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Today, there is such a divide on the topic of porn. There are ‘free speech warriors’ who equate any restriction to the use of porn as taking away their guns. The other side of the extreme is people, like Gail Dines, who are so morally ‘pure’ they demand that government remove all pornography off the Internet. I’ve been a middle of the road person myself – I know we can’t remove porn off the Internet because of the nature of the Internet, and I know that children as young as 10-11 years of age have gone to a pornographic website, and are regularly going to them by the time they are 12-13. Most of the porn advocates will say there is nothing wrong for a 12-13-year-old to go on a daily basis; they’re just exploring their sexuality.

Last night, conversed with a person, who apparently, is an editor of, who wrote a BuzzFeed article on porn and stats. She said that people who are providing a moral ‘panic’ are going to take porn away, probably because that’s what the New York Times, fake news central, is doing. I guess these moron’s don’t understand prohibition, which if you make something illegal, it gets worse. I can just imagine what pornhibition would cause. The rash of murders and bullshit that organised crime will cause if porn has to go underground. Not to mention the how many rapists are ‘satiated’ because they can watch some disturbing porn scenes between consensual adults, and that is taken from them.

When I became a common sense warrior, watching Bearing, Sargon and Computing Forever videos, watching what these feminists and social justice warriors are doing on college campuses, I immediately thought about some of the things I learned from my addiction to pornography.

I wrote a blog on it, go figure. We live in a culture that makes things so easy. Sexuality is as simple as a screen tap or clicks away – no effort needed. Imagine, doing that for years. You can have the most pleasure a human being can have within a moment’s notice. You’ve always gotten your way because you have ‘cave-in parents’ who don’t teach you the word no, restricting things from you and who don’t treat you like a child when you are a child. You’ve trained your brain that you always get your way and because you have always gotten your way, you’re so weak you do this.

So, we can have a world where you can have these special snowflakes, or you can have a world where you teach children no. No, you can’t go on Pornhub willy-nilly – because if you choose to not restrict porn use on the Internet until 18, you are going to have children who will grow up like that. They have trained their brains to force people to do what they want because they have wholly whacked out their frontal lobes and their hypothalamus, especially the Nucleus accumbens. Be it always allowing your daughter to eat whatever they wanted, as we see Trigglypuff there, or Billy whacking it to porn every single day for 3 hours, they are going to grow up where everything was way too easy for them. Then they go out and start acting like that when something they don’t like happens, shouting take your hate speech off this campus.

The reason is, Cambridge University and other universities have observed brain scans of porn addicts and found that their frontal lobes and their reward centres do rewire and shrink at the same time. A smaller Hypothalamus, which is responsible for motivation and emotions, makes someone very unadjusted emotionally, with many people with a shrunken hypothalamus experiencing high levels of social anxiety, anxiety in general, depression, lack of ambition and many other disorders. Too much porn is hardly harmless. Someone with a shrunk frontal lobe has fewer inhibitors to negative behaviours, like someone like Trigglypuff demonstrates.

Now, I agree we need education on this topic. I bet you didn’t even know about the studies out of Cambridge, did you? You didn’t know the possible side effects of too much porn use, including it could be partially responsible for the rise of erectile dysfunction with partners.

Parents should know and talk to their children about the dangers of having some pretty nasty mental illnesses and a completely messed up life. That’s the truth of the matter, porn does harm you, especially when a 12-13 year old’s brain is still developing. How many stoners start smoking weed at 12-13, and still do drugs into their 60s? And you think people who start watching hardcore porn every single day starting at 12-13 years old will not experience some fucked up shit.

NoFap has started to get some credence on prevention of young people starting to watch porn at the ages of 12-13. I didn’t watch online porn until I was in my late 20s to early 30s. I watched it daily for over a decade. At a certain point, I couldn’t perform sexually with my partner. She and I were both upset, and I didn’t even know about Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED), she blamed herself every single day. It was just another thing that added to my extreme depression of where my life was going because I didn’t have the strength or motivation to go forward with life anymore. I didn’t know porn was causing that either, not until I watched this video.

From the video, I learned that I was not only creating my sexual problems in the bedroom but my problems in life.  I stopped watching porn immediately because why keep harming yourself. Self-preservation is one of our most influential instincts, and it kicked in for me. I went through my withdrawals and slowly got better. I am feeling much more fantastic and happy about my life than how I felt 2 years ago. It took about 60 days, two months, of drastically reducing my porn exposure. Guess what is happening to the younger generation.

Gabe Deem had to go through 9 months of rehabilitation, going through panic attacks and many other things. He started in his teens, where I started in my late 20s. I wonder what made his recovery so much harder than my recovery? Is there any variable that changed his life and my life? Maybe it is a fact when teenagers start doing something addictive, like overeating, watching porn, doing drugs, drinking, or shopping to they drop, they are usually going to experience some real hardships later as they come off that shit. Addiction harming people isn’t rocket science; it’s common sense.

