Trolly’s Shitpost Saturday – 18/11/2017 – The Sarkeesian Effect

We live in a whacked out world, where a man says the slightest ‘sexist’ comment will ensure the hashtag #metoo, where a simple sexual encounter means you were sexually assaulted and had sexually assaulted women. Feminism and social justice have turned this world upside down, where we all walk on eggshells. The newest allegations are coming out from the sets of SuperGirl and Arrow.

From ‘Supergirl’ Melissa Benoist calls harassment allegations ‘heartbreaking’


Supergirl star Melissa Benoist has spoken out in the wake of sexual harassment accusations against co-showrunner Andrew Kreisberg, who has been suspended pending an investigation by Warner Bros.

“I am a woman who leads a show that supports equality and feminism, empowerment and fighting for what is right. I have always tried to conduct myself this way personally, as well,” Benoist said in a statement posted Sunday night on Twitter. “Sadly, the show and my career are a part of an industry that doesn’t always mirror these sentiments.”

In a Variety story Friday, 15 women and four men detailed years of alleged misconduct by Kreisberg, including frequent touching without permission, asking for massages from female staff members and sexualized comments about women’s appearances.

Welcome to the new trope Andrew, male ‘feminists’ are secretly sexual abusers. You’re just another man who went too far, and we need to punish you. You touched people, you commented on people’s appearances, and you asked women to massage you – that’s just wrong, how dare you try to talk to people you thought were attractive, shame, shame shame.

You know me guys. Usually, I hate Hollywood, for creating a monopoly on entertainment, but here’s where I have to show the double standards.

I smiled and laughed when I read this sign because it is just as sarcastic and witty as I am. It’s one of the reasons why I still watch SuperGirl. A piece of advice, that show’s writing is so bad; the show will not last long. The writers are shit.

And this wasn’t the only Hollywood/DC sexual assault allegation this week. We have Al Franken!

People like Al Franken is why I hate Hollywood. These entitled pieces of crap think they can do whatever they want, but hide it be ‘fighting for the ladies and equality’ later. It is absolutely disgusting.

The goal posts of feminism and ‘gender’ equality are always moving. Feminists consider a casual flirt, which Andrew seems to be ‘guilty’, is sexual harassment now. What isn’t sexual harassment anymore. Well, according to Canadian PM JT, we have a long way to go for Gender Equality.

From Women empowerment a key driver of successful economy, says Trudeau


“Now the word feminist still scares a few people but it still means recognizing that men and women are equal and should be equal,” he said.

He also said, but was not quoted, that we have a long way to achieve gender equality. I would like to ask Justin Trudeau, if we have laws to ensure women get equal pay, the ability to vote, the ability to get whatever job they want and to do whatever they want, how much do we need to do for women for them to achieve equality?

Section 15 ensures the equal protection and benefit of the law “without discrimination […] based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.”

Court decisions have expanded this list to prohibit discrimination on other grounds, such as citizenship, marital status and sexual orientation; decisions have also recognized that multiple grounds of discrimination may intersect in particular cases.

Section 28 guarantees that all rights covered in the Charter apply equally to men and women.

The Canadian Human Rights Act of 1977 states that all Canadians have the right to equality, equal opportunity, fair treatment, and an environment free of discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, marital status and family status. It protects Canadians from discrimination when they are employed by or receive services from:

the federal government;

First Nations governments; or

private companies that are regulated by the federal government like banks, trucking companies, broadcasters and telecommunications companies.

The CHRA created the Canadian Human Rights Commission to investigate and settle complaints of discrimination, and refer them to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal for a decision or settlement.

Other legislative acts that are important to women and equality rights are the Employment Equity Act and the Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act.

We all have the same rights under the law Trudeau, so you’re not making any sense. I know you like virtue signalling about Feminism, but we don’t need to do anything more to ensure women are equal partners in our culture on a legal level. Maybe there are a few people who need some attitude adjustments, and there are very few who do, but we don’t need to fight for ‘equality’ under the law anymore. Everybody is equal and have legal measures to follow to prosecute people who treat them with discrimination.

