​Trolly News Update – Oct. 23rd, 2017 – Liberals endanger people’s health with tax cut denials

Trolly, how the hell does denying a tax cut harm people’s health? The more we learn about this ‘fair tax’ system, the more I can’t believe how unCanadian Trudeau’s government is. As I said, Canada is a capitalistic country that enjoys many social programs, and universal healthcare is one of those things we enjoy. With the new tax changes that Prime Minister JT wanted to implement, which was supposed to make the tax system ‘fair’, many things changed. One of those things that changed was people who suffer from Type 1 Diabetes; you know the type that starts from birth and has nothing to do with one’s diet and exercise, are being denied a disability tax cut. People suffering from this condition spend thousands on equipment to ensure their blood sugar is good so they can live. Trudeau isn’t just aiming for the wealthy 1 percent, or small businesses, or tax employee discounts, and he’s also aiming for Diabetics – because they are not paying their ‘fair’ share of taxes, those greedy bastards.

People suffering from this affliction spend thousands to maintain their health every single year.

From Liberals accused of diabetes tax grab with apparent benefit clawback

“It’s not like I can snap a finger and this disease turns off,” said Madison Ferguson, a constituent of Poilievre’s who first raised it with her MP this summer after her claim was rejected.

She said she has to constantly calculate the effect of what she eats, while monitoring her blood sugar levels as much as four to 10 times a day, using test strips that cost $1.50 to $2 each time.

“It’s quite expensive but it’s needed because without this I wouldn’t be here,” said Ferguson. “So every moment of every day has to be calculated.”

I don’t get Prime Minister JT. How the hell is this new ‘fair tax’ system fair. Not only is he punishing people who need that tax break, taxing as a whole is not fair because you devalue hard work. The more you tax people, the less reward someone enjoys. If you tax people way too much, people feel punished by the system. PM JT’s casual disregard is why so many people, from the rich 1 percent to small business owners, doctors and many other people are protesting the new tax changes because this ‘fair tax’ system is punishing people.

This newest revelation is even worse. We’re talking about people’s lives. There should be a rule, if you are spending thousands on medical supplies to stay alive, like someone with Diabetes usually does, then there should be an automatic tax break on all the supplies they buy. As Madison said, it isn’t like they can snap their fingers and Diabetes turns off. She has to spend a lot of money. If we do the math on the stats she gives, she is spending between 6 and 20 dollars a day, meaning around 13 dollars a day on average, that means over $4k every single year. How is this fair to her, PM JT?

By denying people the tax breaks when they are suffering from this disease is the ultimate in body shaming, because like I said, Type 1 Diabetes is genetic, and you have the condition from birth. There is no cure; you must manage your disease for the rest of your life, making sure your blood sugar doesn’t go too high or low. Someone with Type 1 Diabetes, which is about 5 percent of those people who have the condition, are people who cannot produce insulin, and therefore their body can’t regulate blood sugar levels by transferring sugar in the blood to their cells. With the help of Insulin, people with Type 1 Diabetes can manage their lives, but they will always need those medical supplies.

It isn’t like Type 2 Diabetes, which is the vast majority, where lack of exercise and overeating makes people Insulin resistant, meaning it is something someone can manage by improving their health. So why the hell is Trudeau making it harder for people to get disability tax credits who have this debilitating disease? They are disabled, and they are spending thousands on medical supplies, so let’s punish them because their bodies don’t work like others. Hell, Trudeau should start preventing people who are crippled and in a wheelchair too. No tax discounts for you buddy because you can’t walk because you have quadriplegia.

OTTAWA — Health groups joined forces on Sunday with the Conservative opposition to accuse the Liberal government of trying to raise tax revenue on the backs of vulnerable diabetics.

The accusation opened a new front in the ongoing opposition waged war on government taxation policy, amid the backdrop of the conflict-of-interest controversy dogging Finance Minister Bill Morneau over whether he’s properly distanced himself from millions of dollars of private sector assets.

