to defend her, and any leftist.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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​Trolly’s Shitpost Saturday – 21/10/2017 – The wide world of politics

This week is one of the most exciting weeks in politics. Complete hacks, like former president George Bush, went on a rant spree that could not be any funnier. From people being upset that the Conservatives in Canada stalling the vote to make our ‘sexist’ national anthem ‘a little less sexist’, and the Weinstein scandal is all because of Trump. Sometimes I laugh at how politically correct our world has become because all of this has become insane.

Welcome to Trolly’s Shitpost Saturday, October 21st, 2017.

From Dalhousie student faces disciplinary action for ‘targeting white people’ in Facebook post

A student at Dalhousie University is facing disciplinary action for a Facebook post she wrote about Canada 150 celebrations, after another student complained that her post discriminated against white people on the basis of skin colour and ancestry.

Masuma Khan, a vice-president of the Dalhousie Student Union, wrote the post on June 30, in response to another post by the Nova Scotia Young Progressive Conservatives (NSYPC). The NSYPC message criticized a motion by the student union not to participate in Canada 150 celebrations on July 1 and to label such events “an act of colonialism.”

The student union “should prioritize advocating for student issues, not attacking Canada,” the Conservatives’ message said.

When it comes down to it, this is a sign of how someone who has drunk the social justice kool aid thinks. This Islamic girl (as I refuse to call someone this immature by an adult term) who is being allowed to go to a university in Canada hates Canada because of ‘colonialism’ so much, she puts forward a motion to #boycottCanada150.

I am entirely convinced that Social Justice has an astonishing forgiveness and thanklessness problem. When you look at what Google did to James Damore, what CNN did to Han Asshole Solo for making a wrestling gif, and the whole Sargon vs Anita Sarkeesian you are human garbage controversy during Vidcon it is easy to see. Once a social justice warrior condemns something, it is doomed forever. That, in itself, will ultimately destroy the social justice movement. When you live with that much hatred in your heart, everything will come crashing down.

It isn’t hard to understand why the hegemony of social justice is so harsh against anybody they do not like. They are Marxists who want to tear apart our countries, and set up some ‘socialist utopia’. Its head is finally revealed itself, when almost every single major social justice warrior, other than some Islamic people, are almost always demanding for a ‘communist’ revolution. Be it Sunsara Taylor, or Yvette Felarca; they are always calling for a ‘socialist’ takeover, By Any Means Necessary. They are not interested in doing anything but destroying our culture.

And Socialism will never work anyways. With the whole – let’s prevent people from making any profit by exceeding work expectations, while punishing anybody who doesn’t make expectations, nobody will want to work. Pavlov proved that all animals want to be rewarded for their efforts much more than they want to avoid punishment, and that will always lead to capitalism, because people want to be paid more for their high performance.

And how does Ms Khan respond to people calling her out for her anti-Canada message, you guessed it #Triggered.

“At this point, f*** you all,” Ms. Khan responded. “I stand by the motion I put forward. I stand by Indigenous students. … Be proud of this country? For what, over 400 years of genocide?” She signed off with the hashtags #unlearn150, #whitefragilitycankissmyass and #yourwhitetearsarentsacredthislandis.

Hope she doesn’t go ‘religion of peace’ on us. I wonder if she is one of the 7% who thinks terrorist attacks are sometimes or often justified.

“I don’t see my actions as targeting someone, or white folks,” she said. “White people can go through discrimination but not racism. Reverse racism does not exist because I would never have the power to oppress someone the way the system can oppress marginalized people.”

Oh, the good ol’ wheel of oppression. I love the cognitive dissonance it causes in people. Oh, you can be discriminatory of white people, but you can’t be racist to them. I bet she’s Francesca Ramsey’s biggest fan.

After conducting an investigation, Dalhousie’s vice-provost of student affairs, Arig al Shaibah, concluded that Ms. Khan violated its code of student conduct which prohibits “unwelcome or persistent conduct that the student knows, or ought to know, would cause another person to feel demeaned, intimidated or harassed.”