But the world of social justice wasn’t just interested in the world of ‘sexism’, it was really offended by Sir. John A. MacDonald for being a racist this week as well.

From ‘Anti-racist’ group says it covered John A. Macdonald statue in red substance


The John A. Macdonald monument in downtown Montreal was covered head-to-toe with what appears to be red paint early Sunday.

The vandalism took place ahead of a demonstration that saw hundreds take to the city’s streets to denounce racism and Bill 62, the province’s religious neutrality law requiring anyone receiving or providing public services to have an uncovered face.

Video posted online by a group of self-described “anti-colonial anti-racists” shows a colourful substance being sprayed onto the statue of Canada’s first prime minister at Place du Canada.

Yup, here we go again. Sir John A. MacDonald may have been the most famous drunk in Canada, but he wasn’t just a renowned drunk, he was a white supremacist who was out to destroy people of diversity because he was a colonialist.

Let’s look at the main post of the protestors.

From Grande manifestation contre la haine et le racisme


MONTREAL, November 12, 2017 — On the eve of an important demonstration against hate and racism in Montreal, a group of anonymous local anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-capitalist activists have successfully defaced the historical monument to Canada’s first Prime Minister, John A. Macdonald, located in downtown at Place du Canada.

Oh, anti-capitalists. I guess this group hates the idea that working longer, harder, smarter, and better than anybody else should get paid more because that is what communists think. Because people want their employers or customers to pay them for the hard work they do, these people are officially morons. The more employers reward workers who are exceeding expectations, the harder, faster, smarter and better we will work beceause there is a benefit in doing their best. If you don’t like it, I suggest you move to North Korea or Venezuela and enjoy losing weight on the communist diet.

Of course any group who describes itself as ‘anti-colonial, racist, and capitalist’ is Antifa. Again, their criminal activity is free speech because Sir John A. MacDonald is a ‘butchering white supremacist’.

The individuals responsible for this action are not affiliated with today’s anti-racist demonstration ( but have decided to target the John A. Macdonald statue as a clear symbol of colonialism, racism and white supremacy.

Here we go again; everything is white supremacy. White people need to beg forgiveness because we had the technology to spread our culture around the world, creating the world we see today. We went out and created a culture where cultures could trade with each other, massively enriching our lives. But doing that was racism, colonialism, and white supremacy. You are a special little snowflake.

The action today is inspired in part by movements in the USA to target public symbols of white supremacy for removal, such as Confederate statues. It’s also motivated by decolonial protests, like the “Rhodes Must Fall” movement in South Africa. As well, we are directly inspired by protests by anti-colonial activists – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous – against John. A. Macdonald, particularly in Kingston, Ontario, Macdonald’s hometown. We also note efforts elsewhere in the Canadian state to rename the schools named after Macdonald, including a resolution by the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario who denounced Macdonald as the ‘architect of genocide against Indigenous people.’ The defacing of the Macdonald Monument is also appropriate in the context of the whitewashing of Canadian history this year during the “Canada 150” celebrations, and various calls to action, including the ‘375+150 = Bullshit’ graffiti action this summer.

If this doesn’t say that cultural Marxism hasn’t thoroughly infiltrated our culture, I don’t know what will convince you. They were inspired by the movements in the USA to remove ‘confederate statues’, while at the same time, they are shouting from the rooftops about Colonialism and ‘genocide’ against Indigenous people, despite the fact, there are over 1,000,000 indigenous people living in Canada, around 5% of our population. The Indian act wasn’t an act of wipe out anybody; it was an act to try to create stability. If people didn’t know, Canada and the US weren’t on the best of terms at the time, so ensuring the Indigenous people’s cooperation and assimilation was foremost on MacDonald’s mind at the time. Indigenous people who weren’t Canadians could become an ally of the United States.

John A. Macdonald was a white supremacist. He directly contributed to the genocide of Indigenous peoples with the creation of the brutal residential schools system, as well as other measures meant to destroy native cultures and traditions. He was racist and hostile towards non-white minority groups in Canada, openly promoting the preservation of a so-called “Aryan” Canada. He passed laws to exclude people of Chinese origin. He was responsible for the hanging of Métis martyr Louis Riel. Macdonald’s statue belongs in a museum, not as a monument taking up public space in Montreal.