The opposition to Trudeau’s ‘fair tax’ system is growing on a daily basis. If people didn’t realise, the Trudeau government is not working for Canada. I don’t know who they are working for, but it seems like the Liberal government is ruining Canada. When your deficit spending is so high that you can’t even give people with lifelong diseases a tax break on medical supplies, there’s something wrong with your government. I guess Prime Minister JT is too concerned with Indigenous nation-to-nation building, which he is ruining as well, and green-lighting the sales of High-Tech Canadian Military firms to realise denying people who spend thousands to manage lifelong medical conditions is unfair, all in the name of a ‘fair’ tax system.

Again, Trudeau hasn’t realised, we are a capitalist country that has social programs to help people. It isn’t fair that this person is paying full taxes when they need to spend thousands a year just to ensure they live. Those expenses need to be tax-free, because dead people don’t work and can’t pay taxes. These services are essential for that person to live, and so it is only fair to allow them to access these services to live.

Diabetes Canada was among the groups that joined Conservative politicians to publicly denounce what they say is a clawback of a long-standing disability tax credit to help them manage a disease that can cost the average sufferer $15,000 annually.

I don’t have Diabetes, so I do not know how much it would cost the average Canadian who is suffering from the condition, but if it costs around $15k annually, OMG. Trudeau not providing tax credits for people tring to manage that disease is so disgusting, it is unbelievable. When people think of the Liberal party, they think of the ‘kind and compassionate’ party, because the conservatives are the party who ‘only thinks about business and not people’. This denial of people suffering from Diabetes who can’t access a tax credit has turned this upside down. If you are going to go into debt JT, spending a total of over $29 billion, why the hell are you not helping people who desperately need help from the government to manage their medical condition.

I am with all these groups. You’ve been looking for ways to grab as much money to pay for your deficit spending. One of the main reasons I do not like uncontrolled deficit spending like you’re engaged in PM JT is it has all kinds of consequences, like denying people who have a lifelong medical condition the ability to receive tax breaks to help manage their finances when they are already spending thousands on health care costs. You’re not only costing the future generations by spending that much money, you’re also hurting people right now, by looking at taxing things that are ridiculous. If you are as ‘kind and compassionate’ as you say you are, why not help people by opening up the tax credit to them.

Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre branded it as one more example of an out-of-touch Liberal government that he characterized as unfairly targeting the hardworking middle class people it claims to support.

Claims to support, LOL! I am glad someone like Pierre Poilievre is telling people the truth. I don’t understand how a life long condition can’t be considered a disability, especially one that costs people thousands of dollars a year just to treat. People with Type 1 Diabetes didn’t ask to be born with the disease. Let’s go Scrouge on them, let them die and decrease the excess population. Don’t these greedy people know that we are overpopulated? They should ‘take one’ for Planet Earth.

“His tax department tried to tax the employee discounts of waitresses and cashiers. Now his government is targeting vulnerable people suffering from diabetes with thousands of dollars in tax increases,” Poilievre said on Sunday at a Parliament Hill news conference flanked by fellow Conservative critics, a young diabetic constituent and a top official with a leading diabetes advocacy organisation.

In May, the revenue department stopped approving a disability tax credit for people with Type 1 diabetes for those who had previously claimed it, he said.

As I said, Trudeau is out to pay for his massive deficits, and people with an incurable disease are on the hit list because of his financial incompetence. Prime Minister Trudeau, if you are going into deficit spending to the amounts you are going too, you can’t start doing things like denying tax breaks to people who need those tax breaks to live, because that is cruel. People need these tax breaks because the spirit of universal health care means the government does what it can to help people with their medical needs. Those tax breaks help those individuals by giving them thousands of dollars back after they spend 15k on medical supplies. If they are making 50k before taxes, and 35k after taxes and they pay 15k on medical supplies – that leaves them only 20k for living expenses Trudeau. So if you give them a tax break, and that allows them to live on 26-27k a year, that’s a little more breathing room to deal with life. Do you get it, Trudeau? That’s a fair economic system.

Your ‘fair’ tax system sucks in so many different ways because it is hurting everybody, from low-income to the wealthy 1 percent, and people with Type 1 Diabetes. You are a liar, and you are not a champion of the middle class. You’re only a champion in your delusional mind. I can’t wait for Canadians to rise and vote against you in 2019.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a great day.

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