So, with the amount of damage we are doing to our society, producing children who become ‘adults’ who can’t handle Milo Yiannopoulos coming to their campus, maybe we need to put some restrictions on things like porn. When recovery is typically at least an additional 30 days for young people who are immersed into Pornhub at least a decade before the previous generation – and could take up to a full year of recovery, people need to take it much more seriously.

And with ‘free speech warriors’ who are saying, don’t take away my porn, maybe you have a problem. First, I wouldn’t take away your porn, I would only ask that you prove your age before you got in – so it is of no effect to you. If I am right, and porn and other overindulgences are creating generation snowflake than we can have this nuanced conversation about why generation snowflake can’t handle life (with 1 in 4 young people suffering from mental illness today) because we give them too many overindulgences. If I am wrong, and reducing porn access to people who are too young to watch it, then things will stay the same because porn will still be open to you because you will be able to prove your age. If you are wrong than we continue to have a fucked up generation who can’t handle Christina Hoff Summers coming to their campus because she’s a ‘rape apologist’. Wanna wager?

These are the reasons why I want AgeID. We don’t wish to have generation snowflake to carry on forever. Overindulging children is what is harming our society. Like parents make sure a child doesn’t overeat candy because they will puke it all up, it’s time to prevent young people from doing the same thing to their brain with too much porn. Instead of Pornhub, young people could, you know, go outside and join sports teams and other groups, make friends, be an artist, writer or photographer. You know, all the other things in life which are also fantastic.

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Trolly Daily News June 11th, 2017 – War on Men Pt. 2, the false promise of Pornography #porn #mensrights #culturalmarxism

I re-entered the culture war against cultural Marxism by becoming a ‘No-Fapper’. Like around 200,000 people on the Internet, I decided to do the experiment, I decided to stop using porn on a daily basis, and it has really helped me. As I stated in my mental health blog, the more I stay away from regular use, the happier I become. I am much different than the guy who thought walking into a bus would be a great idea compared to avoid the life I was squandering!

I had made the sacred journey. I watched all the videos on – Your Brain on Porn. I learned how much porn was affecting my depression and my lack of sexual performance in the bedroom. I realised how important it was because if many men would choose the easy way out, choosing porn over relationships, we could be in some dark times ahead for our culture. So I started to interact with other men on The Reboot nation. We encouraged each other through the struggles, and we have helped each other for all the hardships. It works, and each of our lives is better.

It was in those hallowed halls, the names David J. Ley and Nicole Prause are uttered. Like people who deny there are only 2 genders, and we may be having an impact on climate change, they have denied that guys who watch too much porn have problems in the bedroom!

I made this comic when Nicole’s ‘new study’ she published in Oct. of last year, which said porn induced erectile dysfunction isn’t a real thing because guys can get an erection while watching porn, even though the term isn’t about that. In the NoFap community, porn-induced erectile dysfunction is when you get an erection while watching porn, but you are unable to maintain an erection while having sex! In other words, she only did half the experiment. She was called out by the NoFap community for being retarded because you can’t do half a study and conclude the entirety of scientific fact.

On Thursday, my friend Gabe Deem tweeted a new article, because Nicole Prause, straight out of the University of Los Angeles – i.e. Commiefornia, and her bed buddy David J. Ley are at it again. With the huge amount of young men who have erectile dysfunction now, from 1-2 percent in the 90s, to 15-20 percent today, they have to come up with a reason that isn’t ‘too much porn’ causes sexual dysfunction in me!

From Porn ISN’T to blame for a man’s inability to perform in the bedroom – it’s a lack of sexual satisfaction.

  • Men dissatisfied with their partners are more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction
  • Those who prefer masturbation over sex had more difficulty keeping erections
  • The previous study says porn causes males to go off real-life sexual activity
  • But experts now claim men are more likely to be avoiding their partner
  • ‘They happen to watch sex films while they masturbate,’ says doctor

First, let’s check out the very beginning of the article.

Men who are not sexually satisfied in their relationship are more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction, research suggests.

Porn is often blamed for turning men off sex with their partners, but one in five men watch X-rated films to avoid intimacy, it was found.

First, let’s look at the cognitive dissonance of the second sentence, the reason why men are not having sex with women is they are using porn to avoid intimacy. Well, can’t you say porn is turning men off sex with their partners? It means the exact same thing!

If I wrote the sentence like this –

Porn is often blamed for turning men off sex with their partners, AND one in five men watch X-rated films to avoid intimacy, it was found.

doesn’t it make complete grammatical sense! They use the word but to say this is exclusionary, when really, in reality, it is not!!!

Second, I’m not a feminist by any means, at least not the 3rd wave feminist, but that is fucking incredibly sexist to these men’s partners! I guess she doesn’t do it for him anymore. He should just dump her to the side and find another partner that is more sexually satisfying. That is all those two lines are saying! You know what David and Nicole, you can go fuck yourselves! If men can reduce the amount of porn they use, and revitalise their relationship with their partners, and it gets much more exciting sexually, they should. These men may be sexually dissatisfied because girls on the screen in porn videos are chosen to be extremely provocative. They are meant to drive men crazy, so they want her! Could that be one of the reasons he is dissatisfied with his partner because they don’t look like Faye Reagan!