First, there is still over 1,000,000 Indigenous people in Canada. If he intended to commit genocide, there wouldn’t be. Second, not allowing people of specific origins to immigrate into your country is not racism, it is called planning your society. Third, there was no talk of an ‘Aryan’ Canada. Plus, Louis Riel story has mixed reactions. He did rebel against the government, making him a traitor to Canada, as it was emerging as a nation. We were not on friendly terms with the US, so it isn’t far from the imagination that the US could have exploited this politically at the time, so Sir John A. MacDonald did what he needed to do to ensure peace, order, and good government.

This political correctness trying to attack the histories of our nations for racism creates a cultural backdrop where we celebrate things that are genuinely oppressive.

From The hijab-wearing Barbie who’s become an Instagram star

Barbie has had another makeover. This time as a hijab-wearing Muslim. It was only last month that Mattel gave Barbie a dramatic transformation with a variety of skin tones and different body types, including adding curves to her impossibly slender frame. Now a Nigerian medical scientist has taken Instagram by storm since she began posting images of a hijab-wearing Barbie doll a few weeks ago.

Yeah, because everything has to be about the religion of peace. When people say white English and other European cultures were ‘colonial’ and attempted to ‘eradicate’ entire societies, I laugh, because they sure didn’t do a great job doing that. Those ‘eradicated’ cultures are still with us in some form or another, practice the things they have always exercised, and we have elevated them to our technology and social progress.

Islam isn’t as forgiving towards the differing cultures in the countries they have complete power. Every single county they invade, and yes it is an invasion, what starts as a minority eventually becomes an Islamic majority.

What people mistake for a religion, is really a supremacy movement. Those ‘chosen by Allah’ to spread his message must go out and dominate all the world. They do not want to work with the west; they want to subvert it. Islam doesn’t care about your skin colour, but they only think white women are good for one thing – you guessed it. They will convert you to their ideology with brute force while denying the rights of LGBT people, because they even think it is better to kill an LGBT person than to allow them to live. Yeah, they will fit right in with our tolerant culture, so lets have a Barbie who wears a Hijab!

Well that’s my shit post for this week.

Have an amazing week guys.

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Trolly News Update – Oct. 20th, 2017 – Trudeau’s is completely disrupting Canadian Indigenous relations, as expected.

Cultural Marxism is relentless. As the big ol’ wheel of oppression and privilege shows, if you are white, you are evil, if you are a man, you are evil, if you are heterosexual, you are evil and have privilege, and if you are a straight white man, you are the most privileged and evil person in the world. We have to ‘check our privilege’ on a continual basis, and work for all the people of diversity, be it women, gay people or minorities. So, Prime Minister JT was a good boy in the 2015 election. He’s all for the women, gay people and minorities, especially engaging in ‘nation-to-nation’ building with indigenous people. Those good intentions has turned into one complete corrupt incompetent comedy of errors. Whether it is the shit storm that immigration has become, or possible conflict of interests probes that are forcing his finance Minister to fess up on his business ties and bills he sponsors, or ignoring Canada’s economic needs and allowing major projects fail, or making everything about women, excluding men’s concerns from the institutional power of his government, or green light the sales of at least two high-tech military firms to China after donations to the Trudeau Foundation, or his tax reforms getting so much blowback he has to back-peddle on them, or the fact that his new ‘transparency’ bill allows the government to instantly deny a freedom of information request if it is ‘vexatious’, considering how many rejected freedom of information requests that have been denied without explanation is objectively worse compared to the former government, I wonder how many requests will be ‘vexatious’, LOL. Is it a wonder that his focus on Indigenous people is being hailed as a failure by the People he said he would help. Trudeau has all kinds of ‘good intentions’ but his Prime Ministry has been one failed promise and controversy after another.

I have never seen a Canadian Prime Minister with this many failures after 2 years. Prime Minister JT was definitely not ready for being the leader of Canada. It’s so bad, my fiancé joked we should keep voting for him, because his government is more like a circus. I was tempted. . . No, Canada deserves a better Prime Minister than Trudeau.

