​Trolly News Update – October 5th, 2017 – Liberals feminism hypocrisy leads to Anti-Choice mesaures

On September 26th, 2017, the Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party left the Status of Women Committee in protest when the Conservative Party of Canada nominated a Pro-Life MP as its chairperson. They said they wanted to have a chairperson who had ‘similar’ views as most of the members of the committee. While they said it was ‘fine’ to have Pro-Life views in parliament, it was certainly a ‘no-no’ for a committee which focused on ‘women’s issues’. It’s like Liberals don’t want to hear any view other than their own, at all levels of government. The Liberal government has rejected Rachael Harder and put in pro-choice Conservative MP, Karen Vecchio. The Provincial Liberals are mirroring that same anti-Pro-Life attitude by introducing new legislation today. The Ontario Liberal government lead by Kathleen Wynne, who is enacting a law which will make it illegal for anybody to be within 50 meters of an abortion clinic to protest the ‘services’ provided in those secretive halls. It seems that liberals don’t like people who don’t want abortions.

Good, drive those who may have sided with the Liberal Parties in the past. Most pro-lifers who may have voted Liberal in the past because the liberal government never pushed things too far, are now being left in the cold. Moderate Pro-lifers can vote for a party that is also moderate pro-choice, its one of the things reasonable people can do rather well. When the Liberal Parties of Canada enforce a ‘pro-choice vote’ mandate and prevent people from protesting abortion clinics through the law, these are not the acts of moderate people, but radical people who want to silence dissent. If you don’t like abortions, even those moderate pro-lifers, your thoughts are not welcomed, and we need to prevent our ears from hearing your ideas.

From John Ivison: Ousting of anti-abortion committee chair an act of blatant Liberal hypocrisy

No sooner had Liberal MPs walked out of committee last week to protest Harder’s nomination than the party’s fund-raising machine was cranking out calls for cash

Well, well, well – the well oiled Liberal machine. If you don’t understand what they are doing, let me lay it down. They are faking an attack. Those awful conservatives who are pro-life, they are hurting us, give us your money because they ‘savagely attacked us’. Man, this sounds like a Sarkeesian episode, going to the UN and asking them to help against people who say ‘she’s a liar and sucks’. Thicken your skin buttercup.

Nothing sums up this government’s unique fusion of cant and artifice as neatly as the ousting of Conservative MP Rachael Harder as chair of the status of women committee, voted out by the Liberals Tuesday on the grounds of her anti-abortion views.

In their first throne speech, the Liberals pledged to respect diversity and differences of opinion in Parliament.

“In this Parliament, all members will be honoured, respected and heard wherever they sit. For here, in these chambers, the voices of all Canadians matter,” said the speech, delivered by the Governor General, which outlined the government’s priorities.

Nothing says pathetic like, ‘the voices of all Canadians matter’, except those pro-lifers. They can vote with their conscience if they want too, but we only want an ideologically pure echo chamber for all parliamentary committees, because that makes things much easier to ‘decide what is best for Canadians’. This is what upsets me. This is a democracy, and people with all kinds of views should be able to sit down and come up with a diversity of thoughts and answers on how to help everybody out. The fact the Liberal party of Canada would not accept this and then force someone who doesn’t want the role is an authoritarian move. It is very illiberal.

On Tuesday, the Liberals, aided and abetted by the New Democrats, imposed the committee chair’s role on a pro-choice Conservative MP, Karen Vecchio, who didn’t even want the job. She was nominated, but she asked to withdrawn from that nomination. Her withdrawal would have required the consent of the Liberal- and NDP-dominated committee. She didn’t get it. (The status of women committee chair is always a member of the official opposition, according to House standing orders).

She didn’t want the job, and she tried to withdraw. Did the Liberal and NDP respect her choice? Of course not. They wanted her as the ‘ace in the whole’ to ensure a pro-choice MP would lead the group. Talk about enforcing your will on everybody involved. I’d protest this because this matters much more than ‘women’s rights’, it the fundamental aspect of democracy. The Liberals and NDP want to force their ideas onto all of Canada, and there is not one person who can stand up to them. If I were Karen, I would walk out and leave the role empty. Let’s have the liberal babies cry and whine in parliament, and conservatives from all around Canada celebrate that we will not have the Liberal and NDP government forcing their views on us.