Good. The cost of the current form Social Justice should be steep. If you know that your statements are harassing towards any people, collectivising them as a whole, without realising everybody is different and make different choices, making them look bad, then this is what should happen. You shouldn’t have the ability to mock any group of people.

That good old anger and resent that Social Justice will never die. It’s so sad that some people are saying the Harvey Weinstein fallout is how frustrated people are with Trump and the fact he is president, despite saying ‘they let you grab them by the pussy’.

From Weinstein’s fall grew from rage over Trump

(CNN)As more and more institutions withdraw their honors and his career careens quickly — and deservedly — down the drain, Harvey Weinstein clearly has himself to blame for his problems. But should Weinstein in part blame Donald Trump — for whipping up Hollywood against sexual assault in the first place?

The day after Trump won, basically the other 48% of white women, most of the women of color in America, and a lot of men were pretty much horrified. This was definitely true in Hollywood. America’s cultural tastemakers had mustered massive amounts of money and outrage to try to bring about Trump’s defeat. And they — liberal celebrities specifically — failed.

Everything has to be Trump. Everything has to be ‘he grabbed them by the pussy’. Sally, we know you hate Trump, but everything isn’t about Trump. Everything is also not about women. For so many of those people who voted for him, it was about good jobs and changing the current direction in the world, a very oppressive globalist agenda which is trying to silence people’s voices.

You don’t, or won’t, understand that. I am a partial Trump supporter because he stands up to all the negative press you throw at him. I like seeing that kind of strength in a man. Trump is a catalyst for change because he is inspiring a whole new generation to fight these Marxist forces, by sharing knowledge with each other and taking action in the real world. When our culture teaches people like the Islamic Woman I discussed above, that you can say any dirty rotten thing you want about white people without repercussion, because ‘you can’t be racist to white people’, we have a problem. We need to fight it, and Trump inspires us to point out the hypocrisy of this cultural myth, that white people are what is wrong with the world. So, excuse me, I don’t care what you think of Trump because you don’t like him inspiring us to stand against you.

And most importantly, Hollywood needs to fucking fail. Sally, you might keep propping up the most wretched hive of scum and villainy on our planet, but I will not. Hollywood is a cesspool. If you didn’t know the more vocal a man gets about their ‘feminism’, the more likely they are going to be a fucking hypocrite. It’s the joke of the century. With all the stats in, someone like Harvey Weinstein, and so many other male feminists in Hollywood, the more likely they are a rapist, sexual harasser, or an adulterer.

When you put a $100 billion industry in the hands of a few studios, directors, producers, and writers, this is what you get. You get extreme corruption. You ensure Hollywood stays in hands like that, you’re are enabling this continued abuse, not to mention if they don’t like what you have to say, Hollywood and the mainstream media will try to completely silence you, whether you are a woman or a man. Stop enabling Hollywood.

But everything has to be about Trump in the world. He’s the centre of the storm, and the fact that former president George Bush doesn’t like the new heights of nationalism growing in different countries shows that Trump is the man. He may not do everything I want, but he’s at least pissed the globalists off.

From For nine years, ex-president George W. Bush kept silent about his successors. No longer

Speaking at the George W. Bush Institute in New York, Bush didn’t use Trump’s name, but his target became clearer as the speech progressed.

Here’s a sampling:

  • “Bigotry seems emboldened. Our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.”
  • “We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism.”
  • “We’ve seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty . . . Argument turns too easily into animosity.”
  • “It means that bigotry and white supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the American creed, and it means the very identity of our nation depends on passing along civic ideals.”
  • “Bullying and prejudice in our public life . . . provides permission for cruelty and bigotry.”
  • “The only way to pass along civic values is to live up to them.”

It seems George was just as asleep as I was. But it isn’t Trump that is causing this rhetoric. It is cultural Marxists who want overthrow the national debate in every single country, to overturn all these nations so that we ‘enjoy’ a socialist utopia.