From First Nations leaders break with Ottawa on environmental policy

First Nations leaders have halted their collaboration with Liberal government on developing environmental legislation, arguing Ottawa is failing to make good on its vaunted commitments to work in partnership with Indigenous people.

You don’t say. Indigenous people are figuring out that Trudeau isn’t looking out for their interests. Trudeau isn’t looking out for anybody’s interests but his own. He can say all the right things, but everybody needs to learn the China Lesson. The only interest Trudeau is looking out for is who can line his pockets with $1 million donations. The Indigenous community cannot afford that kind of donation to the Trudeau foundation, and so he’s not really going to look out for their concerns. It turns out that White Male Trudeau is a very privileged prick, working at the expense of Canada to become filthy rich like the Clintons.

I don’t know who is worse, Hillary of JT? At least Hillary was prevented from being President of the US because Americans had enough intelligence to ensure she was kept out of office. Maybe our culture has a chance. But Prime Minister Trudeau is still in power, making everything far worse by ‘getting involved’, and ‘checking his privilege’.

There’s still massive problems our culture is facing, but we have a chance to stand up against them and try as a a group of people to solve these issues ourselves. I feel sorry for anybody who thinks Government is the solution to anything. In Ontario, the residents of our great province do our best to make a better province by using less and less electricity as the government fumbles with the energy sector, charging us the highest electricity prices in Canada. It is by the will of the people that things are made better. With new developments and people making sacrifices of their own free will, things will get much better.

I recognize that native concerns need to be addressed, but I’m not going to cuck Canada, and all the amazing economic opportunities we have which will create jobs, for less than 3 percent of our population. I can understand finding new ways to give them autonomy, but giving the Indigenous leaders a full say as to how Canada should conduct our economic and environmental affairs, when 35 million other Canadians need parents with great jobs to take care of the next generation of Canadians, the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few.

“Technical discussions between officials have been largely one-sided and do not encompass the principles of collaboration and transparency that a nation-to-nation relationship must embody,” said the missive signed by three regional chiefs who are co-chairs of the AFN’s Advisory Committee on Climate Action and the Environment.

The Liberal government is in the process of overhauling four pieces of legislation – the National Energy Board Act, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, the Fisheries Act and the Navigation Protection Act – which govern how major resource projects are assessed and approved. The laws underwent major revisions under the former Conservative government, with the intent of speeding up regulatory approvals, but the Liberals – as well as many Indigenous leaders and environmental groups – argued the Conservatives tilted the playing field in favour of industry, and gave short shrift to environmental concerns and Indigenous rights.

Oh, the noble savage stereotype. Hey white man, you destroyer and raper of the planet. We have come to save you from your destructive measures. Let us help you determine what is good, and change your entire mindset, because the indigenous people have the best way to go about protecting the environment.

Industry creates jobs, jobs creates wealth, wealth creates research and development to create better and more environmentally friendly technologies, better and more environmentally friendly technologies will save the environment and prevent climate change. To think that the indigenous people should have this full say on the economic development is almost ridiculous. And it is outright anti-white racist. I wonder how natives would respond to me when I say, I take cold showers ever single day. I bet there are many white people who also make sacrifices like that to reduce their impact on the environment.

In an interview, Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day said the Liberal government is failing to give proper weight to environmental considerations and treaty rights as it prepares draft legislation, and is putting a greater emphasis on economic development.

“Our order of priority is environmental sustainability and then the national interest,” said Chief Day, an AFN executive member and one of the signatories to the letter. “The federal government’s order of priority is the national interest and then environmental sustainability.”

So, according to this guy, Prime Minister JT, in his opinion, is choosing national interest over environmental sustainability, while they are the exact opposite. Whose to say that national interest, which builds wealth, can’t create better alternatives to reduced environmental impact through research. I’m not saying that capitalism is perfect, but it is much better than almost all alternatives. To turn our back on economic development means 10s of thousands of lost jobs, like with the recent TransCanada pipeline that Trudeau and his government completely mismanaged. Jobs lost all over the place, because things got completely screwed over with over regulations.