This also goes with the Ontario Liberals, with my fearless leader who thinks video games that use satirical ideas are racist, is setting up a harassment free zone around every abortion clinic in Ontario. Despite the fact, I have never heard of any violence happening in Ontario around abortion clinics; we must ensure that every abortion clinic has a 50m ‘harassment-free zone’, and can apply for a 150m ‘harassment-free zone’.

From Ontario to create ‘safe access zones’ around abortion clinics with new legislation

The provincial government is moving to make obtaining abortion and other reproductive health services safer for Ontario women by introducing legislation that creates safe access zones around abortion clinics and other health facilities.

Is that what could be considered harassment? Someone with a simple sign, protesting abortion? Someone who takes videos or pictures to share online? People could believe almost anything is ‘harassment’ in this day and age. People with any anti-abortion or pro-life paraphernalia and signs will probably ‘offend’ someone because it ‘harasses the women’ from getting abortions.

Nobody thinks there is a problem, except ‘pro-choicers’ in this debate. And what the Wynne government is trying to do is unconstitutional. It impinges on people’s freedom of speech, to let people know they don’t like abortion.

Jackie Jeffs, executive director of Alliance for Life Ontario, said Wednesday she is “very disappointed” in the legislation, arguing that it attempts to address a problem that does not exist. She cited a report, entitled “Abortion health services in Canada,” which was published in Canadian Family Physician, the journal of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

The paper noted that abortion facilities across Canada reported “very little harassment.”

“So what is happening here, then? Why do we suddenly have legislation that I believe is outside the Ontario government’s jurisdiction, for one thing? Two, I believe it’s unconstitutional for what it’s trying to do,” Jeffs told Radio-Canada Wednesday afternoon.

As I said, I haven’t heard of any significant news stories where abortion clinic protests have ended in violence. Right-winged people are not like Antifa, throwing down trash cans and burning cars when things don’t go our way. We quietly and peacefully protest. So, why is Kathleen Wynne enacting this law? Well, we know, let’s virtue signal how ‘women-friendly’ we are.

The safe zones not only protect women accessing abortion services, said Sarah Hobbs Blyth, executive director of Planned Parenthood, noting that the agency provides a range of health services.

“These zones protect our clients’ right to access the services that they need without harassment. The intimidation tactics used by anti-choice protesters harm those accessing mental health, primary care, and abortion services alike,” Hobbs Blyth said in a statement.

“We commend the province for introducing legislation that will safeguard reproductive choice and other healthcare services.”

Of course, Planned Parenthood would say this. When pro-life protestors have never caused any violence and damage against any abortion clinics or the people going to them, this law is going over the top and shows how much the liberal government wants to set up a ‘us vs them’ mentality to keep Canada divided, instead of embracing the diversity of ideas. They only want one kind of choice, and their choice is – no woman seeking an abortion should be ‘assaulted’ with signs that say that abortion is terrible. She shouldn’t have to hear about how she is murdering a baby, oops I mean aborting a fetus.

The abortion talk has taken a turn for the worse in the past few years. Advocates claim that a baby is just a parasite growing in a woman, invoking a dark image of a woman who is being attacked by something she doesn’t want. I have never understood that, and it seems way over the top. Some people, like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, only consider someone a person when they take their first breath on their own, and abortion should be legal at any time during the pregnancy. They think it is a matter of liberty, but liberty shouldn’t be one-sided – leaving people who disagree with them out in the cold disenfranchised. This is why I believe the liberal governments in both Ontario and Canada will find that many people will start rejecting their authoritarian attitudes, preventing anything they do not like.

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​Trolly News Update – September 28th, 2017 – Trudeau’s government is less transparent than Harper’s government

Justin Trudeau promised a lot of things for Canada, in his attempt to become the Prime Minister of Canada. He promised to ‘Make a more fair tax system’ by taxing the wealthy 1 percent more, pledged to protect women’s rights, vowed to legalise weed, he promised electoral reform, and he promised a more transparent government. On almost all of these things, Trudeau has blundered big time. In a recent review, transparency in government seems to be another broken promise, because the freedom of information system is harder to access in Trudeau’s liberal government compared to the Harper’s Government.

From Canada’s access-to-information system has worsened under Trudeau government: report

Canada’s access-to-information system has only gotten worse under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, and a new Liberal bill intended to fix the problems has “worrisome” elements, a new report has found.