The bullying comes from Masuma Khan, Sally Kohn, and people who think they can tell people what they should think, what they should say, and how to behave. In 2017, more men are choosing ‘bromances’ than any time in history because they feel women are referees of their behaviour. It is in this situation that men are making different decisions, electing someone like Trump can throw the national discourse up in the air, maybe things will change for the better. The more men sided with feminism, the more they wanted. As Einstein said, if you keep on doing the same things over and over again and you expect a different result, you are insane. Men needed to say something different this time, to elect a ‘bully’, to stand against the hegemony of Feminism and social justice, while at the same time fight globalism that is gutting nationalism.

Just shut up George. People consider you a war criminal that never got prosecuted because you are an ‘establishment’ politician. Thanks for creating the Tea Party, which was the beginnings of the current and real resistance against globalism and all forces that would oppose liberty. When you started to do all kinds of things like Gitmo and the patriot act and so many other things, many conservatives became so highly critical of you, that we started these movements, and now we have finally come into the power with a ‘new right movement’.

All of this social justice, cultural Marxist forces will not leave anything alone. Not even national anthems. Be it an attack on the National Anthem of America being a racist symbol, because the southern states liked the anthem, or Canada’s national anthem controversy, because we use ‘all of our son’s command’, and that’s not inclusive of women.

From Conservative leader urged to help end Senate filibuster in neverending national anthem lyrics-change saga

OTTAWA — Parliamentarians are turning yet another page in the seemingly unending story of the short piece of legislation that would change a few words of the national anthem.

In the saga’s latest development, the bill’s Senate sponsor, Independent Sen. Frances Lankin, is publicly challenging Conservative leader Andrew Scheer to help end a Tory filibuster — and suggesting if he doesn’t he’ll be perpetuating gender inequality.

Yes, this is what politics looks like in 2017. If you don’t change the lyrics of our national anthem, you are a ‘misogynist’ piece of trash because you are perpetuating ‘gender inequality’. LOL!

This is how bad things have gotten with social justice. Everything has to be ‘gender neutral’, or you are an evil patriarchal white supremacist. Frances Larkin, why don’t you take a long walk off a short pier. I can’t believe you are going that far.

When an overwhelming majority says they like the anthem the way it is, this kind of virtue signalling is bullshit. We’ve got to ‘fight for the ladies’. Why is this so important to you Frances, when over 65 percent of people, that’s an almost 2-1 ratio, do not want the anthem to change. It seems you are trying to set men and women against each other, when most people oppose you.

This is getting ridiculous. I can’t believe what our culture is turning into. This is Shitpost Saturday for this week.

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys.

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Trolly News Update – Oct. 18th, 2017 – Liberal’s Electricity Mistakes cost Ontario Billions

For the past 14 years, the Liberal Party in Ontario has been utterly destroying my province. I have never seen a Premier of Ontario do so much to try to bribe Ontario residents to vote for her. Whether it is providing more money to people on social assistance, or raising the minimum wage to $15. She is desperate, and so she also lowered the Electricity Bills by 25%, for the extremely high amount of 25.5 cents per Kilowatt hour. And she lied about the cost it will have on the Ontario economy. Living in Ontario has been hard because the Liberals have entirely mismanaged my province. There has never been a time in recent memory that the Ontario government wasn’t in some financial or political scandal. Now they have to face the consequences on how they have almost destroyed my province.

From Ontario government obscuring true financial impact of cuts to hydro bills: auditor general

The way the Ontario Liberal government is cutting hydro bills by 25 per cent purposely obscures the true financial impact of the measure to avoid showing a deficit on the province’s books, the auditor general said Tuesday.

Bonnie Lysyk estimated in a special report that the plan’s total cost will be $39.4 billion over 30 years, but the accounting the government is using means Ontario’s net debt – currently at about $312 billion – and future deficits won’t reflect that.

Wow, do you see the cost of this to the taxpayers in the end? Almost $40 billion. Man, when I hear about that number, as a family who struggles to stay on top of bills only on my fiancé’s disability pension, I understand how this is going to cost the Ontario government over 1/8 of its current debt, just to bribe Ontario residents to vote for her. Heck, I wish I just go more into debt to enjoy the good life. Let’s put a $3000 TV on a credit card. And let’s get that Surface Laptop that cost $4000 as well. Fuck yeah. Let’s go into massive debt just to live the good life. I’m sorry Kathleen, but this is bullshit. And it’s hilarious; you’d figure Ontario is using all new highs on electricity when you hear these numbers. LOL!