Yes, there is a balance that needs to be made environmentally, but I think we are approaching that on a continual basis. It is our technology that will drive it forward. 50 years ago, there was no such thing as the energy star standard for appliances. Today, everybody looks for that sticker, knowing they are about to get the best way to save on their electric bills and to help the environment. Unlike the climate alarmists, I think we are well on our way to ‘saving’ the planet.

In keeping with the government’s policy of reconciliation, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna say Ottawa will partner with Indigenous leaders in developing the new environmental rules, as well as in monitoring their enforcement.

Chief Day said that public commitment is not being met.

Prime Minister JT said a lot of the ‘right things’ to get elected, but he is not in government to make the world a better place for everybody. He’s in government to drive wedges between people. I can sense that the Indigenous people will be pissed at the outcomes of all of these initiatives between the federal government and the native peoples of Canada. They are going to hate white Canada more after all of these failed initiatives.

I expect, if Trudeau gains a second mandate, there will be further unrest, and more standoff’s between natives and the rest of Canada. I can imagine Indigenous people with ‘Indigenous Lives Matter’ banners being just as disrupting as BLM in the coming years. Anybody following the wheel of oppressions, trying to make things better, will ultimately make them much worse. It happened with race and gender relations with Obama, and it will happen here in Canada.

“It’s a sad story but we have become strangers to the process,” he said in an interview. “I’m sensing we are in darkening times when it comes to sunny ways of this prime minister and his commitment to nation-to-nation relationship.”

In a statement from their offices, the two ministers insisted the government remains committed to working “in a renewed nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous peoples, based on recognition of rights, respect, co-operation and partnership.

Prime Minister JT is bad for Canada. So many people are starting to realize this, and it’s time to focus less on these ‘oppression’ Olympics, and more on what it will take to make our nation prosperous and wealthy, and to innovate and create brand new jobs. We need to start listening to our partners in creating a better nation.

The issue is that in Canada, the Indigenous people do not think of being part of Canada, but this whole ‘nation in a nation’ thing. There was lots of problems when Quebec wanted to be a ‘unique society’ within Canada in the 1980s and 90s. There was so much political blowback on this that Canada is still feeling the repercussions after the Bloc Qubecois and other separatist parties started to appear in Quebec. That ‘nation within a nation’ will only continue to separate Canada and drive Canadians apart.

I can only hope people can learn from those lessons, and the most important thing is to be Canadian, and look for what is best for Canada’s future, not their ‘ethnic’ future. Canada went through that 30-40 years ago, and it didn’t work out all that well with all the ‘accords’ that were created between English and French Canada.

Thanks for reading and have a great day guys.

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Trolly’s Shitpost Saturday – 14/10/2017 – Everything is Racist

Wow, I hope you survived Friday the 13th yesterday. I was only chased by two demonic birds trying to peck my eyes out, LOL. Fortunately, Freedy Kruger didn’t invade my dreams to try to kill me. He knows better than taking me on, I guess. Okay, I’ll be serious. This week’s Shitpost Saturday is going to be awesome because there are some messed up things I found this week, where social justice went utterly wild to ‘accomplish’ its will. I wonder what the hell they have planned for Nov. 4th. It’s funny that Trump, over a joke to Billy Bush, is the ‘worst’ president in the world while someone like Prime Minister JT is the best. This world has turned upside down and its time to stand our ground and bring sanity to the world. So, let’s go into the news stories that show how upside down our culture is.

From Moose Jaw, Sask., teacher mistakenly hands out assignment with racist terms

Words ‘squaw’ and ‘papoose’ found in Grade 3 activity booklet

That’s inexcusable. I hope the school board fires that teacher for making the unforgivable sin of offending indigenous people. You can’t use the word ‘squaw’ and ‘papoose’. I know that ‘squaw’ is attached to the female gender in the native culture, but I was what the heck was papoose? I needed to search for that definition. Well, it turns that ‘papoose’ means children. Oh no, someone put the word for children in a word search.