The less porn I watched, the more my sexual relationship with @PurpleHorse got better! I appreciated her that much more, as I stopped comparing her to the women in the porn videos! She became my little vixen, and since I reduced, she has become much more breathtaking! It’s almost as if you are attacking the family. Don’t stay in a relationship, just watch porn! We all know cultural Marxism hates the family, so the rise of pornography for men, as is the rise of feminism for women, is to attack the family!

It follows a recent study that discovered men who regularly watch porn are more likely to become disinterested in sex with their partners. It suggested males addicted to adult movies became disinterested in sex with their partners because their ‘sexual tolerance is higher’.

But now experts have criticised that theory and say it oversimplifies the issue.

Maybe the reason why the study shows men who watch more porn are more likely to become disinterested in sex with their partners is that their brains show similar changes as drug addicts. Brain activity in sex addiction mirrors that of drug addiction.

This isn’t some right-winged Christian organisation who published this – it is the University of Cambridge! So, anybody who thinks that everything has been refuted because David J. Ley and Nicole Prause have opinions on the this and many other studies, they are wrong. Fuck David J. Ley’s and Nicole Prause’s feelings. Facts don’t care about their feelings!

And check out the nifty brain scan, the left shows the ‘excitement’ of the brain to erotic images, which is similar to how drug addicts who see drugs!

Dr David Ley, a clinical psychologist specialising in sexual problems, said: ‘Men use masturbation to compensate for the lack of sexual satisfaction in relationships.

‘As this sexual behaviour is often accompanied by viewing pornography, it can be easily misunderstood,’ he told The Sun.

As I said, this is an opinion, it is not a study. It is not an experiment. It isn’t even a hypothesis or a theory. This is why I say psychologists are experts on people’s opinions of other people’s opinions! Again, I ask David J. Ley to answer a question – couldn’t the dissatisfaction a man has with their partner be part and parcel that she doesn’t look as ‘hot’ as his favourite girl on Pornhub? Well, doesn’t that mean, if he drops Pornhub, he’ll be more into his partner!

A team from Los Angeles, California, studied 335 men in relationships and found that 22 per cent reported they preferred viewing porn to having sex with their partner.

They also found that 28 per cent of respondents said that they opted for masturbation over intercourse.

Now the crux of the problem. If 22 percent of men in relationships preferred porn to having sex with their partner, and 28 percent has opted masturbation over intercourse, that is a huge problem! Like I said, as feminism rose up for women by cultural Marxists to destroy the family, porn has done the same to men. If they would rather choose masturbation over intercourse, how are we going to have families! How are we going to enrich our countries with the lives of children!

This is such a problem in Japan right now, experts believe the population of Japan will drop to 2/3 of its current population by 2060, with 2/3 of that population, or almost 40 percent of its current population, will be elderly. Give that another 40 years, and Japan could literally be at 30 percent of its current population by 2100! And it’s because 4 out of 10 young people in Japan think relationships are too much work – like the 28 percent of young men who choose masturbation over intercourse! This is a huge problem! Get the fuck out of Pornhub and go have families instead!

Study author Dr Nicole Prause, a sexual psychophysiologist and founder of Liberos LLC, says that erectile dysfunction likely drives porn use – not the other way round.    ‘

This supports exactly my concern, that men are not preferring sex films, per se, they are more likely avoiding their partner through masturbation, and they happen to watch sex films while they masturbate,’ she said.

Again Nicole, if someone had True ED, they wouldn’t even be able to masturbate to porn, because their dick doesn’t work bitch! If they can use porn and sustain an erection and orgasm but don’t want to be with their partner, this is a porn-induced sexual dysfunction!

It found a strong association between regularly watching porn and suffering from a lack of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction.

Researchers claimed watching too much internet porn can increase a person’s ‘tolerance’ the same as narcotics.

Regular porn watchers are less likely to respond to real-world sexual activity and must increasingly rely on pornography for release, according to the findings.

This is what NoFap has been saying for years now! But what does Nicole say, to completely refute it?

  But Dr Prause said this study failed to ask men questions about masturbation.

‘This is known as a third variable problem,’ Dr Prause said.

‘The authors seem to be trying purposefully to blame sex films for erectile difficulties.’

Well, it seems you haven’t tried that to isolate that ‘third variable’ yourself. But every NoFapper knows that PIED also affects masturbation without porn! It’s part of the self-test we check to see if we have PIED. Get fucked Nicole!

What really fascinates me about David J. Ley and Nicole Prause fighting against NoFap, is NoFap has been corroborated by The Naval Medical Centre of San Diego, according to the article, and Cambridge University, Max Planck Institute and many other prestigious colleges and universities according to Your Brain On, but it is only David J. Ley and Nicole Prause in every study that ‘refutes’ those findings! If so many colleges and universities have studies that agree with each other, i.e. they are peer reviewed science, what real standing does David J. Ley and Nicole Prause really have. But their ‘findings’ always seem to find a publication!

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David Ley responded to my article today. Like a good Social Justice Warrior – he accuses me of misogyny!


And then he creates an echo chamber.