The reality, the average Ontario household is exceeding the Kyoto Protocols. Nobody reports this in the media. The Kyoto protocol set the target for CO2 for 1990 levels. If Ontario is using 25% less electricity now than in 1990, isn’t Ontario far exceeding the Kyoto Protocol? Why has the price of electricity, if all pricing is based on supply and demand, going up so much. I would assume we are producing the same amount of power as we were doing in 1990, or close to it. If we are now using 25% less electricity, that means the demand for electricity should be driving the prices down, because fewer people are using it.

You have to wonder, why are the prices going up so much in Ontario. Well, you’d have to go back in history, about how the liberals mismanaged so many projects to cost Ontario billions of dollars in failed energy investment, starting with Dalton McDouchebag.

From Dalton McGuinty staff ignored concerns over gas plants, court hears

Ontario’s former top bureaucrat says he tried but failed to persuade former premier Dalton McGuinty’s chief of staff that the government had a legal obligation to disclose documents related to the controversial cancellation of two gas-fired power plants.

Peter Wallace, secretary of cabinet at the time, testified in court at Toronto’s Old City Hall on Monday about the “tense conversation” he had with David Livingston during a meeting in August, 2012, where Mr. Wallace told Mr. Livingston he is “acutely worried” that the Premier’s Office has not complied with a legally binding order to hand over documents in connection with the power plants.

“I don’t think he found the conversation particularly useful,” Mr. Wallace testified. He said Mr. Livingston dismissed his concerns as “political bullshit.”

While the government says those gas plants cancellation only cost the taxpayer about $230 million; these sneaky bastards cost the taxpayer $950 million, another lie found by the Ontario Auditor General. I’m glad we have an excellent auditor general, who is exposing all the dirty secrets of McDouchebag and Wynne.

Ontario’s electricity price tags are the highest in the country. I expect that much of this electricity reduction is how expensive the electricty costs in Ontario. I will only take cold showers, even in the winter. Sure, one part is because I like them, but that electricity saving thought is in the back of my mind as well. How many Ontario residents are also looking for ways to reduce their electricity use? And how much of the drop is the introduction of energy-wise appliances as well? We are winning the battle over climate change. So it astounds me that Ontario’s electricity bills are so high, with ‘delivery fees’ beyond how much it costs for the electricity. What the hell is a ‘delivery fee’?

So, let’s get back to Kathleen, shall we?

“It is clear to us that the government’s intention in creating the accounting/financing design to handle the costs of the electricity rate reduction was to avoid affecting its fiscal plan” Lysyk wrote in her report.

According to energy analyst Tom Adams, the Wynne government is deliberately scamming the people of Ontario. In the interview below, he tells Pam Seatle they’re tricking the people with accounting fraud.

Yeah, Kathleen Wynne is a fraud. Her government is a fraud. I wish Tim Hudak wasn’t the leader of the Progressive Conservatives during the last election. Wynne’s election was more about how much people didn’t like him, and his if we fire 100,000 people in the public sector, we can make 1,000,000 jobs, the Conservative party could have won, and we could have seen some real change. Hudak was just not right for Ontario, and then we got someone much worse, Kathleen Wynne.

The electricity prices in Ontario are out of control, and we need someone with a clear vision for Ontario to work things out. When the demand for Ontario power is at all-time lows, we shouldn’t have the highest prices in the country. We need someone who can sort this mess out so that Ontario’s prices reflect how good Ontario has been in reducing its dependence on electricity. We deserve a reward for this fantastic effort. Maybe Patrick Brown will help, but I am not sure how conservative he is. I’m still not going to vote for Kathleen Wynne, so Patrick Brown has my vote for now.

The hydro plan lowers time-of-use rates by removing from bills a portion of the global adjustment – a charge consumers pay for above-market rates to power producers – for the next ten years.

In the meantime, producers will continue being paid the same, so Ontario Power Generation has been tapped to oversee the debt used to pay that difference through a new entity called OPG Trust.