I can’t believe this is an actual ‘issue’ and news story. How can a simple word search be considered ‘racist’? Oh yeah – the media tells us that Indigenous women are being murdered left, right, and centre, despite the fact three times more Indigenous men are dying at the hands of violent criminals. We have to save the Indigenous women.

The relationship between Indigenous people and ‘White’ Canada has been getting so strained because of this cultural Marxism push, it is unbelievable. Every little thing done in the past needs massive cash settlements. When Canada saved over 20,000 young children from abusive situations at home and placed them in white families, cultural Marxists say that is ‘cultural genocide’. No good deed goes unpunished. Sure, some things Canada has done was bad, like Residential Schools, but these ‘Scoop Children’ stuff is just grasping at straws, but Prime Minister JT was more than willing to spend $800mil on this, which just so happens to be about 5% of our deficit this year!

And that news story wasn’t the only ridiculous story about ‘reconciliation’ that I read this week, the next one is real cancer.

From Toronto District School Board to remove ‘chief’ from job titles out of respect for Indigenous communities

What does ‘White’ Canada need to do for the Indigenous community to ‘forgive’ them? I couldn’t believe this news story when I first heard it. We are so ridiculous that we have to remove the word ‘chief’ from school board titles. I wonder if this is going to extend all over Canada. I wonder if we are going to remove the title Chief Executive Officer or Chief Administration Officers. Get rid of the term CEO and CAO right now. It’s offensive to Indigenous people.

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) will stop using the word “chief” in job titles, citing respect for Indigenous communities.

The TDSB said the decision was inspired by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) final report, though the change is also part of a larger initiative to rename titles within the board.

While the TRC report did not explicitly call for the removal of titles such as chief from non-Indigenous applications, it did call for improvements to education, language and culture.

As a result, 12 TDSB staff formerly designated as chiefs will now be called managers. For example, the board’s chief of social work will now be the manager of social work.

So, let me get this straight, a report that never mentioned that we need to stop using the word chief inspired the Toronto Board of Education to cuck themselves and removed the word chief from the different job titles. They will do all of this for an ethereal ‘reconciliation’. I know it might be disrespectful to call someone ‘chief’ if they are indigenous for no other reason other than they are native, but using the word chief to describe a job title isn’t one of those things, and it goes way too far to appease social justice. It almost makes a mockery of the attempt to develop stronger bonds with our native neighbours.

All of these racial tensions in the world isn’t just between the ‘Europeans and Natives’; it’s also the fact that white people enslaved black people, in the eyes of social justice. So it’s not a surprise that an artist had to redo a comic because it ‘showed a black activist’ in a bad light.

From Satirical Frank Magazine to alter cartoon amid criticism over ‘racist’ depiction of black activist

HALIFAX — A cartoon in a satirical magazine that depicts a black poet and activist with a jutting chin and sloping forehead is being modified after critics who call it racist launched campaigns to remove the magazine from stores.

Andrew Douglas, the managing editor of the Atlantic region version of Frank magazine, apologised to readers on Tuesday, saying he’s fearful that the depiction of El Jones among a group of protesters in the cartoon could attract racists to the publication.

Wow, I guess we can’t be funny anymore. If you make a ‘racist’ drawing, you’re an evil white supremacist. It’s kind of like the Dirty Chinese Restaurant fiasco the past couple of weeks. Oh, just to let you know, Big-O-Tree games cucked out to the pressure and will not publish the game. What a bunch of wusses. They get a Big Ol’ Trolly Disapproves award.

Sarah Dunsworth, an actor on the “Trailer Park Boys” series, said on Twitter the “racist harassment … is disgusting and shameful,” and is among those calling for a boycott.

Jones said in an interview that she views the cartoon as a throwback to racist images in magazines in the 1800s that depicted African men and women as having features closer to primates than Caucasians.

Oh yeah, a Boycott. I find it funny that in the Harvey Weinstein controversy, women and men would boycott Twitter instead of boycotting Hollywood.

‘Racist harassment’, boycott the publication now.

Sarah’s Twitter Profile.

Jokes are jokes Mrs Cunt Bum Whore. You should have figured that out in a show about white trash jokes. But it seems like you’re only okay with ‘white’ jokes instead of making fun of everybody evenly.