A freedom-of-information audit from News Media Canada, a national association representing the Canadian news media industry, gives the federal government a failing grade for timely disclosure of information. It also said its performance in this year’s audit “was even worse than in the latter years of the former Stephen Harper government.”

Hey, Trudeau, I guess you were lying to us one more time. First, you said if we fix the ‘wage gap’ it will lead to less poverty in Canada. How’s that working for you? Then you said taxing the 1 Percent would help pay for the extra spending. How’s it feel to find out businesses are moving from Canada? How’re all the scandals of major trips you have taken as Prime Minister? Is all the money you have made by green-lighting the sales of High-tech Canadian military firms to China worth it? And how are the budgets balancing themselves Mr Prime Minister?

So, how does it feel that Stephen Harper’s government was far more transparent than your government Trudeau? It must sting to find out your government is even less accountable. Your brand new government is doing ‘even worse than in the latter years of the former Stephen Harper government.’ I didn’t like Harper myself, and I’m more happy with Andrew Scheer, but this must sting – that you are even less honest than Stephen Harper.

If you want to learn the ‘promise’ Justin made that is in the Bill C-58 to the House of Commons, You should learn about it, so here’s the official liberal video on this bill.

So, he promises this bill will solve all the ‘transparency’ issues in Canada. While at the same time, his government has acted in bad faith from the get-go, and its only getting worse. I expect, if experts are saying this is going to be bad for transparent government in Canada, Canadians can expect even less transparency when it comes to an open government. I hope people like Jordan B. Peterson and Gad Sadd decide to take this on, because I want a better Canada, with more government accountability, not with less. Their work in the Senate hearings on C-16 was fantastic.

“The results are not encouraging and show a system that seems as broken as ever,” said a report on the audit by journalist and professor Fred Vallance-Jones and Emily Kitagawa, a freelance journalist and social worker.

Nathan Cullen, the NDP democratic reform critic, called the findings “shameful.”

“It’s got to be a bad day for Liberals when Stephen Harper was more open to the Canadian public than they are,” he said.

Do you feel the burn! People thought Harper was completely shut off from the press, and everybody thought he was a liar. The fact an NDP critic is saying that your government is shameful for allowing this to happen to Canada is fucking hilarious. You campaigned on being open and honest, and yet you’ve done nothing but lie and deceive, and virtue signal about how good of a person you are for being ‘inclusive’ to everybody.

I take it when a social worker is saying ‘the results are not encouraging’, you’re shaking in our boots. I wished I had never voted for you, but I was all up in the ‘hate Harper’ movement, and I voted for the liberals because I wanted to see a change. Guess what happened, the country has only gone down the toilet since you got in office Trudeau. You were a rattlesnake in the grass, ready to bite and poison my Canada. How dare you do these things. I bet the refusals of public documents have everything to do with the Trudeau Foundation and sales of companies and land to China, amongst other things that would make you look completely guilty. You corrupt scumbag!

The report came the same day the federal information watchdog said she is “generally very disappointed” with the Liberal bill that would revise the Access to Information Act, which is intended to let Canadians see federal files.

Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault said on Tuesday she will outline her concerns about the planned changes in a special report to Parliament this week.

The act, which took effect in 1983, allows people who pay $5 to request everything from correspondence and studies to expense reports and meeting minutes.

Agencies must answer requests within 30 days or provide a good reason for taking more time.

First, Why do people need to spend $5 on federal papers, which should be public documents? For studies the government has done, the public has already paid for this because our taxes paid for those studies. In fact, all studies should be placed upon a government website for people to download, why are we even paying for people getting these reports, if those reports are essential for Canada’s social progress. For expense reports, again, if a government official is using tax payer’s money to do anything, we are already paying him for his job, and those records should be open for us to read, why would we need to pay for expense reports. And meeting minutes should also be free of charge, and we just need to ask for the information. The fact there is a $5 fee means that the government is not being open completely.

In comparison, the Freedom of Information Act in the US allows up to 100 pages and 2 hours of searching of records free of charge. If the search is going to be more pages and more searching, then the agency will tell you that you are going to need to pay for further record searching.

It also expressed concern because the Liberal bill would allow access requests to be rejected if they are “vexatious” or for so many records that they would “unreasonably interfere” with the government’s work.