So basically, Ontario Hydro will be operating on a deficit for the next three decades, and slowly, but surely, our rates will increase and go up even higher. The mismanagement of Ontario will be the only legacy the Liberals will have. They don’t have a clear vision, and they back down to immediate concerns instead of looking at long-range goals. That lack of long-term solutions is why residents of Ontario are suffering the most when it comes to their electricity bills. In 20 years, we’ll probably be paying 30-40 cents per Kilowatt hour for electricity. Thanks, Wynne. By bribing us, we are going to get screwed. I guess we will find all new ways to reduce our electric bills.

I think the only thing Kathleen Wynne has done for the province of Ontario is help innovation. Not because she’s committed to it, but when you bring such a great need, like Ontario paying at least 25% higher electricity bills than the next highest province in Canada, people want to innovate. People want to upgrade. People want to manage their electricity better. Like I said, much of the 25% lowering of how much an average household was using is those high prices. We don’t want to be so overwhelmed by electric bills that we can’t pay our other bills.

The end result of the “needlessly complex” financing structure is that the province’s bottom line won’t be affected, Lysyk said.

The cost of paying back that debt with interest will then go back onto ratepayers’ bills for the following 20 years, and Lysyk estimated the cost will be $18.4 billion borrowed to cover the shortfall, and $21 billion in accumulated interest.

Ontario’s financial watchdog has said the plan means hydro customers will be paying a net $21 billion over the next three decades to get short-term savings.

Kathleen Wynne is awesome. Can you imagine a political leader who mismanaged a province who is using less electricity than they were using in the 1990s that will cost the average citizen $39.4 billion in 20 years? The Liberals mismanagement shows how utterly incompetent they are.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a fantastic day!

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Trolly News Update – Oct. 10th, 2017 – Fragile Politicians ‘invoking white supremacy and Trumpism’ in Canada.

If you were wondering, are Canadian elections anything like the ones in America, they are. Kathleen Wynne, who has the worst approval rating an Ontario Premier has ever seen, is calling the opposition party leader, Patrick Brown, Donald Trump. Yes, the worst any Premier Ontario has ever seen. Her strategy, spend more money to make people happy. Let’s reduce hydro costs by making the next generation foot the bill, offer more money to people on Social assistance and raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. She’s trying to buy everybody’s votes, and it is still not working. So, what is she going to do, to ensure she would win?

In the last election, Kathleen wasn’t voted in because people thought she would do a good job, but the Conservative leader seemed way too ‘American’. Tim Hudak’s, If I cuold get rid of 200,000 government employees, I could create 2mil jobs was a meme in itself. It cost him the election, and she won a clear majority because Ontarians didn’t respond to that. Kathleen knows this and is going on the same attack of Patrick Brown, saying he is just like Trump.

From Ontario Liberals accuse PC Leader Patrick Brown of ‘Trump style’ politics

Ontario politicians are in preparation mode for next June’s election and Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government is laying the groundwork for a narrative to tell voters: Don’t let Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown bring “Trump style” politics north of the border.

Her party is accusing Brown of telling lies about Wynne and launching “personal attacks” with a “disgraceful” television ad that Liberals say is inspired by a Republican playbook.

First, let me tell you who the CBC, who published this story, is all about. It is an entirely government-funded news organisation. That means it is just a propaganda machine that spits out stories they are told to spit out. Conservatives know this because the CBC has been doing hit pieces on the conservative parties for years now. They follow the leftist line, attacking anything a conservative does. Well, conservatives have been saying the CBC should have its federal funds taken away from it. Not that it would matter. Most leftists in the corporate world would come in to help it maintain itself.

So, it is easy to see; the CBC is invoking the ‘great threat to democracy’, Donald Trump. So, in 9 months, we can see that great narrative will start emerging, and I can’t wait. I can’t wait to produce blog after blog detailing how corrupt, stupid, and desperate Kathleen Wynne is right now. I hope my blogs vex her because she is the most despised Ontario Premier for a reason. Her ‘don’t let Trump-like politics enter Ontario’ message will fail, as I expose how fragile leftists and their ideas are.