We can’t make fun of ‘protected’ minorities in our countries, and Islam is the ultimate minority, so we have to do whatever we can to protect their fragile sensitivities. No scantily clad women, because that will make them rapist demons out to rape almost a Million girls, while their wives call the filthy girls whores. This week, a woman who sold Mugs celebrating Templars has been banned from selling at a community market. Yeah, you heard me, she’s has been banned from selling anything at the market.

From Market trader, 56, is BANNED from town centre after selling Knights Templar coffee mugs that are ‘offensive’ to Muslims

Tina Gayle has been banned from having a stall in Loughborough Market

Someone complained the Knights Templar mugs were offensive to Muslims

She was told to remove the mugs but refused and was then banned by council

Miss Gayle had previously been warned by council for selling Nazi memorabilia

Well, if you wanted to know if the world wants dissidents to make a living, well the answer is a big fat no. In the spirit of Steve Shives, let’s ensure the authorities block anybody with a dissenting opinion from all public discourse. I am sure, if he saw this story, he would want to personally prevent her from any public discussion because she shouldn’t have a right to dispense her thoughts and opinions. After all, Nazi’s should be afraid to leave their houses, because we should all punch Nazis.

I can’t believe how sensitive we have to be right now. We must ensure we never offend anybody because that is the most severe sin we can ever do. We must silence anybody who wants to make a joke, and we must bow down to our ‘moral superiors’ for offending them in the past with all of our might.

This is how Cultural Marxism works. The people who have bought into our cultural myth, that European culture is the evilest thing the world has ever seen because of ‘imperialism and colonialism’ caused so much ‘pain and suffering’ to different cultures we happened to come across. That is how they create the us vs them mentality which will help them create a socialist revolution. It’s never going to work, because people love their freedom, and being rewarded for their hard work – communism and socialism will never work. They should stop, but I know they will continue with their stupidity.

Well, that’s my Shitpost for this week, have an awesome week guys.

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​Trolly News Update – Oct. 6th, 2017 – The Federal Government will spend $800 Million on Native Reconciliation

In a day and age, where no White European Country is innocent of the most grievous sin of colonisation, Canada is bending over backwards in their virtue signalling about how ‘sorry’ we are for anything happening to our native population. Our media hides the fact that the Mi’kmaq had scalped far more English Men before Edward Cornwallis offered a bounty on their scalps. With natives demanding that statues celebrating Cornwallis be removed from Halifax, because it offends them (where have I heard that before). Where Residential schools were literally ‘cultural genocide’, and children were taken from their homes left, right and centre (while there was abuse in the schools, it wasn’t comparable to real genocide during WWII), and more importantly to this blog, 20,000 at-risk individuals were taken from their families by social services, and placed with white middle-class families. That egregious act is going to cost $800 million dollars. They said it was an ‘attack’ on the natives because indigenous children were taken from their homes at a rate 4 times higher than other kind of child. When you look at the poverty and the violence in those communities, was it a bad thing though?

From Feds to announce payout of up to $800M to Indigenous victims of ’60s Scoop

The federal government has agreed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to survivors of the ’60s Scoop for the harm suffered by Indigenous children who were robbed of their cultural identities by being placed with non-native families, The Canadian Press has learned.

The national settlement with an estimated 20,000 victims, to be announced Friday by Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett, is aimed at resolving numerous related lawsuits, most notable among them a successful class action in Ontario.

Confidential details of the agreement include a payout of between $25,000 and $50,000 for each claimant, to a maximum of $750 million, sources said.

What did the ‘survive’? Why are they, victims? I don’t understand how this even compares to what happened in ‘Residential schools’. When the typical Indigenous community suffers from 3 times more violence than the rest of Canada and nearly four times more if you are a woman, keeping children who may be in a horrible situation in their communities could have been more amoral than ‘destroying their culture’ by taking them away. They say that children were 4.5 times more likely to removed from their families than the rest of Canada, but if they were three times more likely to experience violence, it was paramount to take these children from those hi-risk connections to ensure their safety?

