Trolly News Update – Oct. 2nd, 2017 – Canadian anti-immigration protests end in violence.

Over the weekend, there were dozens of anti-immigration and anti-Trudeau protests that were planned all over Canada. Of course, leftists who are offended by people who do not think diversity is our strength and could endanger the Canadian public, went out to stop them. They couldn’t allow ‘nazism and white supremacy’ to spread in Canada. Just like the US, these protests ended with leftist violence and arrests. Antifa is just as much as a problem in Canada as it is in the United States, but Canada hasn’t declared violence of Antifa as terrorist activities, like the United States has.

From Violence erupts at anti-racism rally in Peterborough, Ont.

Two people were arrested at Confederation Square in Peterborough, Ont., on Saturday after a crowd filled the park to speak out against white supremacists who’d planned a rally there but didn’t show up after all.

The crowd of more than 1,000, taking part in what was dubbed Solidarity Weekend, filled the park and, to the beat of drums, rallied in opposition to the Canadian Nationalist Front, the organization planning to hold the anti-immigration event, which ended up not happening.

I wonder who is the group of people the police has arrested? Let’s see if we can find pictures of the arrested people from the protest.

It was horrible, people were resisting arrest, attacking people they didn’t like, and attacking police officers.

Despite the peaceful intent of the Solidarity Weekend organizers, clashes erupted: One between anti-racism protesters and a man in a Nazi T-shirt, and another between anti-racism protesters and police, which led to the arrests.

One person was arrested for assault during the rally after a man was punched on the south side of Confederation Square, city police Insp. Lynne Buehler stated.

While there are plenty of peaceful people protesting what they think is a wrong here in Canada, and I applaud them exercising their constitutional right to protest what they believe is wrong. They only want to do what is best for Canada, as I am doing. I just disagree with their point of view. I am concerned about immigration in Canada, when Islamic men living in Canada are trying to join Isis to attack the west, and the terror attacks that happen in Europe, Canada and the United States, I am very concerned about immigration and what it will do to Canada.

But when people from the left start to gather, Antifa always shows up. Embolden by their masked faces, Antifa commits acts of intimidation and violence against anybody who they don’t like, which is usually people who disagree with them. Wanna see the video – here it is.

Owen Lucas, 22, of Wolfe Street, was charged with assault causing bodily harm. He has been held in custody.

The punched man suffered an injured mouth and required medical treatment, Buehler stated.

All because Antifa saw someone they didn’t like, and they went after him. Someone needed medical treatment because ‘diversity has to be your strength too’. What a shitstorm. The left hates that the right has different ideas, and will attack them at a moment’s notice. While this use to be a war of words, it is now physical violence. With violent acts that Antifa has engaged in, and with all the leftists who continue to shout their rhymes against racism, this shows how much the right has won the debate, and the left doesn’t know anything but violence now.

Owen is a victim of this mentality. He must punch every ‘Nazi’ he meets. Even if that person is a typical conservative who doesn’t like fascism or communism, he must punch them.

R.J. Finley, 24, and Ashton Parks, 21, wore suits and sat on the Cenotaph. They were confronted by several people who apparently mistook them for supporters of the Nationalist Front.

Parks described himself as a Conservative who is against both fascism and communism. He said he attracted the attention of Peterborough Against Fascism simply because he was wearing a suit.

R.J and Ashton are just regular people, like me. They are against extremist positions like Fascism and Communism, and they wanted to protest both groups. According to Antifa, that is a big no-no, because they are ‘real people fighting nazis’, and anybody who shows up to protest them are ‘fascism enablers’ who must be defeated.

You are either with Antifa or your are against them and a fascist.

“Suddenly there were 10 guys with bandannas in my face,” he said. “They turned the whole crowd on me. I was trying to preach love.”

One member of Peterborough Against Fascism spoke to The Examiner but refused to give his name.

He said people in the group don’t identify themselves because they feel the Canadian Nationalist Front could become violent and target them or their families.

I have never heard of one ‘nationalist’ motivated crime in Canada, and I keep my ear to the ground on news. There has never been a mass harassment campaign of leftists by a ‘nationalist’ movement in Canada. Nobody believes you, dude. I’ve never seen one right-wing person with a mask on, committing acts of violence.

Only the left does that shit, and it’s because Antifa is violent thugs who are hell bent on destroying our culture and replacing it with a communist ‘Utopia’.

“These aren’t the nicest of people – we’re not interested in getting nailed,” he said.

But he didn’t apologize for his group confronting the men in suits.

“If we get right down to their politics, it’s about returning to Conservative glory,” he said.

What is wrong with conservatism? What is your problem with personal responsibility, working hard, and living a traditional life?

When you think about how much Antifa hates conservatives, you have to realise how authoritarian they are. They do not care if you are not a ‘fascist’ because they hate traditional conservatives just as much. They do not like people who disagree with them and stand with traditional values.

Those ‘rich white’ conservatives are just as guilty as the white nationalists for ‘oppressing’ women and minorities, and they have to stop them as well.

Antifa is violent, and leftists are very foolish. One of the people involved in the violence, Jane Way is internet famous, and she came out to ‘punch nazis’. It’s hilarious.

Jane Way, 22, walked away from the cruiser saying she’d punched a man – whom she called a Nazi – and then police tackled her.

“I kept yelling at them (police) that I’m disabled, and they kept tackling me,” she said.

But she said she didn’t regret her actions: “That’s (expletive) camaraderie – that’s why we’re here,” she said.

Do you want to see who Jane Way is?

Yeah, when I first read this section, I wondered, and when I got more pictures of Jane Way, I was OMG, it’s our ‘favourite’ non-binary disabled sex worker. She needed to go out and punch a Nazi in Peterborough.

The events in Peterborough shows the level of discourse Canada, and the world as a whole. People think anybody who has a different opinion should be ‘hated’, and you need to punch them because they are ‘a fascist or commie’. It’s time to fight against both these forces because they are determined to tear our countries apart.

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys.

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