And it all starts with a TV ad that I love, and I laugh every single time I watch it.

She’s done way too much to this Province. During her reign, she said a Carbon Tax on electricity needs to be enacted, making Canada’s highest electricity bill even higher.

In her words.

“We need to now make that real in whatever form it takes,” said Wynne at Queen’s Park.

“The mechanisms are going to be released in the spring. We are going to move very quickly.”

The premier did not specify the kind of carbon-pricing tax plan Ontario would adopt, either a cap-and-trade method or carbon pricing, however, she said whatever policy is implemented will not place undue burdens on Ontario’s still beleaguered and recovering economy.

“We have climate change … we are facing a global situation and it’s only responsible that Ontario do its part,” Ms. Wynne said.

“I don’t think we can just throw up our hands and say ‘Well, we’re only 13.5 million people, and we don’t have to do our part.’ That’s not responsible. We need to be leaders.”

Yes, she thinks when Ontario residents, who already pay an average of 25.5 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity, we need to fight climate change by adding more taxes on our electricity bills. I don’t care if it is only 13 dollars a month for the ‘average household’, Ontario’s crippling electricity bills are harming our economy. These rising prices are due to no small part of failed nuclear power plant investments, and a focus on renewable energies, which are just not as good at producing power.

Kathleen, to save on electricity, I only take cold showers. Do you get it? We are using less power now than we did in 1990, according to Electricity use per household study your government did. So, if we are using less electricity now than in 1990, why do we need to tax Ontario more with a Carbon Tax? That is nuts. And if the people of Ontario are using less electricity than in the 1990s, how much more should we sacrifice to ‘fight’ climate change.

Think about this. People are using electricity about 25% less now than they did in 1990. It’s almost as if, the prices on electrical use have been in direct proportion as people use less, like Ontario Hydro is price fixing, to pay their board members extra bonuses. As people of Ontario use lower amounts of electricity, the more Ontario Hydro raise the prices on us, in some pricing war against the Ontario citizens.

And trust me, I can guarantee that. We don’t reduce the electricity we use because we are ‘little environmentalists’. Some may, but when you see an Electricity bill of about $1200-1500/year for an apartment you share with your fiancé, you find ways, like taking cold showers. Sure, I like them, but I also do it to save as much money on electricity as I possibly can. I also don’t use the dishwasher, because that costs extra money due to heating as well. You find every way you can lower the bill, and because Ontario Hydro starts losing money, up the rates go. I’m half convinced of it. Ontario Hydro would rather pay their CEO $1mil in bonuses than help reduce the cost burden of the average Ontario consumer.

But it isn’t just in Ontario; these ‘progressive voices’ are crying foul right now. In Calgary Alberta, Naheed Nenshi is crying that we need to think about diversity. The ‘racist nazi white supremacists’ are organising, and they are going to elect a ‘white dude’ as the mayor of Calgary Albert. Yeah, you got it, electing a white person after you had a ‘person of diversity’ (I like that, I’m using that for here on out, POD) is racist. The rhetoric of the municipal election in Calgary is very reminiscent of the last American election, don’t you think?

I’ve got a question to ask ‘progressives’, when is it okay to elect a white man after you choose some person of diversity? After ten years, 20 years, 30 years? I need to know so I can be politically correct, LOL!

From Nenshi warns about ‘racists, haters’ trying to influence Calgary election online

Concerned about an increasing presence of racism and hateful language in the civic election’s social media discourse, mayoral candidate Naheed Nenshi is asking voters to support diversity instead.

In a Facebook video posted by Mashhood Qazi, a community activist and president of the Sindhi Association of North America’s southern Alberta chapter, Nenshi talked about what he said is expected to be a “very, very tight election.”

Oh, it is a very tight election. Is that so Mr. Nenshi? Shall we find out how close this tight election is?

Smith has 48 percent backing in the poll, Nenshi sits at 31 percent support and Coun. Andre Chabot in a distant third place with six percent support.