“One of the most worrisome of the new provisions is one allowing requests to be rejected simply because of their size or scope,” the report said.

What does ‘vexatious’ mean to the government? When Trudeau introduces a vaguely and broad term like ‘vexatious’ in a transparency law, you have to wonder what the government will hide. Will Trudeau protect records of green-lighting of every high-tech firm to China? What about information on other scandals that are sure to surface, like the vacations Trudeau gets to take with billionaires? This new introduction to that word could mean anything that pisses the government off.

And then, if someone wanted to do a massive study of a topic for years, and asks for the government records on that subject for 20 years, they could be denied. How is the Canadian public going to do the large overarching kinds of journalism by looking at trends for the past 20 years or so, for instance?

Prime Minister Trudeau, I don’t like your new bill. These sneaky word droppings are unacceptable for a functioning democracy. The free-flowing of information is an absolute requirement for any first world nation, and it looks like you want to prevent that from happening. We have a right to expose any wrong practices or bad policies in our country, and you need to allow us to pour through all those records to create a better system. In the multitude of counsellors, there is great safety.

Thanks for reading guys, and have a most excellent day.

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Trolly Daily News June 20th, 2017 – The London Mosque attack

It’s evident by the baseball practice shooting, and the latest attack on a mosque by a far-right individual, that people on both sides of the political divide no longer believe in democracy, justice, and the marketplace of ideas. They have become vigilantes, seeking to bring the people they see as a threat to their own personal justice, forsaking everything that needs to keep the world civilised. The rule of law, government officials that debate what should and shouldn’t be included in the law, and respect for other people’s positions while debating what needs to change about them.

I’m not going to say it was social justice warriors that prevented this first, shooting down every argument, saying people were sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, using buzz words to shut down any argument. I just know that this has gone too far. Like Hitler, James T. Hodgkinson and Darren Osborne didn’t trust the system enough to make a difference in reforming political discourse, and both of them engaged in horrific acts of violence. They had lost hope and went on the attack.

Both of them only saw the enemy. For Hodgkinson, he only saw Republicans, not people, who needed to be wiped off the face of the Earth. For Osborne, he only saw potential extremists. Both became so obsessed with the enemy that they became the enemy. They became fanatics for their own causes. For this, I think every free speech warrior needs to start to acknowledge that we have to fight this extremism that is occurring. We have to sharply condemn people not trusting the system and acting out on their own.

I use to be one of these people who was waiting for civil unrest because I wanted things to change in our countries. Now, the more I see the evil attacks, these complete desire to kill for a cause, and I see that I was lead astray. The real resistance must ensure democracy is healthy. I can see why Obi-Wan Kenobi said this now.

If you don’t believe in the system anymore, you have become Anakin Skywalker, who wants to create an empire of absolute control, to create the system you think needs to exist. Be it in the name of intersectionality, where Black Lives Matter chant kill cops and have murdered several cops, and students from EverGreen State College taking over the campus, or Hodgkinson attacking Republicans or Osborne slaying Muslims. They want to create a ‘peaceful’ world and create it through massive violent attacks. Each is so convinced of the rightness of their goals, they are willing to act in evil ways.

Evil people don’t know they are evil, they always believe they are doing the right thing for society. That is why it is so hard to deal with evil, they are convinced they are good. Anakin only wanted to create an empire that was at peace. Lex Luthor only wanted to even the Superman playing field. Osborne only wanted to keep the streets of London safe from Islamists. This is why trusting in democracy and the rule of law is so important. I give my allegiance to it. I want to honour the spirit of the laws of our countries. Murder is evil, and that is all I need to know.

This doesn’t honour Saffie Rose Roussos.

Saffie was murdered by a man so filled with the guilt of his religion, he thought the only way he could go to Heaven is to blow himself and her up. Because we can’t have those conversations, talking about how to reform the Islamic religion by helping the people triumphing over that kind of guilt so they never feel motivated to do these heinous acts, they will keep on happening. And so will the people who attack mosques, because they have lost hope as well. The loss of hope leads to continued loss of hope, and that loss of hope leads to the loss of life from both sides. It is so tragic.

I hope that one day, these attacks will stop, as the correct dialogue can resume and for hostilities between the Islamic world and the Western world can stop, but for now, this is our reality, and we must fight to ensure the system keeps on working. We must not become the enemies were are fighting right now.

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