In 1983 researcher Patrick Johnston stated that Aboriginal children were disproportionately likely to be taken into the child welfare system. In Alberta 40–50% of children in care were Aboriginal; 60–70% in Saskatchewan; and 50–60% in Manitoba. According to the Aboriginal Justice Implementation Commission, “Johnston estimated that, across Canada, Aboriginal children were 4.5 times more likely than non-Aboriginal children to be in the care of child welfare authorities. Similar findings have been reported by other experts.[19]

Looking into the matter of the ‘scoop children’, the only complaint is that we ‘stole their culture from them’. Considering it was only hi-risk children who were taken away from violent homes, I think that is a much better tradeoff. These children could have been murdered, committed suicide, and so many other negative things that could have happened had they stayed in their hi-risk communities. I think we did them a favour, but no good deed goes unpunished now.

More importantly, We don’t know if these white families ‘prevented’ these native children from exploring their native roots, in fact, they could have been encouraged to follow their roots and learn about their heritage. Were these children abused like the children who were at Residential schools? Did those families share what they knew about their communities? Were they given every opportunity to become everything they could be? These are all excellent questions. But if white people did this to native people, it is ‘imperialism and cultural genocide’.

The sources said the government has also agreed to pay the plaintiffs’ legal fees – estimated at about $75 million – separately, meaning the full amount of the settlement will go to the victims and the healing centre, to be established in the coming months, sources said.

The settlement would be worth at least $800 million and include Inuit victims, the sources said. The final amount is less than the $1.3 billion Brown Martel had sought for victims of the Ontario Scoop in which at-risk on-reserve Indigenous children were placed in non-Aboriginal homes from 1965 to 1984 under terms of a federal-provincial agreement.

Considering the Residential school did far more damage, and awarded less per individual, why are we giving so much money to people for the ‘scoop’ programs?

From Lawyers reach $50M settlement in residential schools class-action case

Students who lived in school residences for less than five years are eligible for $15,000 in overall compensation while those who lived there five years or more are eligible for $20,000.

The residential schools were a travesty. And they were an absolute attack on native culture. Beatings, sexual assaults, and a forced removal of all Native culture – that is abuse! Did the ‘scoop children’ experience this? I wonder if the hearings discussed anything like this. When people in residential schools experienced just as much abuse as they experienced in their communities, that $50M settlement was needed, but we don’t know anything about scoop children other than they were at risk and social services removed them for their safety. For all we know, these families could have encouraged the children to learn about their Indigenous heritage.

According to Stats Canada, that safety concern needs to be addressed. Indigenous people are three times more likely to be assaulted than the rest of Canada.

Taken from Stats Canada.

I know that the relations between the indigenous people and the Canadian public as a whole are hurting, but when you look at the levels of crime among Indigenous people compared to the rest of Canada, you can see why we may have decided to take the children away from those communities. Especially the fact that indigenous women seem far more vulnerable to violent attack.

We’re doing our best to help indigenous communities now, the Ontario government is spending over $1 Billion to extend the power grid to ensure these communities always have power, so the economy of those northern towns can prosper and grow.

Not to mention, any Indigenous person who is on a reservation doesn’t have to pay any taxes, can hunt and fish whenever they want. We have never tried to ‘destroy’ the native peoples in Canada, but in the world of ‘Intersectional feminism’ we are oppressors, and we need to ‘ask forgiveness for our sins against the native peoples of Canada’.

Am I saying that the relationship between Natives and rest of Canada has been ‘perfect’, no it hasn’t? But paying out $800 Million to because we took at-risk children away from their communities and placed them in stable white communities and families is ludicrous. Half of these children might have been murdered by now if we didn’t do that. To pay $800 Million to children we saved is just beyond me, and shows how ravenous social justice cultural Marxism is. Again, Trudeau shows that he doesn’t care about Canada at all, only that we ‘virtue signal’ how good we are. And today that means paying $800 Million for Indigenous peoples, and a few months ago, spending $10.5 million to Omar Khadr.

Canada’s compilutation on these matters, gutting out any kind of ‘pride’ in our culture and our past is starting to get on people’s nerves. We’re already starting to see leftist violence on the streets of Canada, so matters will only get worse.

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