Yup, a 17 point difference is not a tight race, and you are lying to the public. You’re saying; racists are after me. Who are the racists Mr Nenshi? People, who disagree with your policies? People who don’t like some of the things you have done as Mayor?

Conservatives have figured this out. Once, if you used the idea of racism, we’d be oh no, I’m not racist, and we would side with you. Now every single one of us questions these allegations and we don’t get moved that much with that rhetoric. According to the highest ranking officers in the Canadian armed forces, soldiers counter-protesting an Indigenous protest of Edward Cornwallis is ‘unethical’. We are wise to how political correctness silences voices, and we support people who challenge these dishonest tactics. We’re not going to back down anymore, and we are drawing the line.

If you are going to call people racist because they don’t like some of the things you have done than we are not going to elect you. Get that into your heads, leftists. As a conservative, stop using buzzwords and expect it to manipulate us emotionally, it is insulting to our intelligence, so stop doing this.

Nenshi added he had concerns around hateful language in social media representing “forces in the community” that are supporting his opponents and wanting to “take the city backwards.”

“They don’t want a city that is so inclusive of everyone and it is absolutely incumbent on us to hold on to the city we are proud of to make sure that we vote,” said Nenshi at an event Friday.

“We know they are using a lot of technology to get people who don’t believe in diversity to get people who might be racists or haters out to vote.”

So, to prove how ‘inclusive’ I am, I have to vote for you. Are you kidding me? If I have to go that far to prove I am ‘ideologically pure’, you have already lost. We are not going to get bullied that much. You know the leftist world is imploding when they use the ‘you must vote for a person of diversity, or you are sexist, racist, homophobic’. It exposes how fragile their ideology is, and how they lost the will of the public. I can’t believe they were trying so hard to guilt trip people into voting for them, and it is not going to work anymore.

Leftist politicians are so fragile now because everything must be ‘diversity’, and if you vote for a white man, you are every buzz word they can throw at you. So many conservatives and others have just turned a deaf ear on this, because what is racist, sexist and homophobic changes on a daily basis. We don’t care anymore, and we are tired of the bullying we have endured for the past 30 years from the ‘progressives’ who continuously move the goal posts.

According to these two politicians, if you expose a politician’s corruption, you’re Donald Trump, and if you don’t keep on voting for a ‘Person of Diversity’ as your mayor, you’re a white supremacist Nazi monster. We’re not taking you seriously anymore, and it will take a while for you to realise, the more radical your messages get, the less we will listen to you.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day.

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Trolly Shitpost Saturday – July 15th, 2017 – Everything from Culturally Appropriating Onesies to Topless women at public pools.

This week was so delicious, with all kinds of irony and just plain stupidity. If you haven’t read my blogs on the Trump Russia story, here’s my last story on it – there are way too many coincidences of the people involved to believe the Donald Trump Jr meeting this Russian Lawyer to believe this was anything but a complete setup by the Democrats.

While all of this important stuff is coming up, there is some real bullshit that is coming out of the world of SJWs that was completely ridiculous this week. I couldn’t stop laughing at some of the shit I was seeing, all completely verified.

Yes, Kid Rock is thinking about going up for a Senate run. Please, Kid, do it. The shit posters of /pol/ will ensure you fucking get in like we shit posted Donald Trump into the presidency. We will do everything to get you into the senate to kick some mother fucking ass.

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is sounding the alarm with her Democratic base, warning a Senate run by Detroit bad boy Kid Rock could be the second coming of Donald Trump.

The “Wasting Time” and “All Summer Long” rap rocker-turned-country singer tweeted on Wednesday that he’s running for U.S. Senate in Michigan. Although it’s been largely dismissed so far as a publicity stunt, Warren isn’t taking any chances with the longshot Republican.

“I know a lot of people are thinking: this is some sort of joke, right?” Warren wrote in an email blast with the subject line “Senator Kid Rock (R-MI).”

“Well,” she said, “maybe this is all a joke — but we all thought Donald Trump was joking when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his campaign, too.

“And sure, maybe this is just a marketing gimmick for a new album or tour — but we all thought Donald Trump was just promoting his reality TV show, too,” she added.

