MGGA – The outrageous reason why I am doing this

I’ve been a BioWare fan for a huge part of my life. I’ve played all of their games in one form or another since they started to publish RPG video games. It was in 2002 that BioWare did something that captivated me. They released the game NeverWinter Nights, their best game in my opinion. While the adventure they created was interesting, it was the toolset that captured my imagination. The ability to sit down and create your own Dungeon and Dragon/Conan high adventure game. I spent many years learning their coding language, their conversation systems and so many other things and I created a couple of adventures. It was fun, and it motivated me to go to College to learn computer animation to learn how to make video games.

Sure, I even played Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire, but I was a fan of BioWare because I loved that toolset, being able to figure out anything and create anything I imagined.

I was even more excited about BioWare when I heard their next game release was going to be Dragon Age: Origins and they made the entire game in the NeverWinter Nights Toolset and they were going to transfer all of the coding and conversations and everything else into their new toolset for that game. They promised that it may have a learning curve to use the toolset, but it was going to be a great engine to make adventures in the new world. In my opinion, this was BioWare’s first fall from grace. Their toolset was so ‘awesome’ that I have not heard of one person creating one module for that game ever.

I could see the writing on the wall, EA had bought BioWare a year prior to release, and when they heard that there would be a toolset that players could make their own adventures for free, that other players could download for free, they probably told them no, because that would ‘discourage’ people from buying EA approved DLC to make even more money.

While DA:O and Mass Effect 1 did kick ass and were probably two of the best stories BioWare told, future games just weren’t as great as them. Some people could even say their future games were shit, with endings people hated, games that failed to launch, and games people just didn’t like.

But BioWare forgot the one thing that made them extremely popular. NeverWinter Nights inspired a community of developers, who inspired a community of players. It was a game for fans to make fan fiction stories that everybody could play – it was all about for the fans to inspire them.

While BioWare has forgotten what was great about their company, their fans were invited to create their own content for other players to enjoy. This is why I am creating Make Gaming Great Again Productions, a company and community of developers who work together to make some amazing gaming experiences for players to enjoy.

Expect this website to get more robust in the future, with message boards, a discord server and so many other resources for developers.

Thanks for reading and making gaming great again!