Looks like the Dems are scared, because they know public opinion for illiberal leftists is at record lows. Especially when 5 seats that were up for election recently all went to Republicans. . . The Dems know they are on the ropes. If Kid Rock really did go up for congress, his kick ass attitude and public persona would make him a sure in for the Republicans.

So, please Mr Rock, Make American Rock Again! #MARA!

Hopefully, with conservatively minded people who want to create a stable and prosperous future are elected to public office, stories that I am about to discuss will happen less and less. Indigenous peoples are upset about a racist onesie being sold in Walmart. Yes, you heard me right, they are upset at a onesie.

Yes, just because this onesie has some Teepee’s on it, the onesie depicts racism and cultural appropriation and filled with colonisation and imperialism. You will not believe the fucking tweet shit storm happened because of this, and it hit the news.

gindaanis (@gindaanis) 2017-07-14, 9:47 AM Found at #NiagaraFalls @Walmart. Where Did you find your #Walmartonesiepic.twitter.com/qJ1PkyQ2Dt


datscal (@calwhitejr) 2017-07-14, 10:02 AM Hey @Walmart Have you heard of #residentialschools ? #sixtiesscoop maybe ? This is sooooo inapropriate on soooo many levels #TRC twitter.com/gindaanis/stat…


The blow back was so harsh, Walmart has pulled the onesie. If they changed the teepee’s to game controllers, going with the joke that most gamers still live with their parents, I bet gamers wouldn’t have batted an eye, and most gamer parents would have bought the onesie for their kids, laughing all the way.

But the indigenous people colonised, and Canada tried to commit ‘genocide’ on them, with complete tax breaks and complete freedom to fish and hunt at any time of the year. . .

And of course, my friends from the Other 98% didn’t disappoint me. They were all on top of how Trump complimented Macron’s wife. Oh No! That pussy grabbing rapist! He said a woman was beautiful and in really good shape. How dare he enact his patriarchal power over women with the male gaze.


They were totally upset that Trump said a woman looked fit and was attractive. What a scumbag sexist rapist he is. I do not get why feminists are getting so sex negative. According to them, cat calling is paramount to rape now, and men who do it should burn in the fiery depths of hell – (Thanks, Laci, I will always remember that clip). Trump literally raped her by saying she was good looking.

I want them to ask a question. If men are not allowed to say how beautiful a woman is, how are there going to be any relationships, and how is the next generation going to be born. It’s almost like they are so sex negative, they want to pull a Julie Bindel.

As a side note, as a NoFapper, that no porn thing would completely backfire on her. The less porn I watch, the stronger I get, and I’m guessing it would do that for many men in the place. . . LOL! The women wardens would soon being fucking all the very strong, confident, and powerful men.

So, fuck off idiots. This culture needs men to pursue women with everything they have, and women to be wooed by these men, so the next generation of children can grow up with a great and loving household.

And talking about men wooing beautiful women, some broad has a case before the Ontario Human Rights board, claiming discrimination because men are allowed to be topless in public pools. That’s right guys, the whole free the nipple campaign is in full stride in Canada.

Woman launches human rights complaint about Cornwall’s toplessness policy at pools

CORNWALL, ONT.—An eastern Ontario city is facing a human rights complaint over its policy on female toplessness in pools, more than two decades after it became legal for women to bare their breasts in public in the province.

Cornwall Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy said a woman has complained to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, alleging the pool policy discriminates on the basis of gender.

“Our policy states that girls over the age of 10 must wear a top,” O’Shaughnessy said. “The clause that’s in there is specific to females.”

I’m not going to object to that if women who are in shape come to pools to stay fit and show off. Va, Va, Va, Voom!

But knowing social justice, we’d be seeing land whales invading pools with their naked bodies, and it would drive people from those pools. And I will not gross anybody out with a meme depicting this. I don’t want people to lose their lunch while reading this.

Well, that is my Shitpost Saturday for this week. I’m going to stop Trolly’s week in cancer, and adventures in Idiocracy, as it was just like this anyway.I don’t want to double my work, and I’m starting to need that entire day off, especially writing at least 2 blogs each day.

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